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Best 5 Mobile Game Development Tools

Best 5 Mobile Game Development Tools

No matter what global users are into, it is just downright satisfying to experience these Best 5 mobile game development tools. I was really pulled not only did it feature many things, but useful for everyone. Seriously, what’s not to adore here?

It is a proven thing that one of the most used apps is certainly a gaming app. Thereby because of passionate interest in games; mobile game development has become a popular industry niche in the digital market world.

Previously the gaming app was only part of the desktop, games like Mario was a familiar hit at that time. But now desktop users are utilizing a mobile app to play games. Moreover, the full credit goes to the unpredictable growth in the mobile market. It is also said that the desktop has lost its charm due to the introduction of mobile phones.

Currently, mobile gaming and graphics play a key role in mobile game development. So thereby to actively cater to all the gaming development needs, you must have the right kind of tools.

You can experience some of the best game development software, tools or can say mobile game engines utilized by developers that will also assist you to develop appropriate mobile gaming applications.


Unity is the popular cross-platform gaming engine, used to develop 2D, 3D games. It is wholly extended to support 27 platforms. It provides simple and faster ways to develop apps by adeptly offering every resource required. Primarily almost 34% of the mobile games are made with unity apps. They are multi-platform solutions for artists, developers, designers to develop desired gaming app. This Unity gaming engine is familiar with mobile app development that C# with a 45% market share, and actually touches over 600 million gamers across the world.

What Features Make So Special

  • The Unity engine primarily depends on layers where several game objects can be set and those layers could assist developers manage the scalable project.
  • The play Mode in Unity engine is integrated to assist developers in debugging projects fast by running and pausing projects at any time.
  • This is a big asset store; plug and plays with pre-built templates.
  • Similar to other tools, its built-in editor permits you to edit images and organize animations from animator window, audio editing, and particle systems.

Unreal Engine:                    

Unreal engine is the quality engine developed by epic games. It is the top engine to work on a highly sophisticated game with a 3D game engine with salient features like dynamic shadows, physically-based rendering, and custom post-processing, and Unreal powers.

It also provides expertise in Virtual reality and builds games that are wholly supported by several platforms and operating systems with C++ and visual scripting that will assist in-game logic quickly. They are professionally designed especially for first-person shooters, MMORPGs, RPGs, fighting, and stealth games.

Key Features

  • It permits content creators and developers to offer art assets, models.
  • Comprises sounds, environments, code snippets, and other features.
  • This Unreal Engine’s graphical capabilities are far ahead of other tools.
  • Has Hot reload function.
  • It also comprises AI components.
  • Primarily the code is written in C++
  • They have a high degree of portability.


They are open source cross-platform GUI based software that is professionally used to develop gaming apps. It includes detailed documentation, community support and perfect editors in sprite sheet editing, particle, font, and tilemap editing.

They have high efficiency and the game app could have a size up to 1.5 MB. It is due to its library existing resources, the kit is familiar among developers. It works with both Swift and Objective-C and also perfectly supports iOS X. They also support Android through Spritebuilder Android plug-in. More importantly, this SpriteBuilder is a graphical design environment where you could prototype and build games. They also have OpenGL as a rendering engine and Cocos2D is the best framework for working in multiple frameworks.

Important Features Which Makes So Beneficial

  • Includes c#,c++,python, javascript, swift,Lua, Objective C etc.
  • They have the capability to test your app.
  • Offers vast API functionality including sprites, actions, animations, particles, transitions
  • Special Audio libraries.
  • Quality GUI elements

Marmalade SDK

The Marmalade SDK is a popular cross-platform engine game making tool that absolutely uses the c++ code for developing games. It utilises a write-once, runs anywhere concept. Marmalade SDK also permits launching the mobile game in different stores in the shortest period of time. It comprises a set of libraries, documentation, samples, and vital tools to simplify programming, with both 2D and familiar 3D games development.

Salient Features

  • It permits good access to the graphics rendering capabilities either by utilizing the OpenGL API directly or Marmalade SDK layer functionality.
  • Has exporter plug-ins used in app development
  • They have high performance.
  • Includes Open architecture.
  • Good Support for specific capabilities of iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Has top Test simulator.
  • Marmalade Juice game development tool perfectly supports porting of iOS games to Android.

Maya LT  

Maya LT is the best software for 3D modelling and animation that qualitatively permits developing surfaces, the apt skeleton of characters, textures, and environments. It provides Hypershade for textures.

They have cost-effective, fast and efficient app building and are targeted at indie developers. It could be used easily with several game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity3D. They also provide a tool, 3D Paint, offering drawing on the polygon mesh where each object can comprise up to 25,000 polygons.

Features Which Make Special

  • They are equipped with a cross-platform scripting language, namely known as Maya embedded language.
  • It has Node graph architecture
  • Comprise 3D modelling tool
  • Possess 3D animation tools with quality material

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Top App Analytics Tools

Top App Analytics Tools

As an App expert professional, I have certain things to share about new App analytics tools, so it must come as a surprise to no one that I enjoy these tools thoroughly, particularly on different platforms. While I’m not as expressive as other people I know, I search these App analytics tools to be beneficial, unique, and they’re absolutely great at expanding their salient features.

Thereby how many analytics tools you require for an app, primarily much will depend on the app store that your app is effectively launched, along with pricing and level of analytics that is vital for your app which can be great by the category/type of app it is.

Factors which should you evaluate when choosing the right app analytics tool

  • Key metrics you wish to measure
  • Team Expertise
  • Pricing

Altogether we suggest selecting 2-3 tools from the list of most familiar App Analytics tools outlined respectively below.

Vital Google Play Console

This popular Google Play Console reporting is the best starting point which is available for all apps launched on Google Play. Moreover, these Google Play Console statistics permit you to see key metrics like the number of app users, uninstalls, app ratings, and conversions also in addition to Android app vitals like stability, permissions, render time, battery with crash data that is wholly linked to pre-launch reports. Primarily there are also user acquisition reports that illustrate app retention based on acquisition sources.

More importantly this GP Console provides release tools like a release dashboard thereby you can track new releases and monitor metrics. With this feature, you can also stage rollouts so that you can catch and actively fix issues in batches before moving on to a bigger group. Also, their business growth tools comprise store list experiments, Google Ad campaigns, acquisition reports, translation services and a subscription dashboard.

iTunes Connect

It is enumerated that iTunes Connect reporting is a quality starting point that is available for all apps launched on iOS App Store. Moreover, this App Analytics allows you to measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization for your iOS and tvOS apps with aggregated metrics respectively as app store impressions, product page views, app units, sales, installations, sessions, and much more.

Importance of Firebase

Firebase is familiar because of its high number of products and uses cases. It’s wholly built on Google infrastructure and scales automatically, which is beneficial for apps of all sizes. It provides a generous free version and a more advanced pay-as-you-go plan.

They are most beneficial which uses smooth onboarding flow by giving users an intuitive sign-in process, a customized welcome back screen to develop a positive, personalized experience for each user, also a progressive roll-out to test out the latest features, an option to add in-app chat, and ad optimization based on user behaviour. This key product has a lot to offer, so it’s worth and good checking out to see if the pricing and level of sophistication make sense for your valuable product.


This reputed Mixpanel is an intuitive app analytics system that offers clear visualization of all your app-related activity. By using this tool, you can collect key user data like conversion, engagement and retention in real-time across all valuable platforms. You can simply identify trends through advanced tools like look-alike modelling and actively optimize testing through real-time product experimentation and messaging.


This popular tool has a full-service analytics platform that provides numerous features at 3 different price points, one of which is wholly free. The basic features comprise core analytics, custom dashboards, team communication, unlimited data retention, APIs and integrations, and best compliance security.

There are more advanced features that are available with the monthly payment subscriptions like behavioural reports, monitoring and automation, in-app chat and top advanced security options.

Important metrics which do app analytics tools track

  • Number of downloads and installs
  • Number of active users – Daily Active Users (DAU) & Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • Average session length
  • Retention rate
  • Churn rate
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Conversions for your key funnels
  • User cohorts
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Lifetime value (LTV)

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics provides a variety of people-first analytics like offering data on user journeys, segments and demographics. There is a high number of features available for attracting new users, building products and growing revenue.

More importantly, FB Analytics works with Facebook Pixel, SDK for iOS and Android, Pages, Messenger and more, for a seamless setup. Amazingly the tool is free with a monthly cost for full-suite features.


Localytics does a professional job of offering insights for deeper personalized user understanding. It offers insights that assist you to measure engagement effectiveness, preventing churn, driving conversions and understanding uninstalls. It immensely personalizes engagement through localization and omnichannel engagement through great features like in-app notifications and contextual messages.

As you can experience there are few viable options when it comes to selecting quality app analytics tools. Altogether this gives you a nice idea of where to begin and how to prioritize your requirements.

Also, remember that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to mobile apps, so use the above tips to actively get started and keep exploring other key solutions that will professionally serve your app product and your business goals and key objectives.

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5 Best Mobile App Development Platforms

5 Best Mobile App Development Platforms

People find many app development platforms which are qualified in different genres because they make use of several beneficial features and there’s nothing that reveals the rewarding satisfaction people get when they actually figure out the perfect solution.

With the present context largely, there is no need to get the code written by the relevant software professionals to develop the desired mobile app as well as the web tools to make the business exactly fit into the current digital world. By adeptly using Mobile app development platforms one can secure an environment as such great platforms which provide quality secure access to the global users. It also increases credibility, and it efficiently affects the productivity of the businesses at the same time. They also offer the system and cloud association, which proudly makes operations more flexible and easy fluent.

More importantly, the mobile apps are wholly based on mobile app development platforms which actually save a lot of costs invested by the business houses to actively perform several tasks like absolute marketing, advertising, sales, etc. and extremely make such jobs done so easily in less time. Moreover, the IT firms offer mobile applications wholly developed on such enterprise app development platforms as per clients’ business needs.

Primarily these mobile applications assist businesses in every sector namely with Human Resources, finance, Architectural works, Information Technology construction, etc. to immensely serving their consumers many times as eagerly compared to those who are generally running their businesses in a traditional or kind of outdated manner.

The firms in every sector are utilizing IT services and popular software for the last 20-25 years. In addition, cloud-based applications can permit users to actively access their details from anywhere. In the same way company’s can also utilize cloud-based apps to professionally make their work simple. It also actually reduces the firm’s expenses a lot as per the reviews of such kinds of mobile and web-based app users.

You have numerous Enterprise Mobile App Development Platforms to offer digital solutions to such daily requirements, and several problems arise in businesses. Now, we can discuss the top 5 Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platforms utilized to develop mobile applications for business owners, consumers, and professionals.



How Mendix Works For You

They are one of the best trustworthy and eminent platforms for software and application development. Precisely they are one of the leading “low code or no-code” application development platforms. They offer smart applications with a user-friendly environment to immensely make users achieve qualitatively better and instant results. It offers integrated support to its users for the best development experience.

Mendix is regarded as a good performer and one of the trustable developer tools available in the global market. Due to its low code development environment, one can actively achieve a much quicker application development speed with the popular Mendix. Many professionals and firms have chosen the quality Mendix app development platform.

The Best in the market – Kintone

They have initiated it’s beneficial approximately two decades ago, but currently, it is offering the most exclusive cloud-based tools and top solutions for business applications. They are a global brand that has been established as a familiar name in the software market.

They offer a perfect business database design platform that needs no complex code. Moreover, it is an application adeptly designing a platform that provides a variety of interactive top features. The platform is best recognized for its simple to use features for performing several operations. They have many other features like a multilingual interface, chat integration, and so on.

How Perfectly Works – Aha!

They are one of the rising brands in the globe, offering the sole product to its clients. The firms trust the brand since they find it so beneficial to build a vivid roadmap for their business operations. It offers a complete solution to the clients for fulfilling their proper business goals. Moreover, they are user-friendly tools for all types of businesses and of any size. They also have a client list that comprises several names from manufacturing, construction, IT, BPO, real state, etc.

Why Select Twilio

They are a top leading name in the enterprise application development platform market. It provides a user-friendly platform for global communication. They have developed vast communication channels containing chat, voice, text, and video features available for passionate users.

More importantly, they have changed the trend of communication in the IT and software sectors. The important vital feature is that it offers an app development platform. They also offer a facility for its global users to pay only for the features they choose to use according to their requirements.

What Makes Zudy So Special

They are one of the top brands in app development enterprise platforms. It has effectively introduced a revolutionary, innovative, and simple to use platform for app development enterprises. Currently, the global market leaders in almost every sector choose Zudy over any other kind of service provider.

Their lucrative feature is a no-code platform named Vinyl. Vinyl is a platform that can be effectively used by medium, small, and large-sized businesses. More specifically applications that need 12-15 months could be completed in a few weeks on Vinyl.

They are an end-end development platform that effectively delivers advanced applications, mobile applications for its passionate clients. A user unaware of coding can simply develop an app after a few days of training for Vinyl. This popular Zudy has effectively provided innovative, as well as user-friendly platforms that can be used by several sectors in the global market. More big-sized business houses and small-sized businesses are effectively using the services offered by Zudy.

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Top 5 Mobile App Marketing Tools

Top 5 Mobile App Marketing Tools

In the latest study report suggests that global consumers are actually spending 25 per cent of their time on mobile phones or handheld devices, while key businesses are only allocating 12 per cent of their advertisement budgets wholly towards mobile advertising. Thereby there is an immense difference when it comes to customer behaviour and how organizations market to the customers. The vital Businesses that adapt to these changes would see more amount of money streaming in.

More importantly, the businesses require discovering ways in which they could enhance the mobile experience of global users. They require using app marketing tools that could assist them to step up the engagement of global customers in mobile devices across several platforms, channels, and kinds of operating systems (OSs). Many popular Mobile App Marketing Agency also utilizes the best tools and unique strategies to achieve an important goal. Moreover, you can utilize mobile app marketing tools to get all of your app marketing purposes. Below is the list of top app marketing tools.

How Best Apptentive Works for You

It was adeptly created to make it easy for firms to develop stronger relationships with their customers. It is found that most tools were either reactive or pushy. They wished to utilize software to develop enjoyable experiences for companies to not only start conversations with their clients, but also actually listen to them, react quickly and accordingly, and use insights attained to develop more customer-centric skills.

Top Tool Apptentitive                                                           

This tool solution comprises shifts in emotion from consumer experience to get back customers and highly activates fans at scale. They are using machine-powered knowledge and more specific targeting. It helps business brands to capture actionable sentiments and reviews from 90 per cent of customer voices actually missed and immediately converts that feedback into action.

How Localytics Perform Better

Their key purpose is to set people at the core of brands’ digital engagement offering personalization and benefits in all activities. They professionally aspire to be the secret behind the digital businesses that adeptly brands which have with their prospective clients, assisting them to develop strong, more kind of successful associations.

Few globes’ top known names, comprising Bose, HSN, The Weather Channel, and Comcast actually use quality Localytics to do what everyone understands is much possible. Primarily there is a no different solution that has been able to solve like how to use intelligence and data to make every client feel applauded and valued.

The Quality Stream of Tapstream

The biggest apps wholly depend on Tapstream to scale and optimize their app marketing. It assists app creators in all verticals understand who their top loyal users are, where they are actually from, and how to actually get more users like them.

This tool cuts down all metrics on a per-campaign basis. You can view the firm’s engagement, actual conversion rate, and LTV for every channel. It is possible to actively measure how LTV varies between virally acquired users, highly competing for mobile ad networks, and even several social sites. All this data is illustrated in a simple cohort examination report, presenting Tapstream’s dashboard your new top friend. In addition, Tapstream quality campaigns will also enumerate in iTunes Connect App Analytics.

Most Famous Tool of Google AdMob

This tool effectively makes getting revenue easy with in-app install ads, actionable insights, and reliable, simple to use tools that ameliorate your app business. Primarily they are one of the largest global advertising networks, it could fulfil their ad requests from everywhere in the globe. You can perfectly maximize the value of every pattern across all the quality systems with the latest monetization technology. This tool helps in transforming the hard work into absolute earnings from around the globe with traits like multiple currency support, top fill rates, and kind of country-level mediation.

Why You Should Select AppsFlyer

This tool provides a need for that where you can drive your top marketing success. Because a business can only trust its marketing outputs if it’s absolutely confident with the data input, this tool professionally works hard to bring the perfect attribution data within the familiar industry. It also permits you as a marketer or business owner to actively attribute every touchpoint within the passionate user journey. The more perfect accuracy of the data guarantees that marketers could deliver reliable results.

The platform permits you to actively engage your customers or users where and when it wholly matters most. Moreover, you can actually measure ad spend as well as respective app engagement so that you identify your top marketing ROI; also you can protect the ad spend against mobile fraud utilizing tools offered in the platform. This tool offers numerous tools that business owners and marketers can utilize, comprising OneLink that assists with link building, Protect 360 that wholly prevents fraud in mobile ads and global Audiences, which assists segment and managing audiences from a central point. Thereby this tool comes with a marketing stack of tools to ameliorate performance in marketing and advertising.

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Seven Reasons You Should Use Best ASO Tools

ASO has certainly intrigued me. Ever since then, I had been thinking about trying it up for my business and needless to say, it was a perfect opportunity for me to finally take this out for a spin, and I am not at all disappointed.

We learnt that App store optimization is the most important process of optimizing an app and its app store page in order to actively increase the app’s visibility, rank and chances of users converting. Moreover, 60% of all users discover new apps while immensely scrolling through the app stores. By taking this into account, you require to step up your ASO game for maximum app success.

It is enumerated that you can boost app visibility and discoverability. Thereby optimizing your app with respect to all the algorithm ranking factors, namely as utilizing respective keywords in the right places and actively encouraging good reviews, leads the app stores to greatly increase your app’s ranking and feature it in category charts. In addition, the higher your app ranks, the higher the appropriate search results it would appear. The app ranked number one for a specific keyword will appear in the first place in the search results for that apt keyword.

They also bring you more downloads and conversions. So the more visible your app is, the more global users will find and download it. Primarily more than just visibility, ASO is about exclusive conversion optimization. All key elements of ASO are professionally optimized to increase the chances of users converting once they’ve found your quality app.

It would certainly reduce the cost per install. ASO is much more like an organic process adeptly meaning you’re not paying for each user like you are with paid user acquisition methods respectively as burst campaigns. It, therefore, needs a smaller budget.

It also grows your app’s revenue and massive ROI. For many reasons such as a lower CPI and increased CVR, your app would inevitably grow its mass profits with a strong ASO strategy in place. Your unique ASO strategy will bring you a higher quality user-base which will also primarily generate more revenue for your brand.

You also have the perfect ASO tool for everything, and most of them seemingly overlap with each other, so it could be overwhelming knowing which one to choose. The different kinds of ASO tools are listed below.

ASO tools can certainly assist you with the complicated and ongoing process of optimizing your app. You have so many elements to consider, namely keywords, metadata, screenshots, preview videos and more, and they won’t benefit from a one-time fix. They require to be updated little but often for the best chance of success.

They could also assist you to spy on your competitors to learn from their mistakes and successes. You can identify where they go wrong to know where to go right yourself. Also, identify what they’re getting right that you require catching up with. ASO tools are actually perfect for assisting your app competitor analysis, which is an important part of a successful ASO.

  • ASO tools can greatly increase your user base
  • They permit you to track your app’s rank in the app stores
  • You can utilize app store optimization tools to research your competition and conduct an app competitor analysis
  • They develop marketing optimization strategies for the future

It has been established that ASO is the single most crucial step to take when it comes to creating high-quality organic traffic for your app. This actively holds true whether it is done in-house or by utilizing the services of a mobile app marketing agency. Thereby it is not at all surprising to see countless ASO tools flooding the web. ASO tools can assist developers or marketing directors to perform keyword research or compare their app to the competition, among many other advantages.

By professionally performing solid keyword research is a vital part of ASO. Many developers trust they can do it all on their own as long as they have the right tools and reliable Wi-Fi.

Different Types of ASO Tools

The All-Rounder

It is the comprehensive suite of app intelligence features across the whole spectrum of ASO, comprising competitor analysis, keyword optimization.

The A/B Testing Master

Since you can’t rely wholly on instinct when there is active data that can assist you that directly relates to what users are responding best to. The top way to determine which brings you the quality results is through A/B testing, a process of segmenting the audience and illustrating each segment on a different page, then comparing the statistics to reveal the actual winner.

The Keyword Warrior

You have a number of ASO tools out there that strongly focus on keyword optimization only. They provide keyword suggestions, a way to track keywords and keyword rankings to name just a few of their key features.

The Free Option

However, most acumen app developers will wish to give it their best shot alone and there are several free tools out there that shouldn’t be ignored.

Wrap Up

It is finally understood that optimizing your app is a data-driven process where you combine information as well as experience. We at App Marketing Plus, use multiple tools in order to create the best ASO campaigns and generate results for our clients.

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