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It is suggested that a well-designed blog would be strong foundation for a successful content marketing strategy for many brands. Moreover a blog can attract, engage, and convert leads simultaneously. There are numerous reasons you require blog to market your business in 2021.

From actively building a lead base to engaging and converting them, blogs are beneficial for organization in many ways.  If people are new to the world of blogging and content marketing, listed below are the most popular blog builders you can use to build your brand’s blog.


It is a free CMS platform, permitting you to develop a blog for your website. The users will have to develop the website yourself to integrate it, and you will have to find a hosting service to host it. But if you are committed to starting a blog, an excellent hosting service won’t break the bank.


WordPress.com is different in terms of functionality and accessibility. They have free blog hosting site from Automattic which permits bloggers to use the platform for free, with limited functionality.


They can be qualitative tool for an aspiring blogger to begin developing their blogging profile or draw traffic to their blog or website through blogs published on the Medium platform. In addition it features a limited social networking module, permitting readers to comment on the articles or give it a Clap.


Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder that is adeptly designed for business owners. You don’t require any technical web development knowledge required, a person can use the tool to develop beautiful websites with a blog added to them. They strongly focus on empowering brands to develop their websites without hiring a web designer or developer.


They are open-source CMS platform and are used to build a variety of websites around the globe today. It needs working knowledge of key web development technologies like HTML and CSS. It is best for websites that need a sense of design and functionality.

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