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5 Best Ways to Improve Google Ranking

More precisely as being the giant search engine on the internet, Google is highly responsible for more than all three quarters of all organic traffic. But all those clicks aren’t distributed equally and most of them primarily go to the top three results for any given search namely with websites, that actually land on later pages of results which are unlikely to see any visitors. In this blog we have illustrated 5 Best Ways to improve Google Ranking.

If you put higher Google ranking then it means more traffic, making good Google rankings one of the most key things for increasing traffic to your website. Luckily there are definite simple fixes you can implement right now that can go a long way in highly improving your rankings.

To reach quickly the top of Google’s search results page and stay there, you need long-term search engine optimization strategy, regularly publishing optimized content, apt website maintenance, regular updates, and much more aspects. In short, there are specific SEO techniques that make a big difference, even though they’re facile. By integrating them, you will actively boost your rankings without too much effort.

Better to fix errors and dead links

It is instructed that error pages and dead links don’t belong on any website that takes itself sincerely. Generally the users hate them, so for Google, whose main goal is to serve up what its users are searching for, they are a big red flag

Good to Optimize for Mobile

We experience that half of all Google searches come from mobile devices, and the percentage has been considerably going up for the past couple of years. Google introduced mobile-first ranking so recently. This eventually means that Google wholly assesses your website’s mobile version even for searches that come from desktop computers.

Improve loading speeds

The latest study has illustrated that users expect any website to load within 3 seconds or less. If it doesn’t, they primarily leave, increasing the website’s bounce rates and decreasing the chance of Google ranking.

Adding relevant External links

It is understood that the high-quality outbound links increase your website’s credibility and authority, which in turn positively and beneficially affect your Google rankings.

Optimize your Images

The users can add images to their content which are great capital idea that they break up the text, make it more visually appealing, and thereby add value for the reader. But Google can’t see images the way your users do. So for the giant Google to interpret images on your website, they need to be optimized. Also pay attention to your URLs, including headings in your content and getting more backlinks which are few of the features you can try for higher ranks.

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Great Business Ideas for 2021

It is learnt that most of the businesses have been exclusively affected by the Covid pandemic; some have thrived, and even actively performed better. Even though people are so optimistic that 2021 will immensely bring with it best fortune, they must be primarily smarter than to wait for things to happen. Moreover it’s all about taking unique things into own hands and adapt Great Business Ideas for 2021.

Generally it’s time to execute a solid recession-proof business plan that will professionally assist to emerge successful. They are simple to build a profitable business, or expand your existing one, during a recession. Moreover one need to consider a recession-proof business model and that will actually bloom even in the darkest of times.

Selecting Freelancing Good Option

Precisely the top recession-proof business is freelancing. It is so viable, requires minimal investment, you can work from home, and mostly you are your own king of boss. If you are not satisfied about your job, launching freelancing now is best back-up option. In addition you can gain valuable experience for future opportunities

Going for Online Food Business

In situations during an economic crisis, humans still need to eat and drink. This is one reason why food and beverage is one of the best successful industries. One can simply add your delivery service to one of the online delivery portals and then professionally promote your business through familiar social media.

Feature of Reselling Items Online

Many users look for used products since they lack the money for new ones. Most probably one can make use of marketplaces like Amazon or eBay to sell your used products to the prosperous customers. Primarily it only takes a few minutes to set up an account and start selling. So eventually you can also learn other Great Business Ideas for 2021.

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Multiple Programming Languages for Your Business

It is learnt that new programming languages are developed every year, so they assist in every business growth. Many firms are looking to hire developers for their business needs and requirements. Moreover there are approximately 720 programming languages out there in the globe. While all of them can prove beneficial in some aspects, not all of them are suitable for business uses as some of them are quality for one task but not for another.

More importantly working with multiple programming languages can certainly assist a developer use the right and effective tool for a specific task. If you like to know which programming languages are in the highest demand and how they can be used to fulfil your business requirements, this blog is for you.

Perfect language combination for all your business needs


Java is a programming language that is qualitatively used in the IT field and in business. Various features of this programming language make it suitable for business usage. It is primarily the best choice for developing business mobile and web-based applications. Some of its best features are extensive network library, Core foundation for developing global android apps and best robust language.                


It is also general-purpose programming language is PHP. They are absolutely designed for developing dynamic web pages that work with all databases effectively. This quality programming language can also help in developing a website for your business.  Some of its top features are Free and open-source, Easy to learn and flexible and can be used in several platforms such as UNIX, Microsoft, and LINUX and many more.


Primarily this C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It can be effectively used in many areas of your business, including database management systems, operating systems or system programming. This top programming language comprises reuse options and functional libraries that assist build network applications and can be beneficial in countless projects. Some of its features are easy to learn, Foundational language and Easy to write system programs such as for compilers and interpreters.


Python is one of the most generally used and preferred programming languages with a simple syntax. This familiar Python can be used in any technological field, including machine learning, data science and web development. Some of its good features are simple to learn and easy to read, efficient communication and free to use.

All software development company are focused to fulfill the real requirement of the client which suits the business needs.

Food and beverages mobile app marketing strategies


A great many people are as yet reluctant – if not totally contradicted – to visit cafés face to face and eat in choices. Hence numerous QSRs and food and drink organizations that have grasped versatile applications, curbside pickup, and portable request and pay have seen definitely more accomplishment than those that haven’t. One of the bigger obstacles these brands face is the ways to showcase their versatile applications. They may have built up the ideal application, yet the below-mentioned issues stay unaddressed:

1. How to boost the app downloads

2. How to drive mobile customer trust and  reliability

3. How to prevent mobile customer churn (what to do when you see clients going to dump the application)

Every single one of these worries can be handled with key portable showcasing methodologies for QSRs. Higher ratings and sparkling reviews help attract application downloads.

We realize that applications, clients use every now and again are higher-esteem clients that spend more and offer higher LTV. However, the greatest obstacle to application lies in the promotion of the application and making the individuals drive in the entryway. For what reason would somebody download your application when they can utilize something different that they are comfortable with? Perhaps app store optimization with effective descriptions, Screen hots are informative and keywords are catchy is one of the easiest ways to drive downloads and increase installs. In any case, you have to go above and beyond and begin driving ratings and reviews. While these might appear to be out of your control, there are some basic application techniques that can assist you with expanding five-star ratings and positive reviews.

We should make a stride back and take a look at the bit of the information for this industry. 78% of the normal iOS food and drink application’s ratings were five stars, and 7% were one-star. Android applications in a similar class demonstrated 56% of their ratings as five stars, and 23% of their evaluations as one-star. Food and drink applications will in general be more value-based than applications in different classifications. Buyers notice little in-application changes immediately, where they probably won’t see them in any case.

Food and drink applications face an exceptional test with regards to driving five-star appraisals. This is an industry is serious such that others aren’t (for instance, you aren’t as prone to switch between attire brands as much as you are to switch between which coffee/tea you prefer). That is the reason it’s so significant for these applications specifically to focus on more positive ratings and reviews

Utilize portable just arrangements, coupons, and promotions to drive application downloads and versatile client commitment

In the realm of quick changing, complex innovation, we now and again overlook the essentials. We get diverted by the freshest, shiniest thing available and dismiss dependable application showcasing procedures, for example, limits, coupons, and promotions.

Discounting has been a key part to drive deals in QSRs,. Before the universe of portable requesting and web-based media, coupons, promotions, and arrangements were a standard method to energize first-time businesses in their local areas.

The customers are more prone to the short time deals to purchase something which they would have given importance to beforehand. For instance, in the event that you tell clients that the initial 50 individuals into the store get free fries on Friday, a greater number of individuals than ordinary will unexpectedly have a yearning for fries and have the desire to visit your store. This straightforward way to deal with showcasing is frequently overlooked in the computerized world as we become diverted by flashier procedures. Despite the fact that the more downloads you have, the better your positioning in application stores, there is much more to having a fruitful application promoting effort. Beyond the natural clients, there is another set of clients who will be more valuable – the most important sort of client who will be your faithful clients.

Downloads are definitely significant, yet you invested a great deal of energy and time and planning to make your app appealing. In this way, you should need it to be, well, experienced. Steadfast clients are the ones that will transform that download into revenue and a positive ROI and really utilize the application and its highlights.

A ton of clients, regardless of investing the energy to download an application, won’t utilize it multiple or multiple times. This beat rate is essential to screen, particularly in portable applications. In the event that you aren’t getting steadfast clients, there might be a significant issue with the plan and usefulness of your application. Without curing the issues with your application, you won’t have the option to exploit your natural lifting and missions to help downloads.

Churn rate decides the fate of the application it is important to monitor the client’s app usage because a lot of clients who spend time downloading the app won’t utilize it well just once or twice. If you don’t increase your loyal and trustworthy customers then the major problem will be with the design and functionality of your app it should be addressed immediately hence it takes complete control of lifting the traffic and boosting up the downloads.

Our information lets us know there is more at stake for Food and Drink applications with regards to empowering client love and brand dedication. Particularly at the present time the Food and Drink category is amazingly competitive and dynamic in a manner than the other application. particularly for QSR brands, there’s consistently another conveyance application or steadfastness program attempting to attempt clients away.

Prize projects work since they:

Hold and draw in clients better:

 Gamification through focus and accomplishments keeps individuals returning to the application consistently. Eventually, when individuals are more connected with past the purpose and functionality they’re bound to stay.

Accumulate cash and assets: It costs unquestionably more for organizations to procure new clients than it does to offer to a current one. To make the customers  repeat purchases brands accumulate cash by expanding maintenance of the customers

Raising the number of references: It goes by the saying Killing two feathered creatures with one stone, organizations can remunerate clients just if the referrals  This keeps the current client cheerful and connected by engaging another client at a much lower cost.

Proceed to test and repeat dependent on client criticism

Estimating the accomplishment of application showcasing techniques is not the same as estimating the territories of conventional advertising. Mobile changes quickly – what works today may not work the same way tomorrow.

Regardless of how fruitful you are at showcasing your applications, the task is rarely done. Your application promoting group should ceaselessly meet and plan for future updates, changes, and approaches to keep customers connected and faithful. It is additionally essential to build up a criticism circle with buyers by keeping an eye on the adjustments in perspectives with respect to your application and other challenging applications.

The Strategy of App reviews and ratings.

The view of others assume a significant function in individuals’ buying choices, regardless of whether the feelings are about restaurants, applications or movies . Concerning apps, opinions and reviews influence how noticeable they will be in application store query items and how likely they will be included on the application store.

In the present scenario the app stores are been highly crowded, you’ll need more affirmative reviews than you have loved ones to give them, so as to give your application the positioning lift it needs. Application reviews simply don’t occur without anyone else, you can anticipate that users tend to come back to review the app rather the ones who have the extreme dissatisfaction with the app are the individuals who will be posting the reviews with utmost frustration.

To help your convenient application get more reviews, here are the 6 things you can do:

1.Utilize an App Review Plugin

“Ask and you will get.” The speediest, simplest approach to get an application survey from somebody is to request that they do it inside your application. There are various turn-key modules accessible for iOS and Android that make it drop-dead easy to incite the client to reviews your application.Appirater is a mainstream iOS module that takes around 2 minutes to drop into your application, and it will motivate clients to reviews your application after they have utilized it a specific number of times or after a set time-frame. (There is an Android version as well.) If the client taps on the “Rate” button, they are taken right to the application store where they can leave their review.

Be cautious when setting up Appirater, however. You would prefer not to show the survey popup too early, or just after the client has downloaded your application, since you may end up with some irritated clients and unpleasant reviews

2.Make Reviews as Easy as could reasonably be expected

In the good ‘old days, the best way to get clients to review your application was requesting that they go to the application store, discover your application, make a record, and post a review.

Obviously, all those steps ended up with poor ratings. In any case, today, you don’t have to commit that the same error. Today, you can demand a survey inside the iOS application itself. Clients simply need to tap the quantity of stars inside the pop up, making it far simpler to get a star rating. Once they are done with the review then they will be asked for a detailed review since the user has already done with the rating.

3.Influence Help shift to Provide Direct Support to Your Users

The best course to a decent application reviews is to give extraordinary client support. It’s basic for applications to incorporate a “Send Feedback” button that just opens up an email format. However, with very little effort, you can coordinate Helpshift into your application and discuss legitimately with your clients through a live two-way texting window.

Helpshift gives you an electronic dashboard that lets you communicate messages with your clients straightforwardly within your application. Thus, whenever a client needs assistance, you can go way beyond a pre-populated mail shape and provide an extraordinary client assistance involvement with Helpshift.

Whenever you have helped your client, you can request them to review your app and send you a link .It’s free and easy to incorporate, in addition to Helpshift accompanies its own app review popup plugin that limits negative app reviews by giving clients a “Send Feedback” button.When the client presses the button at that point  the client will be taken to a live chat window (rather than the application store) where they can straightforwardly lodge in all the  complaints about your application!

4. Time to incite

While reviews prompts are an incredible method to remind clients to leave a survey, it’s likewise essential to time the prompts appropriately inside the client experience. Numerous applications unfortunately   ask for reviews upon the client dispatching the application. Shockingly, this makes for a helpless client experience, and clients are more reluctant to leave a reviews in light of the fact that the application is interfering with the normal user flow

A superior method to request the reviews is to stand by until the client has achieved something inside your application or got done with his/her planned undertaking. Prompting   for a reviews when clients are liking the application makes it a success win circumstance for both the application engineer and the end client

5. Run a Contest

Another extraordinary method to increase application reviews is to run a challenge on different discussions. The mainstream blog, Touch Arcade, includes a segment inside their gatherings where application engineers run challenges and giveaways to tempt different individuals to leave surveys for their applications When running a challenge, you can part with an iTunes gift voucher, or you can PayPal the winner. Contestants will leave their iTunes or Google Play usernames as answers inside your series, and afterward you can choose the winner subjectively.

To be totally straightforward, it’s essential to display who the contestants  are and how you chose a champ. You can put all usernames into a spreadsheet and partner a number for every client. At that point utilize the Random.org site to create a number and show the screen capture to demonstrate you were not preferring any one contestant .