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Amplify Your App's Reach with Our PR Submission Services

Launch your app into the spotlight with AppMarketingPlus. Our App Submission to PR Sites service ensures your app gains the visibility it deserves. Leverage our years of experience and extensive media links to make your app the talk of the town.

What is App Submission to PR Sites

Mobile App Marketing Services
Why App Submission to PR Sites Matters

In the digital age, visibility is key to an app’s success. Our service of submitting your app to various PR sites helps in creating a buzz and gaining significant exposure.

  • Curated List of PR Websites: Utilizing our carefully curated list of influential PR websites and news distribution services
  • Quick and Broad Submission: Efficiently submitting your app to multiple sites, ensuring quick and widespread coverage.
  • Tailored Press Releases: Crafting compelling press releases that highlight your app’s unique features and appeal.
  • Visibility and Brand Awareness: Enhancing your app’s visibility and building brand awareness among potential users and industry players.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Providing detailed reports on submission results and media coverage.

Why Hire Experts for PR Submission

Expertise Makes the Difference in PR Submission

Submitting your app to PR sites is more than just a distribution exercise. It requires strategic planning and industry know-how to ensure the best results.

  • Years of Experience: Our team’s extensive experience means we understand what makes a press release stand out.
  • Strong Media Links: We have established relationships with top PR and news distribution sites, ensuring your app gets premium exposure.
  • Efficient Distribution: Our process makes it easy to submit your app to multiple sites quickly, saving you time and effort.
  • Maximized Visibility: Expert submission increases the chances of your app getting featured and seen by a large audience.

Mobile App Marketing Services

Frequently Asked Question

How does PR submission benefit my app?

PR submission increases your app’s visibility, creates buzz, and enhances brand recognition, which can lead to more downloads and user engagement.

What type of PR sites will my app be submitted to?

We submit your app to a range of sites, including tech-focused PR platforms, general news sites, and industry-specific publications.

How do you measure the success of PR submissions?

Success is measured by the coverage received, the reach of the published press releases, and the subsequent impact on app downloads and visibility.

Can you guarantee media coverage for my app?

While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, our strategic approach and media relationships significantly increase the likelihood of substantial coverage.