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There are a few differences about free and paid apps and will affect how you use android app marketing depending on the type of app. This is most important when it comes to how the app is advertised and what people will look for (most of the time) because not everyone will throw money towards an app if they don’t know anything about it, while a free app people can download and if they don’t like it, delete it with no cost or harm.

People are more likely to get a free app if they have not heard anything about it. While android app marketing is still very effective with a free app people like to browse and impulse download depending on what looks good. Things like the pictures on the app, or what’s in the description box without having to tap “more” is as far as people usually go with free apps.

When it comes to paid apps, not everyone can afford to buy something that looks good at first just to not like it and delete it right away. People are more likely to buy an app that they have heard about before. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way of android app marketing because people trust people they know more than an advertisement.

Not everyone that does see a paid app will of had to have seen it before in order to want to buy it (though it does help). You need to make sure when someone is viewing the app it sells them. The pictures should show the greatness of the app. The description short the user gets before tapping “more” should make them want to see more. If the app looks boring no one will want to buy it. Even if it is as simple as a calculator app, there needs to be something that makes yours unique and interesting.

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