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7 Ways to Get More Mobile App Downloads

When you devote a significant amount of time and money developing a mobile app, you always hope that a significant number of people will at least try your product. Unfortunately, persuading people to click the “Install” button can be difficult. The positive aspect is that there are numerous tried-and-true methods for increasing app downloads. We enumerate 7 ways to get more mobile app downloads.

7 Ways to Get More Mobile App Downloads

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your mobile app to get more visibility and downloads in the app stores. It’s a crucial part of your app marketing strategy and should be done before and after your app launch.

App Localization

App localization is the process of adapting your app to different cultures and languages. It’s an effective way to reach new target audiences and increase your app downloads.

Launch a Website

Launching a website for your app is a pragmatic way to give potential users more information about your product. You can use it to explain the features of your app, showcase reviews, and provide additional resources.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to engage with potential users and build a relationship with them. You can utilize content to introduce your app, showcase its features, and explain how it can solve users’ problems.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective channels for app marketing. You can use it to reach new users, engage with existing ones, and build a community around your app. Influencers are people with a large following on social media. They can be a great asset to your app marketing efforts, as they can promote your app to their followers and help you reach a wider audience.

Demo Video

Creating a demo video is a great way to showcase your app’s features and convince users to give it a try. You can use the video to explain how your app works and why users should download it.

Ratings and App Reviews

Ratings and App reviews are an important factor in app store rankings, so it’s important to encourage users to leave them. You can do this by prompting them to rate your app after they’ve used it for a while. Referrals Encouraging users to refer your app to their friends and family can be a great way to get more downloads. You can incentivize referrals by offering rewards or discounts to users who refer your app.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get more app downloads. You can partner with other websites and apps to promote your app and pay them a commission for each download they generate.


Getting more app downloads isn’t easy, but it’s possible if you use the right strategies. App Store Optimization, app localization, content marketing, social media, and influencer marketing are all great ways to reach new users and get more downloads. You should also make use of referrals, ratings and app reviews, and app marketing, affiliate marketing to get more downloads.

The Best State of Marketing You Can Implement in 2023

Marketing strategy is changing in 2022. Social media is the most popular way for businesses to market, indicating that personalized and conversational marketing is the preferred approach. Brand awareness is a rising goal — it’s the third most crucial marketing priority, and the primary reason businesses run campaigns, narrowly surpassing sales as a goal.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Companies have had to rethink their strategy in the last year, and many have hired chief customer officers to support the customer experience. Marketing and leadership teams handed the microphone over to their customers, asking them how they felt about their interactions with the brand.

Social listening will be the primary tactic for social media marketing in 2022. You’ll learn how to support, engage, and convert your social media audience into loyal brand advocates by establishing a direct relationship with them.

Social listening will be the primary tactic for social media marketing in 2021. You’ll learn how to support, engage, and convert your social media audience into loyal brand advocates by establishing a direct relationship with them. While Instagram is the primary platform for marketers, teams are seeing the most ROI from Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Optimization is increasingly concerned with providing the best-tailored experience for your website users and those who interact with you online. Most marketers believe that SEO and a well-optimized website can assist them in achieving their marketing objectives.

75% believe their SEO tactics are ‘extremely’ or ‘very effective’ in assisting them in meeting their marketing objectives. 83% of respondents are ‘very confident’ or ‘somewhat confident’ that their website is helping them in meeting their marketing objectives.

Conversational Marketing + Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Chatbots are now relatively common marketing tools, particularly in industries that have live sales teams available most of the time. Your team will retain customers ready for information if you expand conversation opportunities to be available 24/7. The most popular live chatbot tools this year are LiveChat and HubSpot.

In 2021, 47% of marketers expected to use bots for marketing, up from 45% last year. Bots and AI are now much simpler to use and integrate into websites. Every tool you use incorporates AI, becoming more innovative and helping you anticipate your requirements and simplify your job.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a key conversion and optimization tool, with marketers’ use of AI increasing by 190% between 2018 and 2020.

Final Thoughts

Marketing in 2023 will be more human, creative, personalized, social, and experimental than ever before. We can’t wait to see what you actually come up with.

How to Make a Successful Mobile Game Video Ad for Ad Networks

How to Make a Successful Mobile Game Video Ad for Ad Networks

This article will cover creating a high-performing video ad for ad networks. Before making video ads, let’s first discuss ad networks and exchanges.

Many people need clarification on the two because they are both parts of programmatic advertising. However, while ad networks and exchanges are necessary for media buying, they serve different purposes.

An ad network is simply a company that connects publishers and advertisers. It acts as a bridge between supply and demand. An ad exchange is not a middleman. It is a reputed platform that allows publishers and advertisers to actively buy and sell ad inventory directly from various ad networks.

Furthermore, unlike ad networks, changes are wholly implemented in real-time, and advertisers determine the price. Google, ironSource, Unity Ads, Applovin, and Apple Search Ads are the top ad networks for mobile games.

Mobile Games Marketing through Video ads


It’s no wonder that Google ranks first among ad networks. This is an excellent advertising network. Your video ads will appear on Search, YouTube, Google Play, Discover on Google Search, and the Google Display Network if you use Google App Campaigns.

Google’s Popular Universal App Campaigns with the Install Volume goal are the best option for acquiring mobile game users. Google claims that UACs convert 140% more than other campaign types. Google does a lot of work, which simplifies the entire process.

You must submit a portrait and landscape video, text, and assets. You must also select a daily budget, target location, and languages. It would be best to choose between cost-per-install and cost-per-action campaign types. Google handles the rest; there’s no need to create and test personal ads. Its algorithm will experiment with variations and placements, serving higher-performing ads more frequently. Universal App Campaigns from Google can also be used to drive in-app conversions.

Unity Ads

It is critical to note that Unity Ads is primarily a monetization platform. This means that your video ads will appear in other mobile games. It enables mobile game publishers to reach out to users who are likely interested in a specific game or game genre.

Mobile game ad placements are typically a mix of reward, playable, and interstitial videos. The wonderful thing about relevant Unity Ads is that you can track where your installs are coming from. This is referred to as attribution. You can also target specific publishers. You can block those who do not provide you with high-quality users or target sources that provide you with users who convert and remain engaged.


IronSource is a multi-purpose platform that can be used for monetization and advertising. Its app distribution platform uses machine learning to assist you in acquiring high-quality users – those who actively stay engaged and play for an extended period.

IronSource’s UA campaigns utilize advanced bid optimization technology, which results in a high ROAS. Playable ads, videos, and interactive end cards are examples of available creatives. According to IronSource, users acquired through relevant, interactive ads have a 35% higher retention rate.


AppLovin is another ad network in the Gaming Triopoly. It assists mobile game developers in reaching out to high-quality players. Applovin’s primary focus is on traditional video advertisements, as well as playable and display advertisements.

Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads enable you to be found in App Store search results. Apple Search Ads are great because they are simple to set up, even for beginners. You must select your app, monthly budget, target countries, and maximum CPI. Apple handles the rest.

Basic Search Ads are advised for those spending up to $10,000 per app in a single month. Another advantage is that you pay per installation at your own cost. Apple Search ads have a 50% conversion rate on average.

The Process of Developing a Video Ad for Ad Networks – Mobile Games Marketing through Video ads

The basic steps for creating a video ad for ad networks are market video, scripting, and production.

Market Analysis

As with any advertising campaign, market research is essential. Most importantly, examining your competitors’ video advertisements would be best. There are a few platforms that enable you to do so. You can search for mobile game publishers and view their ads for various ad networks, which is very helpful.

When conducting market research, you should also consider your target audience. Who are you attempting to reach with your advertisements? Define their geographical location, gender, and age.

Video Scripting

Begin writing a script once you’ve determined your competitors’ strategies and what might appeal to your target audience.

A script’s purpose is to record what happens in each scene. You can describe both the visual and audio components. Consider the ad network you like to advertise on and different ad formats when writing a script.

Video Production

Video production is the final step in creating a video ad. This is the stage at which your video producers use everything you’ve prepared for them, such as gameplay footage, the script, and other game assets, to create the video ad.

Tips for Developing a High-Quality Video Ad for Ad Networks – Mobile Games Marketing through Video ads

Consider Ad Network Policies and Requirements

The key to creating a video ad for an ad network is to adhere to the network’s specifications. As a result, video ads for Facebook and Google should be pretty different.

Google is well-known for having highly stringent rules and regulations. Other ad networks have their own set of requirements and policies.

Try Different Video Ad Formats

Interactive and playable ads have adeptly proven to be highly effective in immensely attracting high-quality users, i.e., those who not only install but also play a game. Users can try out a game by clicking on playable ads. When those users install the game, they already know what’s happening and how to play. They are familiar with the basic game mechanics and goals, so they are likelier to be engaged.

Also, even if your relevant game has a slow start or an idle element that needs to draw more attention, a playable ad allows you to highlight your game’s excellent and exciting parts.

The Facebook research looked at the case of Me2Zen, a successful company with playable ads. Playable ads increased click-through rates tenfold, and increased return on ad spend by 50%, according to Me2Zen. They also revealed that in-app purchases had risen by more than threefold.

Highlight the Most Important Game Features

Consider what makes your game unique and centre your video ad on that. Assume it’s a word game that you can adeptly play with your friends. The social aspect of the game is worth emphasizing in the advertisement.

Or it’s an action-adventure game with many exciting characters and worlds – feature them in the advertisement.

Whatever it is, use your USP to entice people to play your game. The mobile game market is extremely crowded, so knowing how to stand out is critical. Additionally, ensure that the video’s beginning is captivating. You’ve lost them if you can’t pique their interest in your ad within the first few seconds.

Include a CTA

Always include a call to action in any video advertisement. You must direct people to install your game if you want them to do so.

Make sure to highlight any “Download free,” “Install now,” or other CTAs you include. You can even test different CTAs to see which performs best, i.e. which generates the most conversions.

What to Do After Making a Video Ad for Ad Networks

A/B Evaluation

Split testing is a scientific method to determine which video ad variation performs best, achieving more conversions (installs). The methodology of A/B testing is heavily reliant on the ad network. Google, for example, will create and test different versions of an ad automatically. You don’t need to make multiple videos; change the aspect ratios. The video ad variant that performs best will be shown more frequently.

Optimization of Ads

After the initial A/B test, you’ve determined which video ad the winner is. Don’t just stop there. Make more variations of that winning ad and conduct another A/B test. You must also monitor key metrics such as CPI and ROAS. You may need to experiment with various campaign settings to achieve the desired results.

You might also discover that no matter how you set up the campaign, you need to get better results from a particular ad network. If that’s the case, consider switching to a different ad network; there are plenty to choose from.

Final Take

As you can see, developing a video ad for ad networks is a very complex process. There are numerous moving parts, so you’ll need a large team with diverse skills ranging from video production to media buying. If you’re struggling, don’t hesitate to contact us right now!

Naming a Mobile App Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Mobile app name tactics

Coming up with creative mobile app name tactics isn’t easy – but it’s also not particularly difficult. Even if you don’t think you’re creative, we know you can come up with a name for your app that will win people over – and we’re here to help you.

Why Does the Name Matter?

It Is Your Customer’s First Impression of You

And you’re well aware that you can’t make the same first impression twice. The name of the app and its logo are the first things any potential user will notice and pay attention to, even before reading the description and deciding whether or not to install it. As a result, if the name does not appear to be interesting or compelling, fewer users will investigate it.

It Could Give You a Competitive Advantage

There is no denying that unless you create a unique, first-of-its-kind app, you will have competitors. Given that your app’s name is your customer’s first impression of you, the better it is, the more appealing your product appears in comparison to your competitors’.

It Reflects Your Company’s Image

It is wholly up to you how you want your brand to feel – and you must consider this if you want to win over the hearts of potential users. The name of your app has the power to elicit certain emotions and make your brand appear edgy or stable, familiar or unique, and so on.

A Great App Name Must Be


It should give a good indication of the app’s main purpose and/or the main association with using it. Don’t be afraid to use associations rather than straightforward descriptions – they will leave a stronger impression than just the word “calculator.”

Search Engine Optimised

The second part of the title must include SEO keywords. You still need to ensure that users can find your app, right?

Capable Of Rolling Off the Tongue

This is how you can put your ideas to the test: say them aloud. Is it simple to say them? If it is, your potential users will be able to remember the name afterwards.

Short and Simple

The app’s name should be limited to one or two words. You can combine two words into one and use a camel case (for instance, SoundCloud), or you can simply smash them together (e.g. Facebook).

Tips for Naming an App


Take a sheet of paper and make a list of all the associations you have with your app. These associations can be tied to:

  • The primary function of your app.
  • Its main characteristic (s).
  • its intended audience
  • how it will feel to use your app
  • how it can improve the lives of its users

Once you have a large list of potential app names, you can filter them and begin experimenting with them by combining two words or modifying them in any other way.

Conduct Your Research

What should you look into? Begin with the most obvious – your competitors. You must be aware of the associations they employ to avoid making the same mistakes. You should also research your target audience, particularly the keywords they use when searching for an app similar to yours.

Keep it Brief

On the App Store, you have 30 characters for your app name — but only 11 on your phone’s home screen. Google Play Store permits you to use up to 50 characters for your app title. The more concise it is, the more space there is for keywords.

Find the Best App Store Optimization Keywords

Avoid the temptation to use every keyword that comes to mind. Create a spreadsheet of apps in your niche, with a column for each keyword in their names. Determine which ASO keywords are relevant but not as competitive. Concentrate your efforts on three of them. Limiting yourself to three will keep you from coming across as spammy.

Avoid Using Inappropriate Keywords

Excessive use of words such as fun, addictive, best, and free can raise a red flag not only for users but also for search engines.

Wrap Up

Finding the perfect name for an app is impossible; perfection is something we can only strive for but never achieve. So, take your time coming up with a unique name that reflects your brand and the essence of your app.

Advance Your App Through Friends and Family – App Promotion

App Promotion

Glance around and distinguish individuals that you encircle yourself with. Are there any companions or relatives that could appreciate utilizing your app Promotion? Provided that this is true, approach them! They’re as of now part of your inward circle and would gladly help. Presently, ponder the outstanding capability of your organization. Every single one of your loved ones knows without a doubt 5 others. Those 5 individuals know another 5 others. Persuade this organization to be essential for your initial adopters. They’ll get the news out and fabricate the underpinning of your client base.

Increment Organic Installs with App Store Optimization

The natural application introduces are the super main impetus with regards to advancing your versatile application and becoming your application business. Natural development leaves an open door for a consistent progression of new clients and above all, it doesn’t rely intensely upon having an enormous spending plan. The essential technique for procuring clients naturally is App Store Optimization or ASO.

Application Store Optimization is the most common way of expanding application permeability and changes in the application stores. It depends on elements like a catchphrase system, application store positioning, eye-getting application store posting visuals, and high evaluations and surveys. The objective of App Store Optimization is to make an application store posting that is both effectively discoverable and interesting to your ideal interest group.

Level Up Your App Growth with App Promotion

Keywords are the way individuals find your application in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The point is to get your application to rank in the main 5 natural query items when someone looks through utilizing a pertinent catchphrase. The initial step of App Store Optimization would then upgrade your application store posting by assembling a rundown of expected catchphrases and afterwards putting them in the right metadata fields.

Get More Users by Running App Store Ads

To advance your versatile application and skyrocket development, blend App Store Optimization with application store advertisements. The two principal channels for application store promotions are Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaign. With both, you can run applications introduce missions and drive more clients to download your application.

Apple Search Ads work with Keywords. As a leaping-off point, you can utilize the Keywords list that you’ve made for your App Store Optimization system. From that point, decide the ones that drive the most traffic and put offers on them. Whenever individuals search in the Apple App Store utilizing these Keywords, they’ll see your advertisement before the first natural query output. Running Apple Search Ads is perhaps the best method for getting more application clients and increment income. The normal change rate for Apple Search Ads is a noteworthy half. Simply ensure you’re picking your catchphrases carefully.

Natural Social Media to Promote Your Mobile App

Naturally, you can make a devoted online entertainment page for your application image and extend your crowd by displaying a strong brand through predictable and connecting with content. Nonetheless, because of the soaked idea of these stages and the limited capacity to focus that you should catch, it’s turned into compensation to the playfield. App Promotion gains natural traffic to your site.

Contact a Larger Audience Through Influencer Marketing

One more exceptionally successful method for advancing your versatile application and acquiring clients is a force to be reckoned with showcasing. Force to be reckoned with advertising is the most common way of expanding brand mindfulness and income using persuasive characters who have drawn in crowds. Keep in mind, since someone has a lot of adherents doesn’t mean they’re compelling or have a connection with the crowd. You need to vet their profile, their substance, and their character.

The powerhouses you work with become ministers for your application image. You need to relate your application with individuals who are in your interest group and talk straightforwardly to them. This matching is essential to running an effective force to be reckoned with the crusade.

Set Up a Referral Program for Existing App Users

Verbal exchange showcasing is an incredible method for advancing your portable application since it intrinsically includes the trust factor. Individuals trust proposals from their companions and associates. Informal exchange advertising uses this, for the most part through references and rewards.

Support App Downloads with an SEO Optimized Website

The keep going point we’ll address today is making a site or greeting page for your application. Individuals search on and peruse the web while they’re attempting to track down data and replies to their concerns. You can bring in numerous new clients by being available inside the indexed lists with App Promotion. Additionally, you’ll position your application before a high-aim crowd, individuals who were at that point searching for the arrangement your application offers.

Drive huge traffic to your website with App Reviews

App Review

Application survey is the cycle by which a significant application store, for example, Apple will completely process and audit another portable application to decide its bid as a live part of the application store. An application commentator will check for essential components of preclusion, for example, the consideration of hostile material or any large execution issues with the application. App reviews are an occasionally agonizing yet essential course of getting a portable application endorsed for the application store. While it is feasible for anybody to make, create, and distribute an application, there is as yet a rundown of norms and prerequisites that an application should meet to become supported.

Essential Guidelines for App Reviews

There are a few application rules that should be endorsed by the iOS store for a portable application to pass and turn out to be live. The essential rules can be unclear, however, are recorded as follows:

Is the versatile application fitting for youngsters? On the off chance that a youngster downloads it, will they be met with hostile substance?

Is there hostile substance or conduct on the versatile application?

Is the application intended to arrive at a huge number of individuals across the globe in a different market? Assuming you are making an application for individual use, the significant distributing store may not be the best spot for it.

Has the designer attempted to swindle the framework? Things like replicating other work or surveys, or controlling evaluations, can get a moment boot from the iOS store. Designers might be prohibited from making future works, as well.

Make a Mind-blowing Application

It could appear unimaginably clear, yet you want to have a good application to make phenomenal surveys. In case your application works well for no circumstance, you can’t anticipate different clients or positive audits. You need to make a phenomenal application that offers inspiration to its clients. The more peppy the clients are, the more certain surveys will come in. Promise you to update your application each chance to keep it critical and utilitarian.

Connect with Client Analysis

The best way to deal with expanding and managing your application audits is by giving uncommon client support. By permitting lamented clients to interface and bestow their tendencies, you show them how respected their viewpoint is.

 How? Meld a “Send Analysis” button in your application that interfaces directly to an email structure. You can incorporate this as a two-way channel of correspondence to work on your application. This way issues get settled much speedier, and the client is left with an everyone of the more extraordinary inclination after they manage support.

Exactly when you have helped your client, you with canning merciful requesting that they audit your application. Therefore, repulsive audits are confined and your (eventually) joyful clients will leave uncommon examinations.

Use Gamification                

Gamification, as indicated by Badgeville, is “applying game mechanics and procedure frameworks to draw in and nudge individuals to accomplish their objectives.” For the current situation, you will attempt to allure clients to leave a survey by making a game around it.

Ponder a test or a giveaway. You can offer a little honour, similar to a gift voucher or a markdown code, that will go to a recklessly picked victor.

Review that both the Google Play Store and the Apple Application Store have rules about hardships, so attempt to look at these before you set up a game.

Merge Online Media

Ask individuals who love your relationship to utilize and survey your application! Sway the force of your web-based media channels to increment application downloads and, in the interim, increment audits. Remind clients to rate and survey your application by get advancing through email, sees and online media.

Another procedure is to ask electronic media clients and forces to be reckoned with to rate your application during the beta stage. This way your application will now have a lot of surveys before the full design is sent off.