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It is largely discussed that mobile has become the centre screen for content consumption, advertising, and shopping causing brands to use mobile as important medium that not only efficiently drives sales but also redefines customer engagement across many stores.

Myths explained for best mobile commerce apps that are assisting brands hit the right note allowing brands connect better with their customers and making purchasing simpler than ever before.

eBay app

Everyone willing to engage in shopping and so leading online marketplace, eBay cashed in on this popular trend by creating auctions, permitting users to bid on time-sensitive auctions from anywhere, anytime.

It is also qualitatively streamlined the search and discovery process in the app by allowing users type in the name of the product, product category, or any search term that’s related to what they are looking for, and view all related results displayed on the phone’s screen.

If a user participates in a number of auctions all at once, he/she can select to display the current status of all items that they have bid on the Home Screen. Moreover the app also permits users to gain quick access to critical information by placing large, color-coded navigation buttons that are labeled Watching, Buying, and Selling on the Home screen.

Walmart app

The recent study illustrates that 58 percent of smartphone owners use mobile for in-store shopping and so Walmart professionally used this to their advantage by centering their mobile efforts on offering improved features in-store experience.

The retail brand added mobile coupons to boost their scan and go self checkout program. The feature allows shoppers use the Walmart app on their phones to scan items and add them to a virtual shopping cart as they continue to walk through the store. In addition the shoppers can pay at a self-checkout counter rather than having to wait in long queues to scan their items individually at the checkout lane.

They also added store locator feature that permits users to order their groceries online and then pick them up at a nearby store without having to set foot inside the store. The feature uses the GPS information from the customer’s phone to determine the nearest store. The best advantage here is the fact that it allows customers fulfil their immediate requirements and also avoid shipping costs.

Amazon app

Amazon has real blend of seamless one-click payments, intuitive navigation, and data-driven recommendations for sake of users. The brand also made best efforts to personalize their offerings by implementing a loyalty program named Amazon Prime. It was effectively focused to solve one of the primary pain points of an online shopper – delivery.

More importantly with the launch of AmazonLocal, an app that perfectly allows users to buy vouchers and secure special offers powered by other companies like LivingSocial. The app also uses the location of the user to find exciting offers on goods and services from local businesses in their area. More importantly the shoppers can even redeem these deals straight from their device without having to deal with actual vouchers.

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