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Guide to Advertising on Reddit for Mobile Marketers

Advertising on Reddit can be a powerful tool for app marketing when utilized effectively. For those new to Reddit app advertising, understanding the benefits, ad specifications, and various ad types is crucial for a successful marketing campaign. Guide to advertising on Reddit for mobile marketers is discussed in this blog.

Why Advertise On Reddit?

Reddit, often not the primary choice for user acquisition among app marketers, offers unique advantages that set it apart from other social platforms. One key advantage is the high user intention on Reddit. Users on Reddit are 22% more likely to actively seek out specific content compared to passively scrolling through other platforms. This heightened user engagement can significantly benefit app marketers by capturing the attention of users actively looking for information.

Furthermore, Reddit boasts high ad recall rates, with 16% of users indicating that they were prompted to research a brand after encountering a Reddit ad. As users visit Reddit to seek advice and engage with topics of interest, they are more inclined to engage with ads on the platform, making it an ideal space for building brand awareness.

Strength of Reddit Advertising

Targeting niche audiences is another notable strength of Reddit advertising. The platform hosts a diverse array of communities, allowing advertisers to target specific interest groups, subreddits, and even keywords in conversations. For example, Reddit ad games reported a 74% unduplicated reach of users interested in gaming on various devices, showcasing the platform’s capability for reaching niche demographics effectively.

In terms of ad types, Reddit offers a variety of options for app marketers to choose from. These include conversation placements, text ads, image ads, carousel ads, video ads, and product ads. Each ad type serves a unique purpose, from integrating ads seamlessly into comment threads with text and images to utilizing videos for increased engagement and product feed promotion for targeted product marketing.

The cost of Reddit ads starts at an accessible US$5, enabling marketers to reach their target audience without requiring a massive initial investment. Advertisers can opt for a cost per mille (CPM) model, where they pay based on impressions, with the bidding starting at US$0.20. However, bidding costs may escalate based on competition for desired audience segments, emphasizing the need for strategic planning in ad placements.


In conclusion, Reddit presents a valuable platform for app marketers seeking to enhance their user acquisition efforts. Its unique features, including high user intention, ad recall rates, and niche targeting capabilities, make it a compelling choice for promoting apps. By leveraging various ad types and considering the cost-effective advertising options, marketers can effectively tap into Reddit’s engaged user base to drive app awareness and conversions. In essence, by understanding the advantages of advertising on Reddit and leveraging the platform’s diverse ad options, app marketers can elevate their marketing strategies and establish a strong presence in this dynamic online community.

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