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It is well understandable that search engine optimisation, or SEO has given the whole amount of confusing details which actually exists relating to SEO this year of 2019. Most importantly there are few factors which are likely to do more baleful than beneficial if applied to a website’s SEO strategy.

Some of the details might seem to make sense at first but given out guidelines by the main search engines would entirely illustrate that there are myths.

Using a Dot Com Extension for Your Domain Name

Most of the people think that dot com is much desirable, according to giant Google it is not the case that they choose dot com domains and rank them much higher than other extensions such as dot net or dot org. Primarily it is true that in the beginning Google could only recognise dot coms but those olden days are long gone. If you are a local firm, interestingly looking to attract local customers then it is more beneficial to choose a domain with your country code such as co.uk in the United Kingdom.

Keyword Research Is No Longer beneficial

Most of them and SEO consultancies too, seem to think that ‘they know all aspects’ when it comes to what prosperous clients will look for. As a result, they try to optimise their websites and backlinks based on this assumption and then generally wonder why there has been no uplift in traffic visits.

Keyword research is crucial as it gathers details from search engines and competitors using actual searches, and could regularly reveal keywords that hadn’t even been thought of earlier.

Social Media is Kid’s Play

It is learnt that globally many billion people use social media and that comprises the entire age range of the population. Social media is important for any business for branding. The strong ability to target specific demographics using particular social media platforms makes it one of the qualitative marketing tools available.

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