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Android App Marketing- Lesson 6 – Experiment In-App Advertising


Android app marketing will allow you to advertise your own app inside of other apps! You can also make it so that other apps can advertise inside of your app. This can help make back some of the money you spent on making your app.

If you decide to put up an advertisement inside an app be prepared to spend a little. You should only spend money on advertising if you believe that  ad will attract enough people that will spend money on your app, or downloads if your app is free with no in-app purchases. If you do decide to place an ad for your app inside of another app, you cannot just find an app that will let you and have them put an ad in. While going for the most popular ad allowing app might also seem like the answer, it is not always the solution. You should try to find a popular app that allows ads within the niche of your own app. For example: If you were a calculator you should advertise in an app that helps people with math.

If you plan on allow other apps to advertise themselves within your app there are a few things to consider. How much to charge is one of the obvious ones, and it entirely up to you. What to allow is important to consider. Using the calculator app example again; you should allow apps that are not in the same niche as yours to be advertised in your app if they want to be, you should allow apps that are within your niche also, you should not allow an app that could hurt your apps downloads (another calculator or similar app).

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Android App Marketing – Lesson 5 – App Launch Strategy and Press Release


When it comes time for you to launch your app you cannot just do it silently and hope that it will get noticed by people. Android app marketing starts here. You need to get the word out and as far as you can before your app launches. This can be done in a number of different ways and the more that are used the quicker the word will spread.

Things like social media, blogs, your own site, app advertising, etc. What you want to do is not focus on how many people see your app’s page, site, etc. but how many of those people are talking about it. Just having a page about your app will not get people talking about it. In order to get the most out of your
page(s) you should consider some of the following

-Making short posts about what your app is about: This can include features, things you can use the app for, how it is unique

-Picture previews: the pictures can be the pictures you plan on using for the app page in the app store, or pictures that will only be seen by people who view your page(s)

-Demo or tutorial: A short video that shows a user how to use your app will give people an inside look to it and will help them navigate through it a lot more easily.

You can also contact app reviewers or magazines. Allowing them access to your app before it is released so they can release an article about what to expect and why people should get it could increase expected downloads during your first active month by 30%!

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Android App Marketing – Lesson 4 – Make the Right Choice – Free Apps or Paid Apps


There are a few differences about free and paid apps and will affect how you use android app marketing depending on the type of app. This is most important when it comes to how the app is advertised and what people will look for (most of the time) because not everyone will throw money towards an app if they don’t know anything about it, while a free app people can download and if they don’t like it, delete it with no cost or harm.

People are more likely to get a free app if they have not heard anything about it. While android app marketing is still very effective with a free app people like to browse and impulse download depending on what looks good. Things like the pictures on the app, or what’s in the description box without having to tap “more” is as far as people usually go with free apps.

When it comes to paid apps, not everyone can afford to buy something that looks good at first just to not like it and delete it right away. People are more likely to buy an app that they have heard about before. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way of android app marketing because people trust people they know more than an advertisement.

Not everyone that does see a paid app will of had to have seen it before in order to want to buy it (though it does help). You need to make sure when someone is viewing the app it sells them. The pictures should show the greatness of the app. The description short the user gets before tapping “more” should make them want to see more. If the app looks boring no one will want to buy it. Even if it is as simple as a calculator app, there needs to be something that makes yours unique and interesting.

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Android App Marketing – Lesson 3 – Spend more Time on App Pricing Strategy


If you plan on making your app cost money you cannot just slab a price on it and hope it sells. Android app marketing can help you determine how high to set your price.

Are there in app purchases? If yes then you may want to keep the price low like $.99, unless you don’t expect many people to buy the in-app purchases that are available then you may want to consider a two or three dollar app.
There are some cases where you may want to set the price of your app for $5, $10, or even $20.Having an app cost this much depends on the life time of the app for each person that buys it. If this app can last someone months at a time and there are little to no in-app purchases then the price can be higher.

If you are not sure how long your app will last you can ask some friends to look at it and ask them how long you think they would have it, and what the price should be. If the app is already released and you think downloads are low try lowering the price enough to get the downloads up while still making money for yourself.

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Android App Marketing – Lesson 2 : App Store Optimization


Google Play Store Optimization (GPSO) or App store optimization is all about getting your app in right category, for right keywords and to the top of category. The top includes under top apps for all apps, top apps for the category that your app falls under, and the top search result when someone searches for a word within your keyword area. Knowing a little about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help give you an idea about how to use  ASO (app store optimization). Android app marketing falls right into place with ASO because the better your optimization the more people that will see your app.

In order to use ASO properly there are a few things to consider. The first one comes before you even launch your app. The keywords you use to help people find your app are very important for ASO. Due to having a limited amount of keywords, do not use words that are in your apps title. Someone searching your title will still be able to find your app even if the title is not in the keywords.

When your app is already launched you will have less power over android app marketing when it comes to ASO. While keywords will help people find your app and can increase downloads, what puts an app on top is the review and download ratio. When someone downloads the app and they rate it they get to choose to rate your game 1 out of 5 (5 being the best). The better the download and good review ratio is the higher on the app store ranking your app will appear.

A new app has a good chance of making the top apps even if it is for a short period of time. This is because a lot of people will download the app right away if it was advertised correctly. As long as the app gets good reviews it will shoot right up on the top apps. As downloads slow down for the app it will drop ranks.

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