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What’s the future for Google?

It is certain that the future of Google Company mostly lies solidly with artificial intelligence. In addition the Google will be the operating system of the world. They have already power phones, browsers and home automation. It will be expanding further into the internet of things. But still many people are anxious to know about what’s the future for Google?

More importantly the Google will evolve to personalize search results even more than it is presently doing. Also personal data would be the new Metadata. In addition mobile use and the significant importance of mobile friendliness for Google would continue to greatly spike, specifically in developing countries.

Also the voice search will be greatly used, perfected, and integrated. Moreover the video and user-generated content will wholly dominate written copy. More importantly Google would rapidly figure out ways to evaluate the kind of content that websites are publishing out and qualitatively factoring that into their search algorithms.

Google on ambient computing is a term that encompasses several concepts. With this core, they are the best combination of hardware, software, user experience, and machine/human interaction and learning, all of quality things ending to the acumen idea of using a computer or internet-enabled device, without necessarily consciously utilizing it.

It is noted that Google hasn’t made any big ecommerce or commerce purchases in general but you can really expect that to change. Google will try to dominate the hardware industry. Primarily they are collecting more data and that permits them to develop the most amount of money from advertising since all of their devices drive people to their search engine that is totally filled with ads.

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