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As we all know that acumen developers work long hours at developing mobile apps. Once app has been developed by developer’s they mostly doubt about pricing the app. So how does one price a mobile app? Below given discussions about Best Ways to Price Your Mobile Application.

Everyone knows that there are nothing like standard or ideal pricing chart, but certain things which could assist you to sell your app better. By using the cost-oriented method, developers could first calculate the average amount it would cost you to develop your app and promote it.

Later then you can decide the amount of profits you would wish to make from it. This would adeptly provide the price you should charge for your customer. This actually works if your calculation is wholly accurate.

The demand-oriented method is simple and flexible. The developers can first determine the demand for their app and find out how much each section of your audience is wishing to pay for it. By using this method you have to provide multiple pricing plans to your customer, each plan offering them different features.

You can also adopt the value-oriented method of pricing which certainly permits you to price your product according to their actual value, to your potential customer. If the app is going to benefit the user in large way, he is going to be wishing to spend few dollars more for it.

By using the competitor-oriented method of pricing a product, developers can price their app in relation to the existing competition. This guarantees fair pricing for your mobile app and provides your audience the impression that you are at par with the global competition. It is also the legitimate thing to do in an open market.

Also raising your price slightly above the competition would make customers think that yours is a better product. But care must be taken that one should not overprice it so much as to make your visitors run away.


  • One must not stick with just one app pricing technique and be open to trying it all.
  • Also do not worry if your app sales drop considerably the first time round.
  • It is always better to slightly under price than grossly overprice your product.
  • Try charging app price for customers a monthly fee rather than an annual one. This would provide them the impression of spending far less on it.
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