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HP is starting to introduce tile tracking in laptops

Do you ever misplaced your favourite laptop and spent hours finding for it? Then you might have faced it as well and more expectedly appears like laptop manufacturers are eventually paying attention to this major concern. The good news is that HP is starting to introduce tile tracking in laptops.

The users who actually purchase laptops with the technology built in will require downloading the Tile app in order to track missing laptops. More likely it will only be available in a handful of systems to begin, but as HP integrates it into more to differentiate devices, they are huge potential for a lot more installs.

More importantly the app can be used to note the last place the laptop was seen and qualitatively locate devices even when the system is not connected to a Wi-Fi network or powered down. In addition once it goes beyond Bluetooth range, Tile’s finding network kicks in. However, it will mostly be used in those moments when you’re finding to leave the house in the morning and can’t search your laptop under different circumstances.

Also it is conveyed that the finding range should be akin to that of the standalone Tile units. The system would also feature a similar ringing feature to help locate misplaced systems. HP is wholly expected to bring Tile integration to more laptops in the future. We hope more brands partner with Tile or come up with similar tracking functionalities to qualitatively track a laptop.

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