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In this age of technology, everyone is expected to be aware of the trends and keep up with it. The pressure is more on teenagers because they are the people that are most connected with it.

Considering that you are a newbie to the tech world or you are a time traveler who arrived in the future, you might even be an alien who landed on earth to learn the ways of human beings and tries to pass as a teenager.

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Here are 5 gadgets that every teenager must possess


No teenager can be seen without a smartphone. Even though it has its disadvantages, its advantages by far outweigh the disadvantages. The smartphone is indeed a ‘smart’ phone which helps in doing everything smartly, be it taking photos, paying bills, exchanging information, staying in touch with loved ones, etc.

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2.Headphones and Bluetooth speakers

Music is something that defines teenage life. It cures broken hearts, uplifts the mind, gives solace when you are lonely, helps you to tune out the world, heals the mind and helps to make sense of the emotions and the changes that one is going through.

Headphones and Bluetooth speakers are gadgets that help in facilitating just that. You can use headphones to tune out the world and immerse in a world that you create or you can have an intimate experience of sharing it with your loved one. Bluetooth speakers can spice up the mood and make everyone dance to then beat with you.


Who wouldn’t want to carry around a book wherever they go? It becomes a hassle when you are going for a long trip and cannot afford to carry as many books as you want on your journey. E-readers are the perfect solution for that. It helps in electronically storing thousands of books in a compact device, thus providing a near-book experience.Use these Amazon promo codes to avail maximum discount on these e-readers.

4.Portable charger

How many times have you wished that you get access to a charging socket wherever you go and were utterly disappointed when your phone’s battery drained out?

Let those dark days come to an end. Be it a power cut or a long trip, you can ensure that your phone’s charge lasts for days with these portable chargers offered by Amazon.

5.Pen drive

Pen drive or flash drive is a device designed to store and transfer files. Most pen drives aregenerally compatible with most devices. They are your best bet at playing good movies in the tempo traveler you are travelling in, or in the laptop of some friend. It can also be used while doing digital presentations in class or in your workspace.Amazon offers a wide range of pen drives of varying storage capacities.

These are the gadgets that an average teenager must possess in order to be qualified as technically literate. You can browse through the myriad of offers and choose the best deals suitable for you.

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