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7 Facts You Never Knew About Mobile App Metrics


Most businesses are struggling to get more customers to interact with them through digital channels such as apps and websites. Many organizations do not actively measure interaction in mobile apps. When digital interaction grows, minor changes and optimizations to your digital experience become necessary. Here are the seven most important mobile app metrics to help you take action and improve app engagement.

Retention Rate

How devoted are your clients? It must be tracked and developed from the start. This metric adeptly shows the percentage of your users who return to your app at least once during a 90-day business quarter, or it can be measured over 30 days, depending on your industry. The retention rate reflects how satisfied your customers are with your product.


The churn rate is one of the topmost important KPIs. Your app’s “churn rate” is the actual percentage of customers who leave within a specific time frame. Because this issue affects all mobile apps, it’s critical to monitor this rate and try to outperform your competitors. Maintaining a low churn rate allows you to keep users for a more extended period, bringing more revenue to your relevant product and brand overall.

Daily & Monthly Active Users, aka DAU & MAU

The title is self-explanatory, but these are important KPIs that should not be overlooked. It indicates whether your app provides value to your customers and whether they return to it daily or monthly. It could be measured through app interactions or sign-ins. It also doesn’t matter if the user logs in several times throughout the day because only the first action is recorded.

Average Session Duration

The average amount of time a user generally spends in the app from launch to exit. The more time a common user spends in an app, the more intrigued and satisfied they are with the content. The more you update the content and optimize your UI to meet your customers’ needs, the longer they will like to stay in the app. It can directly impact your revenue from ads or in-app purchases.


Maybe you’re a startup with a brand new out-of-this-world app that you get a lot of users from word of mouth and don’t have to spend any money marketing to the audience. In most cases, you must spend money on marketing, and at this point, knowing how much money you are paying to gain a user is invaluable.

It’s a splendid metric to track, and by using app analytic data platforms like Mixpanel and Branch.io, you can see which channels are performing best and the costs of acquiring users.

Crashed sessions

One of the most common reasons to stop using someone’s app is that it keeps crashing. Even a single crash at a critical time can cause a user to abandon an app and actively spread the word to others about the bad experience. We tend to remember negative experiences far longer than positive ones.

It is critical to identify the exact cause of a crash and correct it as soon as possible. Another important nurture aspect is to communicate clearly about all app updates. People who previously had a bad experience may give the app a second chance if they believe the problem has been resolved.

Un-suggested gestures

It is an important takeaway when viewing your product through the eyes of the users. What features are they looking for that you aren’t providing? You can track user behaviour using various heat-map tracking software and try to add more features as demand arises.

You’re already on the right kind of track if you’ve considered tracking these KPIs. The best day to start tracking these was yesterday, but today is the second best.

ASO Marketing to attract traffic to your Website

ASO Marketing

To increase a mobile app’s organic visibility in App Stores and Google Play Stores, ASO (App Store Optimization) marketing is vital. ASO (App Store Optimization) marketing typically results in higher engagement with users gained from organic search. A successful ASO Marketing requires coherent metadata and creative assets, developed using accurate data.

Optimizing your organic funnel to make it more effective

Engaging content is the backbone of organic growth marketing funnels, and it does so without coercing the audience into converting. Brands can turn casual readers into loyal fans by maximizing already existing interests rather than forcing interaction.

People search for and install specific apps in the app stores by entering search terms. Consequently, they have a greater interest in finding apps to use than users who discover apps through list suggestions, online ranking systems, or other channels.

By actively searching for specific types of apps, users are not only engaging in a more engaging activity, but they are also more likely to find apps that meet their needs. Search plays a crucial role in user acquisition since 70% of app discovery takes place in searches. Developers striving to attract high-quality users need to ensure their organic search visibility and conversion factors that come from this channel are strong.

App developers can improve the organic funnel to come up with the best users for their app.

Further developing Funnel Conversion, Whenever permeability is accomplished, getting clients to tap on a posting is the following stage in the download channel. Clients normally just put in almost no time taking a gander at an application posting before choosing whether to continue or introduce it. Showing up right on time is indispensable to establishing a solid connection.

Streamlining innovative resources, such as the symbol and screen captures, can assist with this. These visual components can assist with working on your active visitor clicking percentage and introduces, so outwardly captivating and useful imaginative resources can assist with working on the number of downloads an application gets.

By attempting to work on these areas, engineers can assist with supporting their presentation in list items. This can prompt more natural clients, which can help your application in both the now and the long run.

However, this relies on the central part of focusing on the right watchwords. Figuring out what the appropriate watchwords are required examination and information that reflects how clients search. Mistaken information can deliver a whole ASO procedure incapable – precise information is a need.

5 Motivations behind Why Natural Development Advertising Channels

If a paid channel is the push you want to get your boat in the lake, the natural development promoting funnel is commensurate to the paddles you use to continue to advance across the water. You want the energy to continue onward, however, you likewise need the apparatuses.

True and Fascinating Substance:

A natural development advertising channel comes prepared to work, word-based weapons included. Your channel is fueled by centred content that normally upholds and follows clients as they advance through their purchasing venture. It resembles a continuous discussion, assimilated at the peruser’s accommodation yet implanted with the data the brand considers generally fundamental.

Client Based Ideation:

No “roll of the dice” meetings to generate new ideas or blog entries that have probably as much importance as Tony Bennett at the MTV Film Grants. This funnel’s substance is produced because of client questions, web look, and immeasurably significant purchaser personas.

Intentional Incorporation:

You can’t have a development promoting channel without solid substance. When your funnel is ready, you’ve optimized your advertising project’s development and fused content that appears to be legit in the present moment as well as in the long haul too.

Search Engine Optimization:

A couple of long-tail catchphrases here, some meta labels there, and unexpectedly you’re positioning with Google and inbound traffic is hitting record numbers. This all requires research, however, and consistent joining so your substance is complex and fun-loving.

Financially savvy Strategies: Natural expenses are not exactly outbound (paid) procedures. Utilize your natural funnel alone or attempt a half and half channel for max sway.

ASO marketing strategies for mobile apps can focus on organic search as a way to get the highest quality of users. Targeting relevant, high-volume keywords based on mobile search data and creating an app listing that can maximize conversions across all channels is required to optimize this funnel. The users who are interested in a particular type of app can be reached and converted using an optimized organic funnel.

Ways to Improve Your App Ranking

App Ranking

It has become a necessity whether business people use a mobile app as a revenue channel or a mobile app developer, you require seeing your app be ranked high on the store that you actually launch the app on. You have quite a few factors that adeptly impact the ranking of your app. Today we have brought a comprehensive list of ways in which you can immensely ameliorate the ranking of your app in the app stores that matter. Below are some of the ways to improve your App Ranking.

Apt Title for Your App

The app title can be utilized intelligently to communicate to every visitor the core function of your app. The app title must have a strong bearing on the appearance of your app in any kind of search results. It becomes particularly crucial of the name of your app is not really a known word and requires a certain amount of description for people to wholly understand what the app is really for.

It is wholly imperative that the right keywords are used in order to describe the intent of the app so that the zeal app users are aware of exactly what they are actually downloading. One thing that actually might work in your favour is that one must keep everything under 50 characters.

Better App Description

The app description that you write for your app forms a good part of the App Store Optimization (ASO) process. The app description can largely serve as a golden opportunity and medium to make a highly positive impression on the app store’s search algorithm. Thereby while writing the app description, it is of crucial aspect to come up with an engaging description, but it is vital that you use the crisp quality description that wholly covers each of the keywords that your users are properly to correlate with your mobile app.

It is a crucial factor to use keywords and does not mean that you actually stuff in keywords just for the sake of it. They are vital that the keywords you use seamlessly in the native description of your app should become a part of it. One important thing to remember while developing your app description is that you should not repeat words since Google Play has a relevant content policy that particularly disallows this.

Appropriate Screenshots

One has to create a great visual impression which is one of the top ways to attract a massive number of people to your app and largely convince them to download it. You can go through your app and select the app screens that are visually the top ones while assisting you to understand how they primarily look. Apart from selecting the app screens that look great, you can also develop a few custom screens that would adeptly showcase your best features through an engaging visual medium. When the selected screenshots are not just appealing but also enumerate the app in a good way, it certainly would activate the interest of app users eventually leading to more of them downloading the app on their respective devices.

App Icons

Primarily the icon for your app is effectively the face of your app. If it is this icon that the app user is going to view first, and once they have adeptly downloaded it, it is this icon that could be the identity of the app for them. The icon of your app requires standing out, while still looking attractive on their mobile screen. It must be representative of you, without having to rely on too much relevant text with it.

Also, make sure that you keep the clutter away and have short crisp text for it. You also can do to carry out a quick look test. This could be done by placing your app icon among a number of other app icons to wholly understand how it actually looks alongside others. Not only is it crucial for the icon of your app to look quality, it should also pass this look test so that it not only belongs on the app user’s screen but immensely stands out without getting lost in the large crowd of the apps on the respective device.

Demo Video App Preview

This is persuasive to the iOS app as Apple allows you and even suggests you add a short video of about 15 to 30 seconds as a good part of your app listing. It also makes use of it to showcase the multiple feature functionalities within your app. You could even test the video with some engaging poster frames or lucrative thumbnail images to figure out which ones are instantly driving more and more passionate users to click and watch the video. Even on Google Play too you could add a video to the app listing. Also, it might work well when the app is a paid app, since developing a video does entail a specific expense that you could like to recover through your app.

Reviews & Ratings from Users

The reviews and the ratings from users really ameliorate the overall ranking of your mobile app on the popular app store. You can get everyone to write a positive review, but expect some kind of writing which is healthy and positive app reviews, since this is the real deal, the quality place where you could get some good genuine feedback to assist you to ameliorate your app and increase the overall app experience for the users.

Another key thing here is to greatly acknowledge and answer each and every negative review you could receive on the app store. It might be somewhat impossible to actively respond to each one of them, but when you primarily reply to the negative reviews, you illustrate that you care about a good user relationship. Additionally, the people visiting your app would get the high impression that you pay attention to the difficulties encountered by the app users and assist them out while taking in their active suggestions.

Go For App Indexing

It is of prime most importance that obtains your app indexed with Google. Google App Indexing is the actual system that allows any app listing appears on a search results page. Moreover, the user primarily clicks on the listing before reaching inside the app. This professionally works for both the fame Android and iOS mobile apps.

When a user eagerly searches for a specific app that they haven’t yet installed, they are then taken to a mobile webpage wholly dedicated to the mobile app. If your app is not indexed, you can stand to miss out on the searches that could illustrate your app as a listing. Even the direct impact of indexing might not be instantly visible on the overall ranking of your app. It is also proven to bring in organic incoming traffic that does assist in achieving your mobile app ranked higher.

Using Apt Keywords Only

Primarily the use of App keyword Research is crucial and goes a long way in the discoverability of your app and wholly determining whether your app would adeptly feature in searches. Moreover stuffing your app title or app description with a lot of keywords is not enough though, nor is it actually wise to do so.

Also imagine if you were the one searching for an app that would be beneficial for social networking and install an app that utilizes just the right keywords, allowing you to believe that the app is best suitable for you. So it is vital that you use keywords in the app title and description in a wise manner. Altogether you have come across some of the ways to improve your App Ranking.