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With millions of mobile apps available in multiple major app stores such as Google Play and iTunes, it can be hard for an upcoming developer to get their app noticed even if it is a spectacular app. Fortunately there are ways to get your app to stand out amongst the crowd through proper app marketing and app promotion


App PromotionProper App store optimization

App store optimization is a crucial way to get noticed. It allows you to be recognized straight from the app store through searches. The best way to boost your ASO (app store optimization) is to understand how keywords and descriptions play a factor in searches. Learn about keywords, do some research, and develop a killer app store description for your app!


Being unique is how many of the top rated apps have made it big today. You aren’t going to get noticed when you are competing with millions of others if you don’t have that It* quality to your app. Unfortunately for many aspiring app developers, finding a unique app idea that has not already been created is a huge challenge.


Once you have your app created, you should also make a website to go with it that links to the various download areas in the app stores. This is where you can really market your app through social media connections and SEO!

Friends and Family

Getting more downloads and positive reviews is essential to getting the ball rolling. Unfortunately how are you going to get more downloads when you don’t have any to begin with? This is where friends and family come in handy. Have them help through downloads and reviews to give your app a boost!

PR — Press release

Press releases are a great way to gain more exposure. Write press releases yourself for other news magazines, or hire someone to do it for you! You’d be amazed at the results!

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