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Marketing app on mobile phones requires skill and knowledge on how advertising operates. These marketing skills are a little different from the traditional product marketing although a few tips could be borrowed.

Here are the most common mistakes in app marketing.

Lack of a proper marketing strategy

When developing an app for sale, it is important to factor in the mode of marketing one intends to use. Having your app advertized on all those sites does not guarantee downloads. The way it appears is quite important. Do not make the ad long and tiring. The instructions on it should be clear. Use fewer words to convey the message. You should also be very careful with your choice of words for the descriptions, titles and keywords. Make the important words stand out. It would also help if you place a segment for satisfied customers to give their feedback for other targeted users to read.

Creating web- based apps

This is another grievous mistake made by app developers who want to make their work easier. A successful app should be able to work even in areas that have low or no internet connections. Building native apps can be a cumbersome endeavor but it pays off eventually as it is preferred by most Smartphone users. If you find it absolutely necessary to use multiple platforms, use one whose programming language supports native apps such as Xamarin, Corona Labs and PhoneGap.

Treating Mobile phones like desktops

This common mobile app marketing error is done by creating a mobile app to look exactly like a desktop app, only on a smaller screen a mobile phone app should have less features than those in a desktop app. This is because a mobile screen is smaller hence it is harder to input details. When developing this app, ensure you simplify it by including the steps that are extremely necessary and leave out those that the app can do without on the mobile. Also use larger buttons as this will make the app easier to manage.

No channels of communication between consumers and developers

 Just because a consumer downloads your app, you cannot be guaranteed that they will continue to use it. Not being able to satisfy the customer beyond installation may cost you as a developer and marketer of the app. You should consider providing a feedback platform because sometimes consumers may have issues and queries that need response. When they are not able to get this, uninstalling your app and getting a better phone will be their only option.

Lack of a customer retention plan

 Concentrating only on the number of downloads your app gets is a drawback as far as app developing and marketing is concerned. Design your app in a way that will ensure your audience will retain them after download. In case of a game, if it is too easy to finish, the consumer gets bored. If too difficult, they get frustrated. Make sure your app is easy to understand and use. Also, it is advisable to come up with a mechanism that occasionally reminds the consumer that the app exists in their device by providing upgrades and updates.

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