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App Predictions for 2018

Now that we’ve been hearing lot from the reputed App Developer’s Conference held last week and checked out number of App Predictions for 2018. I’m in the passionate mood for some more information’s than ever before.  It is highly noted that AR would likely become more integrated into a variety of mainstream apps in the coming year.

If you analyze at AR in terms of a yearly progression, 2016 was the year it made news with the popular success of Pokémon GO and Snapchat’s rise introducing AR to increasingly larger global audiences. So in 2018, the apps that developers have been building this year would go actively to market, and we could really see AR transform from a more niche experience to a technology that global users will encounter more often.

When it comes to global consumer applications of AR, as of now, China is primarily at the front and is wholly leading in terms of sales of AR. It also makes sense that China would actively lead in regards to mobile AR because so much of its population where historically illustrates a massive appetite for the latest advanced innovations.

Pokémon GO was able to hit the $500 million in just over 60 days, a massive pace that simply made it the fastest app to ever hit that milestone. Given just how popular and dedicated the fan base of Harry Potter is, and that Niantic would professionally launch Wizards Unite with the good benefits of lessons learned from Pokémon GO.

Using downloads as an indicator of consumer global interest; we already have a good analysis of what’s coming in 2018. There’s been immense increase in downloads of AR apps with AR downloads growing in late 2017, an upward movement that we expect to continue. It was also noted that in many ways 2017 was the year of cultivation as giant Facebook, Google and Apple illustrated huge investments in AR at their developer conferences. In conclusion it’s going to be an interesting year of development for AR, to say the least.

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