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Tips to Name Your Mobile App

The important step for app developers is to promote among the people. Before going into marketing and promotion of your app, one must have to think giving it an appropriate name. So how do you name your mobile app? Given below are some of the Tips to Name Your Mobile App.

So naming your mobile app needs a good deal of thought. Not only should the name be closely connected to the app’s functions, it must also be something users could instantly identify the app with.

Tips in naming your mobile app

App Relevance and Ease of Pronunciation:

The app name must relate to their functions. Select a name that most closely describes the app. You can make it simple for users to remember and pronounce. This would increase your app’s chances in the marketplace.

Better to check if Name is Present

Also check if there is already an app by the same or a similar name in any of the app stores, before submitting to app store. You must also take care not to have too similar name for your own app, as it might run into copyright issues at later time. It would also develop unnecessary competition for your app.

Quality App Name for Marketplace Ranking

Your app name has to efficiently identify with the app’s functions. The name of your mobile app and the list of keywords which you submit along with it are most important to their success in the marketplace. It is also noted that every character in your 100-character keyword listing, counts. Also make sure to optimize all those characters to the best extent possible. You could separate each keyword with a comma and comprises plurals and synonyms wherever they apply. You can also include the phrases “free”, or “cheap” wherever applicable. This would actually drive additional traffic to your app.

Precise SEO Factor

Good SEO strategy would keep your app ahead in the ranking. SEO is top way to allow top search engines such as Google “find” you ease manner and list you among their earliest search results. Also remember to use keywords that are most searched by users. Use Google Adwords or similar keyword search tool for this purpose. You can also use maximum keywords in your app description. This would normally increase your search ranking with Google.

Follow App URL Naming for SEO

Your app URL is key aspect for SEO. The name of your app would be used as the URL filename by default. Also remember not to use special characters in your app name, as this might end up causing an error in URL generation.

Go for Formatting App Description

Formatting the app description is vital aspect you require to look into, before submitting your app. This description would be illustrated on both on the app store you submit the app to and on your app webpage. Also make sure that your app description does not exceed the maximum character limit. Remember to put in the most key points of your app in that description. 

Feature of Categorizing Your App

Categorizing your mobile app is vital for giving it an appropriate name. This assists in overall app marketing, so that you could actively enhance the general reach of your app. Select a category that has the least competition and also a decent enough keyword ranking. It allows you get a good idea of the best categories you could place your app in.

Successful Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Successful Mobile App Marketing Strategies is a complex procedure which takes up a lot of effort for the marketer involved. It can also yield high number of benefits if planned and executed with marketing strategy which works among the people adeptly. One has to first understand that your main focus has to be the end-users of your app. Below given are some of the valuable strategies.

Good to Study Customer Behaviour Patterns

The important thing you should do is to focus on your target audience and find ways to engage them. Study their unique behaviour patterns and target younger generation who adapt to the latest technology, including Android and the iPhone. You can also conduct customer surveys for better understanding.

Focus Your Main Objective

Offer your customers the maximum benefit they could ever get from the use of a mobile app. The customer is the real key to your success in the app marketplace. Start active interaction with your audience and offer those deals, useful location-based information, assist them share information with friends on mobile social networks and so on. Also add a poll or rating service in your app, so as to generate immediate feedback from your users. Once your app becomes successful in the market, then think of monetizing the same with ads; provide premium services for a charge.

Good to Refine Your Marketing Strategy

It comprises lengthy process of planning, building a team to handle the several aspects of your plan; publicizing and advertising your service; gathering and processing user information; selecting right mobile platforms for marketing your app and so on.

Select the Right Mobile Technology

SMS is the best method to reach the maximum audience and rated as the cheapest method, which also adapts to almost all kinds of mobile phones. It is the method of communication where your audience can opt-in to receive as well. Also developing a mobile website is quality idea too, as the majority of smartphone and other mobile device users today are known to access the Internet through their devices. Developing an app featuring of your product is another key app marketing strategy.

New App Marketing Techniques

The on-going evolution of mobile apps continues to roll on. The apps move away from being standalone platforms and are professionally integrated into comprehensive mobile strategies.

Mobile’s sensational impact has been recognized, and we have started to evaluate it as key part of the business. The firms with the most successful apps are the ones that are willing to put sincere resources into marketing their apps in order to get that mobile app into the hands of their prosperous customers.

Recent studies show the number of people using mobile surpassed those using desktop. The customers demand and expect a mobile app to be a major touch point between them and their favourite brands. More than 90% of the time spent on mobile devices is devoted to app use alone. However it is noticed that customers expect to shop and interact with brands in a mobile environment rather than other channels.

It is vital to note that app marketing is a whole new ball game and they require a new marketing approach. Some of the unique challenges facing marketers would be targeting problems, understanding downloads versus users, app store & Play store rankings, and much more. To assist you navigate the landscape of mobile app marketing, below given are app marketing strategies which are proven to be effective.

Strongly Focus on KPIs specific to the app’s market

The goals must be specific, measurable, realistic, and so on. You need to direct your focus for the KPIs specific to app marketing. These comprise app store rankings, organic and loyal user acquisition, cost-per-download, and app store optimization. Appoint a dedicated team to focus on the significance and benefit of these KPIs in your marketing plan. Your app marketing goals must coincide with the goals of other marketing strategies. Always better to focus on those KPIs that are unique to app marketing.

Dedicate the resources to your app deserves

Studies enumerate that 80% of consumers wish to receive location-based alerts on their mobile phones. You can go for invest in a geo-fencing and push notification marketing strategies because it’s what passionate consumers want. Your goal should be to maintain your app’s visibility in key marketplaces year-round.

Better to Avoid getting pulled in too many directions

Aligning the goals of all different departments in a company might not be easy, but through on going communications and routine meetings with team members, you would stand a much better chance at hitting all of these different goals and minimizing struggles.

Partner your app marketing team with a mobile marketing expert

If partnering with a mobile marketing technology provider, you might wish to explore with the members of your team or any outside agencies that operate your app marketing campaigns. This would reduce of your budget and good chance at achieving an optimal rank among app stores

Market the experience and not the app

Today’s consumers look for the simplest experiences offered by brands In fact, 86% of consumers are more likely to purchase when they are not overwhelmed with confusing details. The strategy of marketing the experience rather than the app has actually caused customer experience to become a front-running issue of businesses across nearly every industry.

Organically lifting your app to new high page ranks

The paid media buys would certainly give your app a boost in the rankings. The more downloads you get through your media placements, the higher your rank becomes in the app stores and thereby how visible it is to potential organic users. The best strategy to achieve organic lift is a burst campaign. Your goal is to achieve your app’s optimal rank, which is actually reached by finding the best balances between ads spend; app store ranking and organic downloads.

Better to Test for tactfulness, not perfection

Measuring the success of app marketing strategies is different than measuring areas of traditional marketing for a few reasons. The best of today might not be the best tomorrow since there will most likely be a more efficient way to relay information just look at geo-fencing. Better to compare the old with the new and select those that serve your needs the best.