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Build Your SEO Backlinks Idea for App in 6 Easy Steps

A backlink is a link to your relevant website placed on another website or blog. Backlinks should always be present to offer the reader additional details. But it goes beyond that: it is always scaled in the ranking of the linked website or app. Now that you know what actually a backlink is, you may be curious about how to build your SEO Backlinks idea in 6 easy steps.

6 Methods for Generating High-quality Backlinks for Your Mobile App or Game In 2023

Link to Your App from Your Website

Do you have a site or a landing page dedicated to your app? If so, add a link to this page to your app or apps. The more and better links your website receives, the more authority it will have, and thus the more authority the apps linked from this site will have.

Social Media

It is best to start creating social media profiles and links to your app or website (that, which should link to your application). You can generate profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SlideShare, and other social media platforms. Most of these links are “nofollow,” but to have a healthy “link profile,” one must have some nofollow backlinks.

Media & PR

Consider making a press release and distributing it to general and specialized media. If you’re lucky, someone will publish it; even more fortunate, a few media will link to your app.

Sponsor an Event

Participate or collaborate with an event in your industry and receive a link from the event’s website to your Google Play or App Store listing. Event and conference websites frequently receive media links and have a high level of authority.

Write a Guest Post

You can collaborate with other apps or websites in your industry to write a guest post for their blog. Typically, these posts contain links to the author’s website or the application. You can primarily discuss your experience developing or maintaining the app and some growth hacks or intriguing data about your app.

Make an Eye-catching Infographic

Infographics have a high potential for virality, so if you create an exciting piece of content in the form of an infographic, make sure to include a link to your website or listing. This type of content will likely be shared by people and the media, which will assist you in getting more mentions and quality backlinks.

What Is The Significance Of Backlinks In Google Play ASO?

SEO Backlinks are crucial because they can assist you in ranking for keywords: quality backlinks placed on strategic websites can help you rank for more keywords. Evidently, this is not instant and takes time and effort, but after some testing, it is studied that backlinks aided keyword rankings in Google Play ASO.

Final Words

It is vividly understood that creating links is a relatively simple process. Building high-quality links, on the other hand, is a difficult task. So develop backlinks to high-authority websites and adeptly make them into your application’s essential topics. Finally, pay attention to the importance of anchor text.

Ways to Improve Your App Ranking

App Ranking

It has become a necessity whether business people use a mobile app as a revenue channel or a mobile app developer, you require seeing your app be ranked high on the store that you actually launch the app on. You have quite a few factors that adeptly impact the ranking of your app. Today we have brought a comprehensive list of ways in which you can immensely ameliorate the ranking of your app in the app stores that matter. Below are some of the ways to improve your App Ranking.

Apt Title for Your App

The app title can be utilized intelligently to communicate to every visitor the core function of your app. The app title must have a strong bearing on the appearance of your app in any kind of search results. It becomes particularly crucial of the name of your app is not really a known word and requires a certain amount of description for people to wholly understand what the app is really for.

It is wholly imperative that the right keywords are used in order to describe the intent of the app so that the zeal app users are aware of exactly what they are actually downloading. One thing that actually might work in your favour is that one must keep everything under 50 characters.

Better App Description

The app description that you write for your app forms a good part of the App Store Optimization (ASO) process. The app description can largely serve as a golden opportunity and medium to make a highly positive impression on the app store’s search algorithm. Thereby while writing the app description, it is of crucial aspect to come up with an engaging description, but it is vital that you use the crisp quality description that wholly covers each of the keywords that your users are properly to correlate with your mobile app.

It is a crucial factor to use keywords and does not mean that you actually stuff in keywords just for the sake of it. They are vital that the keywords you use seamlessly in the native description of your app should become a part of it. One important thing to remember while developing your app description is that you should not repeat words since Google Play has a relevant content policy that particularly disallows this.

Appropriate Screenshots

One has to create a great visual impression which is one of the top ways to attract a massive number of people to your app and largely convince them to download it. You can go through your app and select the app screens that are visually the top ones while assisting you to understand how they primarily look. Apart from selecting the app screens that look great, you can also develop a few custom screens that would adeptly showcase your best features through an engaging visual medium. When the selected screenshots are not just appealing but also enumerate the app in a good way, it certainly would activate the interest of app users eventually leading to more of them downloading the app on their respective devices.

App Icons

Primarily the icon for your app is effectively the face of your app. If it is this icon that the app user is going to view first, and once they have adeptly downloaded it, it is this icon that could be the identity of the app for them. The icon of your app requires standing out, while still looking attractive on their mobile screen. It must be representative of you, without having to rely on too much relevant text with it.

Also, make sure that you keep the clutter away and have short crisp text for it. You also can do to carry out a quick look test. This could be done by placing your app icon among a number of other app icons to wholly understand how it actually looks alongside others. Not only is it crucial for the icon of your app to look quality, it should also pass this look test so that it not only belongs on the app user’s screen but immensely stands out without getting lost in the large crowd of the apps on the respective device.

Demo Video App Preview

This is persuasive to the iOS app as Apple allows you and even suggests you add a short video of about 15 to 30 seconds as a good part of your app listing. It also makes use of it to showcase the multiple feature functionalities within your app. You could even test the video with some engaging poster frames or lucrative thumbnail images to figure out which ones are instantly driving more and more passionate users to click and watch the video. Even on Google Play too you could add a video to the app listing. Also, it might work well when the app is a paid app, since developing a video does entail a specific expense that you could like to recover through your app.

Reviews & Ratings from Users

The reviews and the ratings from users really ameliorate the overall ranking of your mobile app on the popular app store. You can get everyone to write a positive review, but expect some kind of writing which is healthy and positive app reviews, since this is the real deal, the quality place where you could get some good genuine feedback to assist you to ameliorate your app and increase the overall app experience for the users.

Another key thing here is to greatly acknowledge and answer each and every negative review you could receive on the app store. It might be somewhat impossible to actively respond to each one of them, but when you primarily reply to the negative reviews, you illustrate that you care about a good user relationship. Additionally, the people visiting your app would get the high impression that you pay attention to the difficulties encountered by the app users and assist them out while taking in their active suggestions.

Go For App Indexing

It is of prime most importance that obtains your app indexed with Google. Google App Indexing is the actual system that allows any app listing appears on a search results page. Moreover, the user primarily clicks on the listing before reaching inside the app. This professionally works for both the fame Android and iOS mobile apps.

When a user eagerly searches for a specific app that they haven’t yet installed, they are then taken to a mobile webpage wholly dedicated to the mobile app. If your app is not indexed, you can stand to miss out on the searches that could illustrate your app as a listing. Even the direct impact of indexing might not be instantly visible on the overall ranking of your app. It is also proven to bring in organic incoming traffic that does assist in achieving your mobile app ranked higher.

Using Apt Keywords Only

Primarily the use of App keyword Research is crucial and goes a long way in the discoverability of your app and wholly determining whether your app would adeptly feature in searches. Moreover stuffing your app title or app description with a lot of keywords is not enough though, nor is it actually wise to do so.

Also imagine if you were the one searching for an app that would be beneficial for social networking and install an app that utilizes just the right keywords, allowing you to believe that the app is best suitable for you. So it is vital that you use keywords in the app title and description in a wise manner. Altogether you have come across some of the ways to improve your App Ranking.