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With so much interesting App Marketing events going on these days, I could find my perfect solace in spending time with Ways in which Social Networks can help with App Marketing.

App marketing with social media can also go wrong and prove to be counter-productive if you do not handle it in professional manner. Here are some do’s and don’ts of marketing your app via the several social media channels available to you.

You can interact on Facebook

Facebook is the most familiar social network in existence today. This media channel provides you a single platform to interact with variety of prosperous users from all over the globe. You can also make sure in developing a strong enough presence for yourself on Facebook. Also become available to your audience on this platform and keep regular constant touch with them.

Users can also Tweet Away

Twitter is another social media channel that allows you get together with your users. You can tweet about your latest activities, achievements and so on. Twitter is also employed by customers as a sort of feedback platform, as also one to contact you in case they have some queries and issues with your app. Also make sure to address all your user issues instantly. If they are satisfied with your service, they will mention you in their own tweets. This would certainly work as additional promotion for your app.

Actively add Novelty to Your App

Take a novel, perspective on your app. You can tell your potential customers why your app is special and how it would assist them better than all the other apps in that specific category. Using the right words to illustrate your app to your visitors is important part of app marketing.

You can add Videos of Your App

Develop interesting videos of your app. Offer users an initial idea of your app by presenting video clips enumerating way your app functions, basic app UI, app navigation and so on. Upload the videos and ask users to add their comments and feedback.

Don’t do following mistakes

Don’t Prattle on Uninterestingly

Your content must be interesting and informative to your users. Do not go on talking about yourself and your achievements. No one wish to listen to that sort of boring prattle.

You can delete Negative Comments

You do get negative comments and feedback on your app. So do not delete these comments, since they will add a touch of reality to your user reviews. You can always make a note of these complaints and try to address them as best as you can. The users can ask dissatisfied users to get in touch with you and immensely try to solve their issues.

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