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Android App Marketing – Lesson 5 – App Launch Strategy and Press Release


When it comes time for you to launch your app you cannot just do it silently and hope that it will get noticed by people. Android app marketing starts here. You need to get the word out and as far as you can before your app launches. This can be done in a number of different ways and the more that are used the quicker the word will spread.

Things like social media, blogs, your own site, app advertising, etc. What you want to do is not focus on how many people see your app’s page, site, etc. but how many of those people are talking about it. Just having a page about your app will not get people talking about it. In order to get the most out of your
page(s) you should consider some of the following

-Making short posts about what your app is about: This can include features, things you can use the app for, how it is unique

-Picture previews: the pictures can be the pictures you plan on using for the app page in the app store, or pictures that will only be seen by people who view your page(s)

-Demo or tutorial: A short video that shows a user how to use your app will give people an inside look to it and will help them navigate through it a lot more easily.

You can also contact app reviewers or magazines. Allowing them access to your app before it is released so they can release an article about what to expect and why people should get it could increase expected downloads during your first active month by 30%!

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