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Ways to Increase User Downloads of iPhone Apps

We all know that iPhone has managed their position in the market, in spite of competition from numerous rivals brands and manufacturers. With massive number of apps, the Apple App Store expediently stands at the helm of the app marketplace. When you have developed app for the iPhone, it is important that you encourage more users to download your app. There are number of Ways to Increase User Downloads of iPhone Apps.

If you assuage users with your app, the more they would ask others to try out the same. This also gives rise to higher rankings for your app, which would then push up the status of your app in the Apple App Store. Some useful tips you could use to increase your iPhone app download among users are given below.

Actively Engage the User

You must develop your app keeping the ultimate end-user in mind, it is also key that you allow users know how they could benefit from the use of your app. You can engage your user with a smart keyword-filled description of your app, enumerating them what makes your app so special and how it stands out from the rest.

Strongly Focus on App Description

Your app title and app description must be able to vividly communicate the functions of your iPhone app to the user. While both the title and the app description must be keyword-rich, take care not to overdo it. Avoid using app names which are similar to already popular apps. This would end up doing more baleful than good.

Submitting to iTunes Store

Take care that your iPhone app fulfils all the criteria as mentioned in the iTunes Store. It is good to give an appropriate app description, stating all the functions of your app and the purpose which it is meant to serve.

Try to Get Sponsorship

It is worth giving a shot, since an app sponsorship can ease all your financial constraints related to marketing your iPhone app.

Better to Create a Website for Your App

It is good to release a Website for the same, providing users all the required app information. They could also insert screenshots and videos, so that potential users get a general feel of your app. Also include some reviews in your Website as well. This would encourage more users to put in their reviews too.

Media Release is best

You can also issue a media release for your app and submit it to the most familiar Websites, so as to bring you more exposure. Also, develop a free trial especially for them and ask them to do a hands-on review of your app on their site. This would bring your app further into the limelight. You can also remember to provide promo codes on the most prominent app developer with user forums. As a result it would help drive more traffic to your app.

How to Find the Best iPhone or Android Apps?

People could always see that there are almost as many top 100 apps lists as there are familiar apps available for your iPhone or Android smartphone, most of these lists overlapping the others and missing the accolade of gems. So How to Find the Best iPhone or Android Apps?

Moreover browsing for a new app from your mobile phone is not effective, since the app markets still require more robust sorting and filtering so users don’t have to wade through. So you find the best smartphone apps in ease manner without spending hours searching? They can get custom recommendations, based on the types of apps you already like or have downloaded or just from people you trust.

It is always better to check your Social circle for suggested apps. Usually the most beneficial app recommendations would come from the people who know you best. You can ask your friends, family and/or co-workers for what types of apps they use. They would surely get back special lists of apps that reflect the popularity during the recommendation. Also many of those apps would also appeal to you.

You can also browse apps handpicked by writers you know and like. Also if there are blogs or sites you follow regularly, you can easily check out their recommended apps that they post on ​​social networking sites, like Twitter or Facebook. Suppose if a site or blogger has made numerous recommendations in the past about what you would choose or like, then that’s better indication users enjoy their selections in the future. The users have to either subscribe to the sites to keep up with them or remember to check the sites out.
People can also sign up for a free service which accurately recommends more apps to Install. If you’re an Android person with an iPhone circle of friends, or you just don’t feel like asking people around you for recommendations, there are few sites which could give you customized apps recommendations.

Ways to Optimize Profits from Your Android App

Everyone knows that Google Play store is one of the most sought-after app marketplaces for both app developers and users alike. Android has established itself as a leading mobile OS. It is also pulling in several app developers to develop new apps for its different devices. The hard challenge for the developer is to develop a top-selling app for the mobile platform. For achieving this one can follow effective ways to optimize profits from your Android App Promotion Services.

There are effective ways to maximum your earnings even if your app does not hit that top spot. Mostly game apps stand much more of a chance of visibility in the Play store, as compared to non-game apps. Android provides versatile smartphones and tablets, which are particularly great for gaming. Non-game app developers would have to struggle to achieve success in this app marketplace. So they need to chart out different strategy and pull in users by engaging them with useful apps.

Irrespective of your app type the developers need to develop loyal customer base to assist you in earning from the sales of your app. There are tips to assist you to make the maximum profit from your Android app.

More recently found that tablet apps professionally generate 70 % more revenue than smartphone apps. So you can develop apps that are optimized for the most familiar Android tablets in existence today. Making use of the in-app purchasing feature adeptly increases the chances of earning revenue from your app. Also working with a freemium model too helps.

You can offer the basic app free of cost and effectively charge users to access certain advanced features of your app. In situations your app focuses on business, finance, enterprise, media or entertainment, one could consider utilizing the subscription approach to earn profits from it.

You can increase app rating so that the higher your app ranks the more revenue you would stand to make from your app. The Android being one of the most familiar mobile platforms today, their users are spread across the whole world. This provides you the special opportunity to reach out to a massive global audience. Moreover the Google Play developer console provides transcription services, which they could simply use to address Android users globally.

Earning from Free Android Apps

It is noted that most apps in the Play store are available free of cost. Making money on Android apps is hard in itself, it could be more so when you are providing your app free of cost.
Ways to earn via your free Android app
Optimize Your App for Play
Use the Freemium Model
Try In-App Advertising
Try Different Ads
Create Multiple Apps
Cross-Promote Your Apps

Best Ways to Price Your Mobile Application

As we all know that acumen developers work long hours at developing mobile apps. Once app has been developed by developer’s they mostly doubt about pricing the app. So how does one price a mobile app? Below given discussions about Best Ways to Price Your Mobile Application.

Everyone knows that there are nothing like standard or ideal pricing chart, but certain things which could assist you to sell your app better. By using the cost-oriented method, developers could first calculate the average amount it would cost you to develop your app and promote it.

Later then you can decide the amount of profits you would wish to make from it. This would adeptly provide the price you should charge for your customer. This actually works if your calculation is wholly accurate.

The demand-oriented method is simple and flexible. The developers can first determine the demand for their app and find out how much each section of your audience is wishing to pay for it. By using this method you have to provide multiple pricing plans to your customer, each plan offering them different features.

You can also adopt the value-oriented method of pricing which certainly permits you to price your product according to their actual value, to your potential customer. If the app is going to benefit the user in large way, he is going to be wishing to spend few dollars more for it.

By using the competitor-oriented method of pricing a product, developers can price their app in relation to the existing competition. This guarantees fair pricing for your mobile app and provides your audience the impression that you are at par with the global competition. It is also the legitimate thing to do in an open market.

Also raising your price slightly above the competition would make customers think that yours is a better product. But care must be taken that one should not overprice it so much as to make your visitors run away.


  • One must not stick with just one app pricing technique and be open to trying it all.
  • Also do not worry if your app sales drop considerably the first time round.
  • It is always better to slightly under price than grossly overprice your product.
  • Try charging app price for customers a monthly fee rather than an annual one. This would provide them the impression of spending far less on it.

Make Money by Selling Free Apps

You could find all key app stores in the mobile market today are filled with both free apps and paid apps. Due to sharp rise in smartphone users over the years there is wide range of demand for mobile apps for several mobile systems. Also you can easily make money by selling free apps.

Moreover the mobile app developers and content publishers have seen the good potential of earning by way of these mobile apps. It is easy to make money by selling paid apps and there are ways to earn by way of free apps for developers too.

Using mobile ad networks is one of the top ways to earn by way of in-app advertising. These networks provide easy integration with apps, thereby assisting you start earning your revenue almost instantly.

By immensely employing rich media ad networks sustain the interest of your viewers and making them to return to you more often. Since these ads are appealing so they automatically attract more viewership and higher CPMs. Also signing up for ad exchanges could be of assistance to you since it allows you integrate with numerous ad networks at one and the same time.

Getting sponsorship for a mobile app is the quality way of getting assured high returns from it. Also, developing an app for the advertiser guarantees better integration of the app with the sponsoring brand. It is also noted that publishers could hope to sustain a long-lasting relationship with the sponsoring brand.

Providing both free and paid versions of the same app would assist you maintain the free version without having to worry about returns. Professionally running a single ad network on the free version would mean easy integration without draining off your any resources.

The users would do well to provide your potential customer a beneficial app or even better. If users are receiving sponsorship for your app, you could try and make the best use of both rich content as well as mobile device-specific features, so as to provide the exclusive media experience to users.