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Package Details

Thanks Giving Special Offer Package

The special offer includes

1. A Professionally written Press release about your app.

2. +Press Release Distribution to 200+ channels with guaranteed inclusion of Google News & Bing News.

3. A complete analysis on your app, your competitors app and then develop an ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy for your app.

4. +ASO Top chart and Keywords Ranking 

5. +Positive review writing by the professional writers (10 review articles )

6. +15 Guaranteed Reviews in App Review Sites

7. +Guaranteed review publish of your app on 10 websites

8.+Featured Promotion – (We will publish your app featured banner on 10 review websites home page and it should be held for one month)

9. +We will create a landing page website or Promotional Video for 30 Seconds.

10. +Play store rating

11. +App Installs (1000)

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Offer
Why this service is so cheap ?
This is not a cheap service. This is competitively priced campaign targeting towards getting fresh leads and increasing the portfolio.

How long it will take to complete the mentioned tasks ?
It will take minimum 15 Days to Maximum 30 days to complete the mentioned 5 tasks include website building.

Is this offer available for Paid Apps ?
Yes, Offer available for FREE & PAID apps. For paid apps we request promo codes to process with.

Do you guarantee any Downloads ?
The campaign is to get Organic Downloads & Higher Ranking. To achieve this we use organic methods like Social Media Promotion, PR & Newsletters. This campaign do not include app boost campaign.

Do you offer Money Back Guarantee ?
Generally our package services, we offer 30 Days Money back guarantee. Being this is special campaign, we offer Money Back Guarantee, only if we not able to publish the review on time.

About ASO Service
Do you use Any ASO Tools ?
Yes, we use AppAnnie

What do you do for ASO ?
We do Competition Analysis, keyword research & rewrite your App Store / Google Play Description to get better ranking and more organic downloads.

What are the Deliverables ?
The deliverable include the App Title, App Description – write / rewrite, Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research Report.

About Promotional Video
What type of Video will be developed ?
A promotional video using the Screen Shots / Screen Recording and also by using textual slides

Is that web friendly ?
Yes, the Video will be .mp4 and you can use it any web.

Do you upload in YouTube ?
No, we deliver it as .mp4 file

About Review & Rating
What is Manual Submission ?
We have a list of 300+ websites which publish App Reviews. These sites have specific forms / contact forms, we manually submit your app details there. It helps you to get published in these sites.

Do you give us any report ?
Yes, We give the report as excel sheet & screenshots.

What about Guaranteed Reviews ?
Yes, we hope to get multiple publish of your app story. But still we guarantee 10 reviews minimum.

About Press Release
Do you provide report ?
Yes, we do provide you the Report with published links.

How many Press Release you write ?
Only one.

What are the Channels you use to Distribute ?
We distribute mainly through PRMac, Mobile Newswire, PR Buzz, PR Web, SB Wire, AP, Press Associates, Digital Journal, IB Times, MYPR Genie, Press Doc.

Do you send them to Journalists ?
Yes, we have 400+ Online Tech Journalist email database and send your PR to them.
How this PR Will help me ?
This PR Service helps you in getting you quality SEO back links, App Promotion, Your Brand Growth & will help you in exploring partnership opportunities and investor options.

Is this PR Service Guarantee inclusion in Google News & Bing News ?
Yes, with our methodology & experience, we guarantee you news will be syndicated in Google News + Bing News
I already launched the app way back ? How PR will help ?
You need to plan for Upgrade or some Fresh Story. Positively we can create a new story with a Fresh Website & the reviews we get in.

Do you write PR ?
Yes, we outsource PR writing to experienced journalist.

About Social Media
What is social media promotion ?
We promote you app store / google play link in Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest

How many shares you do ?
We do about 100-300 share in Multiple Social Media Channels

Is this help me to get more downloads ?
Yes, this will help you to get more organic downloads

Do you do Paid Promotion ?
No, we do not do any Advert or Paid Promotions. If you wish we can help you in setting up keywords and demographics

About App Store Rating & Reviews
How did you get installs ?
We established a partnership with few app promotional service forums. They provide us the needful installs.

Is this available for Paid apps?
No, it’s for Only FREE Apps

Is this safe ?
Yes, it’s safe

Do you use paid install services ?
Yes, we do use Facebook Adwords, Google Adwords App Install and twitter ads to drive desired installs.

Communication & Reports
How do you communicate ?
We plan to use slack /skype/mail for the Project Communication

You promise lot of reports ? How do you share ?
We share all the reports in Slack / Mail. So you can easily track the updates

What are the project milestones ?
It depends on project. Once order received, we assign a dedicated Account Manager to the project and create a basecamp account. After discussing with client, we schedule the Tasks & Milestones. The typical process is

  1. ASO
  2. Website / Reviews
  3. Getting Reviews
  4. Updating the review in website
  5. Creating the PR
  6. PR Distribution
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. App Installs & App Store Rating