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You could find all key app stores in the mobile market today are filled with both free apps and paid apps. Due to sharp rise in smartphone users over the years there is wide range of demand for mobile apps for several mobile systems. Also you can easily make money by selling free apps.

Moreover the mobile app developers and content publishers have seen the good potential of earning by way of these mobile apps. It is easy to make money by selling paid apps and there are ways to earn by way of free apps for developers too.

Using mobile ad networks is one of the top ways to earn by way of in-app advertising. These networks provide easy integration with apps, thereby assisting you start earning your revenue almost instantly.

By immensely employing rich media ad networks sustain the interest of your viewers and making them to return to you more often. Since these ads are appealing so they automatically attract more viewership and higher CPMs. Also signing up for ad exchanges could be of assistance to you since it allows you integrate with numerous ad networks at one and the same time.

Getting sponsorship for a mobile app is the quality way of getting assured high returns from it. Also, developing an app for the advertiser guarantees better integration of the app with the sponsoring brand. It is also noted that publishers could hope to sustain a long-lasting relationship with the sponsoring brand.

Providing both free and paid versions of the same app would assist you maintain the free version without having to worry about returns. Professionally running a single ad network on the free version would mean easy integration without draining off your any resources.

The users would do well to provide your potential customer a beneficial app or even better. If users are receiving sponsorship for your app, you could try and make the best use of both rich content as well as mobile device-specific features, so as to provide the exclusive media experience to users.

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