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App Marketing Services as Package

In AppMarketingPlus, we worked with more than 200+ App Developers and our experience helped us to come up with a package services, a perfect fit for your app marketing budget.

How to get started ?
Select the package and order it. On order page, leave your app URL & contact info. On successful completion of order, our team will contact you with execution plan

What details I need to supply ?
For getting started, you need to supply us the App URL, App Screens, App Descriptions, Target Keywords & Target Demographics. Our team will give you a simple questionnaire to get the details

What do you mean by Manual Submission ?
We have a list of 200+ sites publishing app reviews, app news and app related info. All these sites have their own contact form. We submit the details to them manually.

What is App Boost ? How will you deliver the Guaranteed Downloads / Installs ?
Taking advantage of Social Media and Community Networks, we developed some private exchange groups and networks of indie developers. With this network, we can deliver the downloads. Currently we have North America, Europe, India and China Demographics. For details, please contact our support team.

What do you mean by Guaranteed Reviews ?
We submit the app details to multiple sites. The publishing news /review is the sole decision of the site owners / editors. But still with our professional relationship, we can influence them and get reviews published on the right time to the right target. We guarantee minimum of 5 reviews in Basic plan and 10 reviews in Standard &  15 reviews in Premium Package.

What are Little Tweets & Master Tweets mean ?
Tweeting about your app & app related links is a great way to promote. We have a group people with influencing followers (mostly mobile users & app enthusiast). We’ll tweet your info & reach the target group. In little tweets, we promote it on once a day for 7 days. And on master tweets, twice a day for 15 days.

What are “Facebook Handshake” and “Facebook Boost”?
In our experience, we found FB as helpful platform to target the buyers. We use Facebook Status Message, Facebook Sponsorship & Facebook Advert to reach the target. In Handshake, we use status & In Boost, we use status, sponsorship & advert.

Can you share the list of PR Sites & Review sites?
Yes, We keep our reporting transparent & simple. We’ll share the complete report with you.

If I am not happy, shall I get Money Back ?
Yes, We are committed to provide you the best service and we are confident our service will satisfy you. In case you are not happy, we’ll give you the Money Back (expect the Money spent on Paid Adverts)