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Seven Reasons You Should Use Best ASO Tools

ASO has certainly intrigued me. Ever since then, I had been thinking about trying it up for my business and needless to say, it was a perfect opportunity for me to finally take this out for a spin, and I am not at all disappointed.

We learnt that App store optimization is the most important process of optimizing an app and its app store page in order to actively increase the app’s visibility, rank and chances of users converting. Moreover, 60% of all users discover new apps while immensely scrolling through the app stores. By taking this into account, you require to step up your ASO game for maximum app success.

It is enumerated that you can boost app visibility and discoverability. Thereby optimizing your app with respect to all the algorithm ranking factors, namely as utilizing respective keywords in the right places and actively encouraging good reviews, leads the app stores to greatly increase your app’s ranking and feature it in category charts. In addition, the higher your app ranks, the higher the appropriate search results it would appear. The app ranked number one for a specific keyword will appear in the first place in the search results for that apt keyword.

They also bring you more downloads and conversions. So the more visible your app is, the more global users will find and download it. Primarily more than just visibility, ASO is about exclusive conversion optimization. All key elements of ASO are professionally optimized to increase the chances of users converting once they’ve found your quality app.

It would certainly reduce the cost per install. ASO is much more like an organic process adeptly meaning you’re not paying for each user like you are with paid user acquisition methods respectively as burst campaigns. It, therefore, needs a smaller budget.

It also grows your app’s revenue and massive ROI. For many reasons such as a lower CPI and increased CVR, your app would inevitably grow its mass profits with a strong ASO strategy in place. Your unique ASO strategy will bring you a higher quality user-base which will also primarily generate more revenue for your brand.

You also have the perfect ASO tool for everything, and most of them seemingly overlap with each other, so it could be overwhelming knowing which one to choose. The different kinds of ASO tools are listed below.

ASO tools can certainly assist you with the complicated and ongoing process of optimizing your app. You have so many elements to consider, namely keywords, metadata, screenshots, preview videos and more, and they won’t benefit from a one-time fix. They require to be updated little but often for the best chance of success.

They could also assist you to spy on your competitors to learn from their mistakes and successes. You can identify where they go wrong to know where to go right yourself. Also, identify what they’re getting right that you require catching up with. ASO tools are actually perfect for assisting your app competitor analysis, which is an important part of a successful ASO.

  • ASO tools can greatly increase your user base
  • They permit you to track your app’s rank in the app stores
  • You can utilize app store optimization tools to research your competition and conduct an app competitor analysis
  • They develop marketing optimization strategies for the future

It has been established that ASO is the single most crucial step to take when it comes to creating high-quality organic traffic for your app. This actively holds true whether it is done in-house or by utilizing the services of a mobile app marketing agency. Thereby it is not at all surprising to see countless ASO tools flooding the web. ASO tools can assist developers or marketing directors to perform keyword research or compare their app to the competition, among many other advantages.

By professionally performing solid keyword research is a vital part of ASO. Many developers trust they can do it all on their own as long as they have the right tools and reliable Wi-Fi.

Different Types of ASO Tools

The All-Rounder

It is the comprehensive suite of app intelligence features across the whole spectrum of ASO, comprising competitor analysis, keyword optimization.

The A/B Testing Master

Since you can’t rely wholly on instinct when there is active data that can assist you that directly relates to what users are responding best to. The top way to determine which brings you the quality results is through A/B testing, a process of segmenting the audience and illustrating each segment on a different page, then comparing the statistics to reveal the actual winner.

The Keyword Warrior

You have a number of ASO tools out there that strongly focus on keyword optimization only. They provide keyword suggestions, a way to track keywords and keyword rankings to name just a few of their key features.

The Free Option

However, most acumen app developers will wish to give it their best shot alone and there are several free tools out there that shouldn’t be ignored.

Wrap Up

It is finally understood that optimizing your app is a data-driven process where you combine information as well as experience. We at App Marketing Plus, use multiple tools in order to create the best ASO campaigns and generate results for our clients.

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How to measure the success of your app user acquisition campaigns

It is experienced that after spending so much hard-earned marketing money on ad campaigns for your apps, you might be disappointed with the low acquisition figure and this actually prompts many questions. Do your ad campaigns target the right kind of audience? Do you have the wrong advertising priorities when selecting campaign partners, ad networks and tracking partners for your ad campaigns?

Above all these and many more aspects play important role in making your app acquisition drive successful. Thereby lack of adequate measures might mean you are unable to immensely determine which channels are efficient. So, measuring the success of your campaigns is important for the future of sustaining your app to support your prosperous business.

Primarily first, sustainability is more crucial than growth since only when through enough acquisition you can secure good ROI to look forward to growth. More importantly, acquisition of uses is the bottom line of your app business on which every other growth objective will primarily stand.

It is also vital to determine which channels will work best for acquisition. Also, it is not the acquisition numbers that you must focus on, but it is the value developed by particular channels that must be given more importance. Thereby after all getting users, who offer you far higher ROI than others, should be your main focus. Altogether the bottom line is, you must give priority to acquisition channels that give the best ROI.

How to measure the success of your app user acquisition campaigns


Important Mobile app metrics to measure success

  • Number of users -The first measure of success for an app is how many people actually download and intend to use the app
  • Active users
  • Retention
  • Cohort analysis
  • Lifetime value
  • The bonus metric

Key Importance of investing money on marketing resources

In order to make your app reach your global audience, you require investing in quality marketing resources and then actively tracking their respective performance in bringing you the number and type of users. It primarily remains to be the key core principle of any user acquisition strategy for mobile apps.

More importantly, spending money on popular marketing channels and resources will permit your app to have sight of initial global users with whom you could at least test the app persuasive features and usability standards. Then when your app is getting random users from several ad acquisition campaigns, your app is at the same time helping more possibility of getting organic users who actually require your app. So investing in acquisition channels and marketing resources is the key step forward to get your app visible to several kinds of users.

How to pay attention to download figures and user engagement and retention metric

If you have already invested and enumerated your app through diverse resources and channels, it is active time to monitor how these channels perform and how far they are immensely successful in bringing you, quality users.

This could start with the number of users brought by several channels. Taking care of decent user numbers is important at this stage as only after guaranteeing this you can afford to have effective focus. Thereby if the majority of your users behave just like casual strollers would it prove merit certainly no, and so, thereby you must insist on keeping a balance between the acquisition of numbers and quality.

It is learnt that the user acquisition stats might show that the best slice of app users (20% or more) just open the app only once. More naturally, any app focused on actively building a strong ROI based on constant user acquisition cannot just afford to adore channels that bring them a huge number of such casual one time users.

So spending money on unqualified users would put your app at risk in respect of both sustainability and growth. Thereby focusing on taking the users to the retention phase is extensively crucial and before that, you cannot actually measure the success of acquisition channels. It is said that evaluation of the new users in respect of their engagement, retention and value addition for the app is crucial at this stage.

More importantly, a user retained is likely to become the customer of your product or opt for an in-app purchase. The user retention professionally bridges the gap between a download and highly turning him into a potential customer or source of revenue. One must observe different levels of user engagement, frequency of use and prosperous retention metric achieved by several acquisition channels. Primarily it is the stage of acquisition where you require to observe user engagement and begin to actively segment the channels Session specific statistic of app usage would give you exact data and insights as to which channels did a better job and which did not.

Few session data to consider

  • The number of sessions begun by the user
  • The duration of each session
  • Frequency of using your app by a user
  • User characteristics such as organic users or users brought by a paid channel

Finally, an effective focused app marketer by selecting the right acquisition channels and resources wisely could greatly boost high-value user downloads from day one itself.

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Everything You Need to Know About App Store Optimization

We know that launch of latest mobile applications we all adore them, but let’s face it, sometimes it’s difficult to market them since you can’t get enough unique strategies of app marketing gathered up to efficiently apply them when you like to due to availability of numerous popular similar apps.

A good position on the search engine results page could immensely give your app downloads a boost. More similarly apps that won’t show up in the search results will hardly get noticed. So it is an acumen idea to take your app store optimization (ASO) and begin optimizing your app for a good search result in the stores. In addition, there are many similarities between optimizing an app and optimizing websites for the best search result, comprising all the use of titles, keywords and descriptions.

More similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there are several ways to optimize mobile App for ranking higher in App Store. You can also make your content rank higher in search engines. App Store Optimization is the quality process of improving or ameliorating the visibility of the mobile apps in play store searches. The acumen idea behind ASO is to accurately optimize your iPhone app to make appear on top.

Precisely you can also drive global users to your app page and increase downloads. If your app is enumerated on top of other similar apps, there are better chances of a global user downloading your app over the other app is immensely high.

It is well-known fact that no one knows accurate algorithms used by Store for ranking the apps, but experienced experts convey that there are few ranking factors that would play a key role in ranking your app in the Play store.

Everything You Need to Know About App Store Optimization


It is learnt that the number of downloads of your app reflects the familiarity of your app. The more downloads your app has more effective the chances it has of being in the top search results.

Feature of App Reviews and Ratings

The popular Google offers more importance to search optimization. Apps having effective positive reviews and best ratings are given much higher preference to the apps having lower ratings by users. So fewer popular apps with lesser downloads but better ratings are actually ranked higher than reputed apps with a lower rating.

About Long Installs

It is for how much period of your app is kept installed by the global user in their mobile is certainly a factor which Google virtually consider. The familiar Google seems to actively track the time of app installation and offer positive points for longer installed apps.


The acumen app developers with instant un-installation of the apps after being downloaded when the latest version is released would certainly get your app a bad ranking in search results. Thereby you can try to avoid this happening for better results.

We know getting your app discovered isn’t simple and your app no doubt has good competition with one question coming across of did your app get audience reach? So how exactly do you get discovered by your global audience? People certainly download your app in a heartbeat and if only you could get it in front of them.

Here we’re bringing out top ways to boost your app’s discoverability and unite you with your passionate users

App Store Optimization

It is the most key element to getting your app discovered. Just similar to SEO, ASO is optimizing your App Store listing for organic discoverability through optimization.

You can follow a Checklist of all the important elements of ASO:

  • Using Unique app name
  • Having relevant keywords and descriptions of the app
  • Use Proper categorization
  • Attractive Screenshots or videos with a high-level overview of your app
  • The good crisp detailed description is continually updated with app update information and release notes

Good to Take Advantage of 3rd Party Advertisers

It is illustrated that Google, Twitter, and Facebook are major contenders worth considering, with Facebook boasting some highly advanced audience selection tools.

Go with Facebook, you can select targeting options including:

  • Mobile users with particular screen sizes or devices
  • Go for New mobile device owners
  • Use Interests (hiking, guitar, animals, etc)
  • About Age
  • Feature of Demographics

Better to Get the Word Out By Running a Contest

It is easy of running a contest which is still one of the top ways to get the word out about your app. Moreover, you can also announce a contest that actively involves giving away a certain number of users of your app for free. In case if your app is free to download, better to consider opting away from premium memberships or in-app currency.

You can team up with Bloggers in Your Niche

It assists in immensely partnering with industry bloggers to get noticed. The more specific your niche is the best your chances are of getting hooked up with your ideal audience by way of quality bloggers. For example, sports streaming apps might have a hard time integrating this, as trying to reach out to any blog that discusses sports would be an endeavour.

You can also get more assistance from AppMarketingPlus for effective App Marketing.

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Incredibly Useful ASO Tools for your Small Business

The variety in this ASO tools objective also provides up something new for each feature, so it’s not always the same thing for cherishing the new unique techniques. Overall, the users enjoy amazing benefits with the ASO tools for their small businesses.

It is always noted that everyone is new to the globe of mobile apps/games and one have heard of something ASO but you’re not sure if it’s a sea, a big association, or an app marketing firm process? Though it can be hard at the beginning when you don’t know anything about App Store Optimization and this is why we developed this blog to wholly help you discover what it is, how it works, and why it’s so helpful.

We know that App Store Optimization, also known as ASO or App Store SEO, is the important process of optimizing a game or application in order to maximize its visibility in the stores in Search and Explore, actively increase traffic to listing and improve conversion rate to immensely generate the maximum volume of organic downloads.

They also bring free high-quality users for Android and iOS app, assist in reducing UA (User Acquisition) costs, and are the key base of any Mobile Growth strategy. This main process needs a critical understanding of how the stores work, the target user base, and the most relevant keywords potential users are typing or speaking to eagerly find apps or discover new ones.

Moreover, as stores are continuously evolving, nowadays it is relevant to make applications visible in the Explore / Browse. In addition, App Store Optimization is not only about search. It never has been.

Incredibly Useful ASO Tools for your Small Business

Key Benefits of App Store Optimization – App Marketing Plus

The main truth is that App Store Optimization is the way to your mobile business. Thereby without working on an ASO strategy, it will be difficult to get the result you expect, both in terms of ranking and of discoverability.

Moreover, this ASO is important for your app to get more organic downloads and enable you to spend less money on paid downloads. Primarily the ASO strategy should be actively implemented hand in hand with the UA strategy to get the top results.

It is also enumerated that ASO enables your app to be more easily accessible since more simple to discoverable. Also, a lot of users browse the stores without knowing what they like to download so it is a golden opportunity to get new users to find your product.

Thereby working on ASO together with your UA strategy could also bring out great results. This popular UA has a top impact on organic downloads and working on them both is key to develop a long-term growth strategy. UA will increase your app download volume and thereby grow in featured sections of the stores. In addition, working on UA and ASO together also professionally enables you to improve organic uplift.

Primarily this App Store Optimization is more than crucial if you have a mobile business. It is regularly evolving so you need to keep an eye on the stores and how they change. In addition, this ASO is a long-term investment that could definitely change the results you get from your app.

Key Mechanics of ASO

You have known factors that primarily influence the app optimization for iOS & Android applications.

Feature of On-metadata factors

On-metadata factors are those main elements of the product page or listing that can be modified within App Store Connect or Google Play Console in order to ameliorate app store keywords rankings actively explore visibility and raise conversion rate to download, one of the most important KPIs.

About Off-metadata factors

It really happens in SEO and off-page factors, Off-metadata factors are those external factors that are not actually under the control of the developer. The elements that are not under our control are volume and speed of installs, ratings + reviews and, maybe, user engagement.

Important App Store Optimization strategy for Mobile Apps & Games

Feature of Keyword research/market research

Selecting the right keywords is crucial for app store search success. You should target those with high relevance, high traffic and low difficulty or competition. The Keyword strategies are actually different for each app. For instance, for new apps, it’s always better to use mid and long-tail low competition terms to gradually change them with some with more traffic and competition. Take care that to get the maximum visibility, your app or game should be global with all languages optimized.

Optimize for Visibility – Search + Browse & Conversion

Popular Apple iOS App Store

You can add keywords in the App Name (30 characters), Subtitle (30 char) and keywords field (100 characters). So, a total of 160 characters, although there is a “hack” that permits using much more than 100 characters in that special field.

Familiar Google Play Store

It is good adding keywords in the title (30 char), short description (80 char), and description (4,000 characters). So unlike Apple, Google indexes almost all text that appears in the store listing. Google Play, when it comes to Search, is much more similar to SEO.

Important Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It is explained that A/B test listing elements like icons to increase CTR in lists, feature images or screenshots to boost conversion rate and get more installs with the same traffic.

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How to Pitch Your App and Get It Reviewed

We experience that every app developer wants its app reviewed on familiar blogs, as it’s going to be one of the top ways with promo campaigns to immensely gain a lot of exposure and get downloads. Let’s discuss how does one get such a review? Well, if you’re not one of the professional guys yet you need to ask for it. Also, you need to do it the right way.

How to Pitch Your App and Get It Reviewed

What Are the Things you need to include?

We know that Bloggers are really busy and basically the idea of this email you send them is to comprise all the key elements about your app and why the blogger should even bother looking more into it.  You will find that numerous elements are the same as for a press release, which makes this email like a “short press release”. These key elements are as follows

  • The name of your app exactly as it is spelled on the App Store
  • What it does, and why it is different
  • The price
  • One link to your product page (Your website)
  • One link to the iTunes product page and/or Google Play product page
  • One or two screenshots
  • A video (important!) 30 seconds to a minute.
  • A description in a concise paragraph. Say who your audience is, what your app does, what sets it apart from the crowd.
  • Contact information. An email and not a link to a contact form
  • Skype IDs, Twitter IDs, Linkedin

You can try App Review Sites

Apps review sites are another way to get an app reviewed is by submitting it to app review sites. These quality sites usually get a nice amount of organic traffic. Moreover, if you get your app to appear on multiple app review sites, this should bring you a decent audience.

In addition, they would increase the app viewability and the review will assist future users to primarily determine if the app is right for their requirements. More additionally another benefit is that you will probably get a backlink to your App Store or Google Play page. This might assist your app to get better search engine rankings.

The key thing is to you’ll need to submit the app for review. If there is no option to submit the app directly, then contact the site’s admins via email or a contact form.  Comprise the details like app description, App Store/Play Store URL, screenshots of the app, videos of the user experience. Moreover, professionally highlight your app’s top features and explain to the person reading it why they should even take time and review your app.

Popular App Review Sites – App Marketing Plus

  1. https://apps400.com
  2. https://apps4review.com
  3. https://appsmirror.com
  4. https://appsthunder.com
  5. https://appslisto.com
  6. https://appstimes.in
  7. https://appiod.com
  8. https://game400.com
  9. https://webapprater.com
  10. https://appsmamma.com
  11. https://gadget400.com
  12. https://www.appsread.com/
  13. https://www.appmarketingmedia.com/

Actively Do Your Research

The most vital step in the process of getting your app reviewed is absolutely researching the journalists you want to pitch. Thereby sending bulk emails to every blogger and tech reporter would guarantee your email is sent straight to the trash. So instead, take the time out to read their previous articles and perfectly gauge whether your app would be of interest to them.

So if they’ve written app reviews in the past, or seem to write about the industry your app is in regularly you’ll have a good chance at landing a placement.

Go for Building Relationships

One must not underestimate the importance of networking. So when you’re competing with many other developers to get your app reviewed, having some form of a prior good relationship with the person you’re reaching out to can make all the massive difference.

It is better to use your existing network, actively reach out to people on LinkedIn and attend the major events in your industry. Even an insightful response on Twitter can greatly build the foundations of a relationship. Thereby having any relationship instantly improves your pitch above all the completely cold emails received.

Go the Extra Mile      

In case when it comes to getting reviews for your app, going the extra mile with your pitch is always a nice approach to take. One way to do this is to develop a video trailer for your app. The videos are more likely to grab the reviewer’s attention since they’re simpler to consume and more entertaining.

Moreover, it won’t guarantee your pitch is successful, but it’s one of the top ways to guarantee that your pitch is at the very least seen and if your app is genuinely great, getting the reviewer’s initial attention is often the only difficult barrier between you and having your app featured on their quality blog.

Wrap Up

It results that combining the quality mobile app with an effective launch strategy that actively pitches your app is a great way to build some early traction. It’s not simple, but having your app reviewed by some popular blogs will be worth the time investment.

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