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Get Your App Users To Do App Marketing For You


Creating an app is one thing and getting a market for the app is another uphill task that most app developers have to deal with. You can hire professionals to do the marketing on your job at given price or devise ways to let your app users do the app marketing. One of the major ways to get your users market your app is to make your app go viral.

Essential ingredients to make your app go viral

Once you make your app go viral customers will be able to share over the internet through social media, email or even word of mouth. This is actually the best option for an app developer because you can never go wrong with word of mouth. If you are aiming at marketing your app by making it viral, it is important to incorporate the aspect of virality when building the app right from the start.

In order to be successful in this the app has to pass the following four tests:

  • It must have something valuable enough to share – this could be a photo, an article, a playlist or even great vine. Whenever customers get to share any of these they will have the urge to use the app more often
  • It must be easy for users to share in order to allow friends to join
  • Users must get a reward for sharing the app and get incentives for them to come back.
  • More value must be created as more people use the app.

Key rules when implementing a viral strategy

Make it easy for users

If you want to successfully enable users to market your app, make it an effortless app. It should be so easy to use that once you start using it you get fully absorbed in it. You can achieve this by removing any obstacles and doubts that could cross the user’s mind when using the app. Create one click sign in through sites like Twitter or Facebook. Ensure that you show pictures of friends so that a user can identify with the app to convince them to use it. Device a way to encourage users right on the first screen and show them how to grow their network. Besides, show the top actions so that the users have a clear guideline on what to do. Most importantly, make it easier for users to post the app to various social platforms so that it is easier to reach other users.

Offer a reward

Reward works wonders for anybody and the same applies with app marketing when using viral strategy. You should find ways to motivate users who invite their friends to use your app. Any reward will go a long way in bringing in more users. You should also reward the friends that are invited so that more friends will use your app. The rewards could be in form of extra storage, free themes, discounts, and sample sizes, free upgrade to another level or even a character. In order to make the users start using the app quite early make it appear like a promotion whose time is limited. You can consider rewarding loyal users with real cash just to put your marketing to a higher level.

Control should be in the hands of the user

You should state clearly on what your app shares and whether users have control on whether to share or not. It is very important to be transparent so that users will have confidence in using your app. Ensure that you make it easier for users to have control on what they can share.

Retain users to attract more users

It is evident that the more people use your app the more they will let others know about it especially if they have used it for long. You can retain the users you already have through using notifications that often motivate them to use the app always. The notifications could be tips or even messages on what they can get. The notifications are important but they should not be too much that they become a bother. Always target users who have a lot of connections in order to boost the app marketing.

Therefore it is actually possible to get more users to your app as long as you follow the right channel. At the end of the day you will get more financial benefits from the app you created.