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App marketing – Elements you must include in your app’s website

App Marketing Elements

App Marketing Elements

If you are able to drive traffic towards your app website, then you are in the right direction, and when people finally land on your website, there are some key elements they look for, and when such elements are missing , they will probably don’t bother to re-visit your app. The key elements you app must include for effect app marketing through your app website are;

The App name and icon

You app name and app icon are the first 2 features that distinguish your app from similar apps , and these are the first things  potential users will look out for before checking out the features within.

Devices compatible with your app

Potential app users will like to know whether your app will be compatible with their kind of smartphone’s operating system. You need to write out the OS requirements for the download and usage of your app. You can make use of app screenshots to give your audience some information about app compatibility.

Your app pitch

Your app pitch is an important component of app marketing, especially when you are marketing directly from your website. Your app pitch is just a brief sentence that explains what you app is and why users will need it. You need to make this brief and straight to the point.

You App’s Badges

You need to add the badges of the app stores where users can download your app. You need to make sure that these badges are accurate and will lead the users directly to the download page- any errors here can have negative effects on your app’s profile.

Your mail list subscription

A mail list subscription form, just before the launch option by your app can be a quick and easy app marketing tool.  Your email list is a call-to-action strategy, and it helps you keep in touch with potential users. Your email list should include periodic updates and some other vital information that can boost your apps reputation.

A promotional video for your app

Your app’s official page must have a promotional video because it gives a quick visual information on what users must expect from it.

Reviews and ratings

You need to provide potential users some social proof of the effectiveness of your app, these include; User reviews, awards, testimonials, and features.

Screenshots of the key benefits of your app

Potential users want to know how your app can positively change their lives, therefore you can use your screenshots to explain more about the values the app will offer them.

Your contact and support information

You need to make yourself available for any enquiries or technical support that may arise from the usage of your app- a app marketing agent can help you with this.

 Links to your social media platforms

Some of the easiest ways of connecting potential app users with your social media networks is to create buttons that will direct them to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and all other major social networks.

Links to other apps

If you have partners who are marketing apps , you can simply help them by creating links to their apps via your website.

App promotion- Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategies

Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing channels is very critical to your app promotion strategy, and there are several ways to go about it.

Measuring the effectiveness of your app marketing channels

You need to try all sorts of things to promote your app effectively. You need to try several channels to create awareness and lure people to try your app , but it is more important that you know what channels are more effective. In detecting the most effective promotion channel, you can try focus on the channels where the most downloads come from, or the channels that bring the most revenue and traffic, this will help you decide what is worth it and what’s not.

Measure users’ retention by learning how they use your app

mobile-app-promotion-techniquesLearning the behavioural patterns of your app’s users especially when they use the core features of your app can help you mention users’ retention more effectively. You need to understand that they key to your app’s survival depends on how many downloads it receives on constant basis, likewise you need people to come back and use the app. You need to listen to the feedback you receive online and offline about your app, don’t rely on the design and features of your app alone in its promotion.

When people are not using your app the way you want them to, then you should learn to measure their retention by studying how much time they spend using it, how many times they share it , and how many times they come back to use the app. You also need to understand the features they use more and what needs to be changed about the app to make it more fun for its users. There are quite a number of apps analysis tools you can use only to measure users retention rates on your app.

You need to measure your App’s online presence

Don’t rely solely on your App’s store page, you need to work and let people search and find your app on the web. Building a community around your app is very essential and it usually starts from having a blog, as well as using the main popular social media platforms.

Some of the best possible platforms you can use in driving people towards your app include; your presence on apps forums, the use of online videos, Social bookmarking, Webinars, SEO strategies, Podcasting, document sharing, and Online Videos.

Measuring your app’s online presence can take a whole lot of your time; all you need to do is to stream-line the most effective platforms among these and use the appropriate tools in measuring the flow of traffic.

Measuring the success of your app promotional platforms gives you the opportunity of adding up new cool features, or simply put – Upgrade the app and let the users provide you feedback. The best possible way of promoting your app is to secure the services of a app marketing agency.

Getting the best app marketing services

app marketing services

App Marketing Services

There are diverse app marketing services provided by a wide range of app marketing agencies but it is critical that you have a knowledge of the ideal marketing services that will work best for your needs .

 App store optimization

App store optimization is one of the best app marketing services you can benefit from, and it works best for your app when your organic ranking within app store is high. App store optimization helps potential app users locate you easily.  You can’t expect Apple to naturally bring traffic to your apps, you need to market them through a reputable app marketing agency . Your agency can help you create the right app name and keyword, create a fascinating icon that will be coherent with your app design, select the most explicit screenshots including text captions for the app, write the most captivating app description for it, and help you improve your app rating.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest and cheapest app marketing services you can find, your app marketing agency should provide some viral sharing and mass awareness campaign around your app, in such a way that you can leverage more on all mobile platforms and increase your rankings and revenue. Mobile app advertising should go with your PC platform advertising to leverage more effectively across all platforms- remember some people don’t like to search for apps on their mobile phones, they prefer the larger screens.

Pitching your App

Pitching your app perfectly could be the secret to the success of your app. Pitching starts will engaging potential users through emails and some other forms of communication. You need to create the right pitch by including some key elements in the emails you send to your target audience. Your email pitch must include the real name of your app as it is included in the App store, the uniqueness of your app, your app price, some of your best screenshots, some demo video, and all your contact info. The best possible way to handle all these features is to allow a competent app marketing agency do it for you at reasonable prices.

  Sell the story behind your app

This is one part most apps developers forget in app marketing, and the reason is that they are only interested in selling only the apps. If you encounter some inspirational instances while developing your app, then you should let others be aware of the story. Telling the story of your app, will add some visibility to it and that can bring you more returns on your investment.

 The power of marketing your app with Videos

App marketing videos can be the best tool for app marketing, and can best be created by excellent app marketing agencies. A video demo of your app provides visual appeal especially for those who don’t rely on reading texts for information on apps. A demo video that is short and precise has more integrity than your website but it will be ideal to incorporate such a vital content into your marketing strategies for increased visibility.

Marketing Mobile apps- some critical points to consider

There are some components of Marketing Mobile App that must be critically thought of and analyzed at the beginning so that you don’t waste your time marketing a weak app.

The Usage of your Marketing Mobile App

You need to understand that you Marketing Mobile App needs to be easily used from the very first few seconds you launch it , especially if you want its success and you want your marketing apps strategies to be easier. Do not anticipate but try and do your best to make your app very easy for users to explore and use its core features. You need to learn to create “mock-ups” and act on the feedbacks you receive from experts to reshape your app and make it more functional and easier to use.

Design is one of the best app Investments

Marketing Mobile AppYou need to hire a designer if you are not good in app design. Your potential users will first of all come in contact with your design before checking out the features of your app, therefore you must be careful about what you do about your app design. Marketing apps that have poor designs will result in outright rejection.

You can make use of appiod templates and make your design to be more coherent in nature; this means all the components of the app must have the same appeal and feel. Make sure your App icon is consistent with the design of your app to achieve the best possible acceptance from potential users.  Small details like sounds and movement of apps really matter to the design of your apps, likewise.

Your app user’s retention

You will get some attention naturally if you get your apps marketing right from the onset, you need to get your app reviewed by downloading it and allowing some experts to test it for you. Users retention can be the most difficult part of apps usage, the reason being that you are unsure if people will revisit your app after the first download or usage and the worst that may happen is that they can simply un-install it after a while.

You need to ensure that your app offers a unique value that will keep luring back users to download and use it.

The Virality in your marketing apps

Virality simply is the component of your apps marketing service that allows users to share your app with their friends. If you want to retain the attention your app deserves, you will need to lure some users to become your marketers, and you need such users to talk to their friends about it, this is the only way the popularity of the apps can spread. Make sure you figure out the components of your app that can be made viral in order to make it sharable.

Your app feedback and customer engagement

Getting a great rating on your app will increase its popularity on forums and other related pages online. When some people see that your apps are rated high, they will like to test it too, therefore you need to constantly watch out for that component of your app that can create problems for its users and rectify the problems immediately.


What to Expect from a credible App marketing Agency

app marketing agencyIt is becoming almost impossible to develop and app , upload it on app store and then sit back and watch the money roll into your pockets, you need to have in mind that there are more than 1,400,000 apps across IOS, Android, and Windows 8 platforms queuing up for uploading by the end year 2012- this situation has made it very easy to get lost in the app world. In a situation like this, your best bet is to seek the help of a reputable app marketing agency that has a winning app promotion strategy in place to help you get as many download clicks as possible, and achieve high ranks in the App store.

The app market is over-saturated already, and statistics have shown that more than 50,000,000 apps are downloaded daily while the numbers of IOS users are around 490,000,000. The number of apps downloaded per month by an average user 5; likewise, an average user spends around $1.4 a month on downloadable apps online. In order to get to the top 10 apps , your app will need a minimum of 400,000 downloads a day and you can’t achieve this without the help of a app marketing Agency .

A reputable app marketing agency does not only help generate noise around your downloads and get it downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users, it also provides you a full multi-platform app marketing strategy by branding the app, and provide you a consultation service that will include the use of Mobile Ad Networks, social media marketing, and Reviews for the best possible results.

In order to promote your apps and get them on users’ devices, your app marketing agency must make an in-depth research and report on your app, provide an app store conversion optimization and create the best App store SEO optimization through the use of appropriate keywords that will drive traffic towards your app.

A credible app marketing agency will choose the best app category where people can easily locate your app, distribute app press releases on your behalf, and submit your apps to the most credible review sites.

When it comes to the use of social media platforms for apps promotion, a credible app marketing agency or company must be able to use some marketing influencers like bloggers, forums and communities where apps can be effectively promoted.

Social public relations is another platform which app marketing agencies use in promoting apps, the PR components include; article submissions and press releases that can reach millions of audiences within seconds.

A credible app marketing agency must be able to provide a professional app video production service for you, it should also be able to buy and manage media for your app support. Some of the best paid media platforms include; Ad words, PPC, and PPI. In addition to paid media marketing strategies, tracking and reporting services, through the use of Analytics must be provided by an app management company to help monitor the progress of all app marketing strategies employed.