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App Marketing Elements

App Marketing Elements

If you are able to drive traffic towards your app website, then you are in the right direction, and when people finally land on your website, there are some key elements they look for, and when such elements are missing , they will probably don’t bother to re-visit your app. The key elements you app must include for effect app marketing through your app website are;

The App name and icon

You app name and app icon are the first 2 features that distinguish your app from similar apps , and these are the first things  potential users will look out for before checking out the features within.

Devices compatible with your app

Potential app users will like to know whether your app will be compatible with their kind of smartphone’s operating system. You need to write out the OS requirements for the download and usage of your app. You can make use of app screenshots to give your audience some information about app compatibility.

Your app pitch

Your app pitch is an important component of app marketing, especially when you are marketing directly from your website. Your app pitch is just a brief sentence that explains what you app is and why users will need it. You need to make this brief and straight to the point.

You App’s Badges

You need to add the badges of the app stores where users can download your app. You need to make sure that these badges are accurate and will lead the users directly to the download page- any errors here can have negative effects on your app’s profile.

Your mail list subscription

A mail list subscription form, just before the launch option by your app can be a quick and easy app marketing tool.  Your email list is a call-to-action strategy, and it helps you keep in touch with potential users. Your email list should include periodic updates and some other vital information that can boost your apps reputation.

A promotional video for your app

Your app’s official page must have a promotional video because it gives a quick visual information on what users must expect from it.

Reviews and ratings

You need to provide potential users some social proof of the effectiveness of your app, these include; User reviews, awards, testimonials, and features.

Screenshots of the key benefits of your app

Potential users want to know how your app can positively change their lives, therefore you can use your screenshots to explain more about the values the app will offer them.

Your contact and support information

You need to make yourself available for any enquiries or technical support that may arise from the usage of your app- a app marketing agent can help you with this.

 Links to your social media platforms

Some of the easiest ways of connecting potential app users with your social media networks is to create buttons that will direct them to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and all other major social networks.

Links to other apps

If you have partners who are marketing apps , you can simply help them by creating links to their apps via your website.