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Simple Guidance for You in Social Media Algorithms and Unique Strategies


You have nearly 4 billion internet users and 3 billion active on social media. The amount of data sent every minute or second is incomprehensible. However, there is a method by which social media platforms keep order, sort data, and rank it. Social media algorithms accomplish this.

What Do Social Media Algorithms Mean?

They are mathematical rules that govern how content appears on a user’s social media account. They sort feed posts based on the relevance of the published content to a specific user, as determined by user behaviour. They want traffic to keep flowing into their platforms, so relevance takes precedence over chronological order.

Continue Reading to Learn How Social Media Algorithms Work On Various Platforms

Algorithm on Facebook 

Facebook wishes to increase audience engagement. The feed is intended to show posts that elicit emotion rather than promotional posts. Users will see posts from their families and friends first, followed by posts from businesses.

Paid advertisements attempt to compensate for this lack of visibility. However, these posts rely on engagement and user response as well. Facebook has also taken steps to reduce spam and overtly promotional content.

Algorithm on Instagram

Instagram’s algorithm 2020 is far more complex and comprehensive. It considers engagement, relevance, timeliness, and general user behaviour and preferences.

The Instagram follower section will show you accounts that have been least interacted with and are most visible in the feed. This information is derived from your comments, likes, shares, and saves on a specific account’s posts. The Instagram algorithm also uses this information to understand user likes and dislikes promoting that account’s posts to a higher ranking on the user’s feed and suggesting similar accounts in the ‘explore’ section.

Algorithm on Twitter

As ranking parameters, the Twitter algorithm considers both relevance and publishing time. Users can change their content preference settings to see the most recent posts. If this option is not selected, Twitter will rank posts similarly to Facebook and Instagram.

Algorithm of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a one-of-a-kind platform that prioritizes networking over growing followers. It has aided professionals in finding suitable employment and businesses in developing their brand reputations.

The algorithm also prioritizes engagement and connection formation. If someone in the list likes the posts, LinkedIn users will see them in their feed.

Algorithm on YouTube

Because YouTube is a video-only platform, its algorithm operates differently. It wants users to find videos that they want to watch quickly and consistently to stay engaged with them in the long run. Because the platform is a search engine, it ranks content based on relevance and viewer interest.

Quality Tips on How to Make Social Media Algorithms Work in Your Favour

Encourage Participation

One metric that is critical to social media success is engagement. Pose questions to your audience, respond to their comments, provide value, share their content, and encourage them to save your content. It is critical to elicit emotion that is generally positive for your brand so that users are motivated to engage.

Tag and Interact With Other Accounts

You can utilize the clout of other accounts, both large and small, to get people to notice you. You can mention another brand in a relevant post or leave insightful comments on other brand accounts. More users will follow you if you get more shoutouts.


Quality designers have long attempted to crack hashtags that are supposed to be the mystical parameter. It is critical to remember to use relevant hashtags. You don’t have to overuse hashtags, but the ones you do use must be appropriate.

Posting Timings and Frequency

It is enumerated that a sizable proportion of users are more active on social media at specific times of the day. Please take advantage of this by posting when they will be most active on social media platforms. While creating content regularly can be exhausting, posting once a day is preferable. Maintain your visibility to grow your following.

The Video Is King

In general, it is studied that social media users prefer bite-sized updates. Primarily their attention span is shorter than that of users reading news or watching a movie. As a result, motion content works best to capture a user’s attention because it is easier to absorb. It does not imply that you should only post videos. Audiences prefer variety. However, intermittent videos will capture them for an extended time.

Track Performance

Precisely the algorithms rely on data to provide relevant content to users. They also provide you with data in the form of insights. You can adeptly track the performance of your content and learn what works best for your followers by using insights.

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