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Top App Development Tools for Game Developers

As mobile app usage continues to dominate in today’s modern world those within the industry continue to develop tools and applications which enhance app development process. So with regard to mobile game developer, they must be wholly functional, develop apps that not only serve a purpose but also entertain and engage global users by visiting your app again and again.

For individuals with experienced mobile gaming developer of full coding knowledge or starter Indie developer with little to no development experience, there are numerous App Development Tools which would certainly simplify the mobile game development process. Below are few quality tools that Game Developers should have in their arsenal when developing a mobile game app


This popular tool is qualitatively the most renowned game engine available to mobile game developer. It primarily permits you to interact with and manipulate your projects, apps code as well as their visual components developing as the ideal game engine.

Unity also offers you with user-friendly development environment, making it exclusive game development software for beginners and experienced developers alike.

Unreal Engine

Another familiar powerful mobile gaming tool is Unreal Engine. The Unreal development Kit was successfully released to the public for free use during 2009. This tool qualitatively permits mobile game developers to publish and sell games developed utilizing the engine.

App Game Kit

This reputed tool permits mobile game developers to code games only once, and then deploy it to numerous platforms of devices. It also allows you to spend less time reworking existing mobile games and more time in actively developing new games.

Corona SDK

Everyone call it as a perfect cross-platform software development kit that simply permits you to develop beautiful mobile apps for number of operating systems, comprising Android, iOS, tvOS, Mac OS, Windows, Kindle, and Nook.

The Lua-based API is also professionally integrated with C++ to develop quality graphics, and its real-time simulator which runs on both Mac OS and Windows, permitting you to instantly view changes as you develop them.

Android Studio

This popular tool provides world-class code editing, debugging, performance tooling, a flexible build system, and an instant build/deploy system that simply permit game developers to concentrate on building quality and unique apps.

If game developers haven’t taken advantage of this app development tools it is right time to use for achieving massive success. And they are also suggested to follow mobile app marketing strategies.

How to Market App for Google Playstore

Google Play Store Marketing

If app developers like to succeed their app then they have to follow smart app marketing techniques. The developers should have a thorough understanding of the users they wish to target. They must learn and understand what compels them to download an app and what’s key to them.

Most of the valuable details can be extracted from beta users and quantitative surveys. These processes should take place before any code is written since the kind of information must actively guide both your app development and marketing strategy. Your research must assist you discover the quality way to monetize your app, whether through ads or other methods.

Mobile Marketing Statistics that App Developers Need to Know

If you are a business owner and offer products or services to other businesses (B2B) then it’s vital to make sure that your marketing strategies comprise mobile apps, since the estimated revenue that’s generated from them is $77 billion in 2017 alone.

Primarily 68% of businesses have already combined mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. This comprises of all forms of digital marketing, advertising, sales, branding, providing discounts and rewards points and other uses.

Marketing an App

The developer’s message on the Google Play Store must exhibit vivid picture of what your app does and why it’s worth downloading. The global users require knowing what it can do for them and what beneficial features set it apart from other apps. The app developers must build a professional structured marketing plan for optimal results. They should have structured plan which encompasses four steps namely Awareness, Trial, Purchase and Repeat – otherwise called as ATPR model.

The app developers must undertake several marketing process which would certainly create awareness about your app. This is why social media, PR, search engines and many other app marketing methods should be used to expose your app.

You can allow users to experience your app through free or trial versions, as well as through incentives that would attract users to try your app. It can be accomplished through discounts, special offers, and bulk sales. Developing loyalty programs and extensions are other ways to be accomplished. By strictly following the ATPR model and suitable apt marketing plan one could easily get the framework in place to actively stimulate the growth of your app.

Merit of Quality PR

Quality PR is an invaluable piece of the app marketing particularly when it’s coming from credible sources. You can approach to the press, tech writers, and android bloggers for giving positive sound about your apps through reviews. So when people write about your app it highly improves your search rankings in the Play Store.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this above phenomenon’s, it is right time to jump on board and make sure you get rapid success by implementing mobile app marketing strategies today.

Mistakes to Avoid when Marketing your App

App Marketing

Quality app marketing is all about having an effective and multi-faceted strategy. Good App marketing takes best strategy and focus, something we’re all about at AppMarketingPlus. Of course, even the best marketing strategies can have minor drawbacks. That’s why we’ve enumerated list of mistakes to avoid. If you can navigate successfully around these mistakes, then you’ll have huge success over your competition.

Act of over-promising

One of the major marketing mistakes that many apps make would be promising too much. You should not advertise benefits that aren’t there or features which you don’t have actually. If you don’t have them yet, they shouldn’t be key part of the marketing. So eventually over-promising leads to poor reviews and bad result.

Missing the ploy of researching your competition

Before implementing marketing plan, one should research everything. How does your app differ from similar apps and what makes it good? So you should be ready to enumerate how you stand out.

Long wait for planning the marketing

One must start thinking about marketing around the same time when you begin thinking of quality app idea. It is mandatory that your app should be an important part of your plan from the start. The individuals must come with a impressive logo and title, valuable marketing collateral such as a video, and a list of already-interested email subscribers.

Not planning a release date

You should have a set release date and a countdown to launch. This assists in building massive momentum and pure excitement for your app. So select a date to permit yourself time for beta testing and working out bugs.

Act of publishing too early

It is affirmed that everyone make common mistake of publishing the beta version of app directly on the app store. Thought it is a nice way to collect negative reviews instantly. It’s always better to do so in private. Instead you can actively collect a list of emails, and use beneficial service like Apple’s TestFlight to illustrate the app for a limited number of subscribers. By this way one could easily get the feedback without the negative press.

If you have had already fallen into one of the above traps, there are numerous ways to bounce back and recover. Moreover we help in coming out of this mistakes and shine with absolute success of App marketing.

Android App Marketing Services – useful tips for Android app publisher

We know that Apple app store and the Android market are two of the popular giants with respect to app stores in existence today. Constantly adding to their daily launch of apps, Android app marketing, App store optimization and Android app promotion services have become so much vital to the users.

There are number of familiar mobile application marketing companies and mobile app marketing agency which has professionally brought feature on successfully marketing your app in the Apple App Store. In this article, famous professional app marketing company aim at offering publishers app marketing tips to assist enhance their profits in the other major app store, namely, the Android Market.

According to app marketing companies and app marketing agency they consider In-app advertising is what really qualitative in today’s mobile world. It is enumerated that lot of advertisers searching for a way of making increased profits are now adopting this technique more than ever before because of android app promotion importance.

With regard to study report from several App PR Company and App PR service firms they reveal that of all the different mobile platforms in existence today, the Android and iOS platforms are known for their best flexibility and simplicity of user experience. Mobile advertisers now use these beneficial features to maintain an interaction with their target global audiences.

App marketing company suggests that Android platform, as you are well aware, is diverse, ranging over multiple mobile devices and OS versions. Moreover your mobile apps marketing strategy has to be such that it is immensely appealing to the potential global customer and always engaged with your app.

Useful tips from App marketing services for the Android app publisher:

  • Search Your Target Device and/or Platform
  • Assure that the Ad Loads Fast
  • Actively enable Users to Interact with You
  • Provide Viewers a Reward
  • Adopt Include Different Languages
  • Try to Homogenize Your Ad on different devices

The above are some of the most quality tips you can use for achieving success with your Android app marketing efforts. Altogether it is highly recommended to do all sorts of effective App marketing you can to grab their attention.

Android App Promotion Services

Android App Promotion Services

It is always noted that all quality Android app promotion services can be quite good particularly when it is expressed through help of best app marketing companies. Not only helps the users overwhelmed with joy but also make the whole App Store optimization worth implemented.

Why should you use Mobile App Marketing Agency?

Having the low average rating and negative reviews, could have bad effect on your app. The global users do not like to install such apps, no matter how good it is. Without proper android app marketing it would decrease your daily installs amount, same as the daily revenue.

App Optimization and App Marketing

As you might have heard before many times that there are several app marketing agency and app marketing services. Without a good App Store Optimization and best professional app marketing company your app would never become familiar.

As users would not find it in the search and will not install if the graphics are done poorly. Keyword installs is presently the number one tool in terms of efficiency of getting tons of economic organic installs and increasing your income. This process is qualitatively done by good app marketing company and android app promotion services.

Why Is App Optimization and Android App Promotion Services so Important?

ASO app store optimization is the vital piece of today’s business generation. The users will never be able to achieve good results and bring your strategy to success without the help of Mobile Application Marketing Companies.

It is enumerated that global users should keep in mind that they have to compete with billions of existing apps. For this reason, Mobile Apps Marketing, App PR Company, App PR Service, app marketing companies can appear to be your only chance to gain recognition and stand out from your main competitors. Moreover the latest reports show that customers mainly use app store search to find new applications.

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