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Pay per download is another method of where you will have to spend money for your app but you will only spend what it has been valued at. That will be explained in a moment. If you do seek out a pay per download, cost per download, pay per install, cost for install company to help with your android app marketing be warned that there are a lot of scams out there.

Pay per download is a android app marketing method that you don’t have to put any effort into. Different PPD companies will advertise your app and charge you based on how many people download your app because of them. The method of which the downloads are recorded depends on the provider of the service, as well as the initial cost plus to cost per install.

These types of services are usually used for free apps, though that does not mean a paid app cannot use this type of service. There is not guarantee that the services skills of android app marketing will bring you the amount of downloads that you expect them too but all services work differently. This is something you would have to research around a bit before making any kind of decision.

Different types of PPD services may have a higher or lower initial pay. Some of them require a $5 or $10 payment and then they try to sell your app, having you pay for the downloads every week, or month. While other services may require you to pay $25 and will market your app until they made $25 worth of downloads for you.

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