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The growing number of apps has made it increasingly difficult for any newcomers to stand out in the app market. However, it is possible with help from an experienced app marketing company like App Marketing Plus; we have already taken more apps to the Top 10 in the App Store.

The key to our success is that we understand that an app’s success is dependent on discoverability and to maximize on this factor an app must have a well-executed app marketing strategy and launch. Therefore we have developed a comprehensive list of services that will help take your app to the top.

Pre-Launch strategy

We have successfully launched over 100 apps so you can be sure that we have the experience necessary to greatly increase your app’s odds of success. Because we know that success comes to those who are well prepared, in the increasingly competitive app market, we have developed an effective pre-launch strategy that will set the foundation for your app’s success.

  • A professional introduction or product video for your app
  • Maximization of your social media accounts
  • A landing page for early signup
  • Gain key insight about your space through the use of extensive competitive and market analysis
  • Professional press kit complete with press release and beautiful visuals to make your app stand out in publications
  • Set up of backend analytics platform to capture important user data once the app has been launched

App Store Optimization

Did you know that browsing the App Store is still the most common way that apps are found? We can help you optimize your app for app store search so that it will be found easily by interested users.

  • Our research will help provide a view of your competitive landscape as well as help you identify keywords that will optimize your app for search.
  • Our experienced writers will create the copy for your App page to help you rank higher in searches
  • We will help you convert the visitors of your App Page into users of your app and optimize your app for search engines so that it attracts more users.

Launch and Marketing Strategy

During the launch everything has to flow smoothly because this is where your app will be making its first impression. At AppMarketingPlus, we have cultivated many beneficial relationships to make sure that your app makes a splash when it comes on the scene.

  • Press coverage from the best names in tech media and industry specific publications
  • Make use of smart advertising tactics to help you keep costs low, maximize downloads, improve your ranking
  • Utilize social media channels to boost awareness of your app
  • Use promotion to incentivize your app downloads.
  • Planning and implementation of a launch party for your app
  • Help getting featured by both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store
  • Help you keep your ratings low
  • Analysis and optimization of your app; based on user data and feedback.
  • Provide other options, like incentivized downloads and burst marketing, to see if they are right for you.