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Naming a Mobile App Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Mobile app name tactics

Coming up with creative mobile app name tactics isn’t easy – but it’s also not particularly difficult. Even if you don’t think you’re creative, we know you can come up with a name for your app that will win people over – and we’re here to help you.

Why Does the Name Matter?

It Is Your Customer’s First Impression of You

And you’re well aware that you can’t make the same first impression twice. The name of the app and its logo are the first things any potential user will notice and pay attention to, even before reading the description and deciding whether or not to install it. As a result, if the name does not appear to be interesting or compelling, fewer users will investigate it.

It Could Give You a Competitive Advantage

There is no denying that unless you create a unique, first-of-its-kind app, you will have competitors. Given that your app’s name is your customer’s first impression of you, the better it is, the more appealing your product appears in comparison to your competitors’.

It Reflects Your Company’s Image

It is wholly up to you how you want your brand to feel – and you must consider this if you want to win over the hearts of potential users. The name of your app has the power to elicit certain emotions and make your brand appear edgy or stable, familiar or unique, and so on.

A Great App Name Must Be


It should give a good indication of the app’s main purpose and/or the main association with using it. Don’t be afraid to use associations rather than straightforward descriptions – they will leave a stronger impression than just the word “calculator.”

Search Engine Optimised

The second part of the title must include SEO keywords. You still need to ensure that users can find your app, right?

Capable Of Rolling Off the Tongue

This is how you can put your ideas to the test: say them aloud. Is it simple to say them? If it is, your potential users will be able to remember the name afterwards.

Short and Simple

The app’s name should be limited to one or two words. You can combine two words into one and use a camel case (for instance, SoundCloud), or you can simply smash them together (e.g. Facebook).

Tips for Naming an App


Take a sheet of paper and make a list of all the associations you have with your app. These associations can be tied to:

  • The primary function of your app.
  • Its main characteristic (s).
  • its intended audience
  • how it will feel to use your app
  • how it can improve the lives of its users

Once you have a large list of potential app names, you can filter them and begin experimenting with them by combining two words or modifying them in any other way.

Conduct Your Research

What should you look into? Begin with the most obvious – your competitors. You must be aware of the associations they employ to avoid making the same mistakes. You should also research your target audience, particularly the keywords they use when searching for an app similar to yours.

Keep it Brief

On the App Store, you have 30 characters for your app name — but only 11 on your phone’s home screen. Google Play Store permits you to use up to 50 characters for your app title. The more concise it is, the more space there is for keywords.

Find the Best App Store Optimization Keywords

Avoid the temptation to use every keyword that comes to mind. Create a spreadsheet of apps in your niche, with a column for each keyword in their names. Determine which ASO keywords are relevant but not as competitive. Concentrate your efforts on three of them. Limiting yourself to three will keep you from coming across as spammy.

Avoid Using Inappropriate Keywords

Excessive use of words such as fun, addictive, best, and free can raise a red flag not only for users but also for search engines.

Wrap Up

Finding the perfect name for an app is impossible; perfection is something we can only strive for but never achieve. So, take your time coming up with a unique name that reflects your brand and the essence of your app.

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