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Best App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools


There are many different tools that a budding mobile developer can use to optimize their app for greater visibility and higher rankings. These are called ASO tools (App Store Optimization) and it can be difficult to choose the best one for you because there is such a wide variety of them. Below is a list of  best ASO tools that are available.

App Radar – App Marketing Software – $2 / Day

App Marketing SoftwareApp Radar is an online tool that helps app developers understand and optimize their app store appearance. It comes with useful keyword tracking & research functionality and is the first tool that lets them publish and manage app store listings for both Google Play & Apple App Store in one place. Thus app owners can unleash the full potential of their app and boost downloads.

MobileDev HQ – $0-$350/month

mobile_dev_hqAn ASO toolset for developers that helps developers better understand the current ASO landscape. These tools can be used to find out what keywords to use, what keywords competitors are using, app titles, app description, and other choices that can impact an app’s rankings. MobileDev HQ boasts an average of 20% increase in downloads and includes a calculator on their website to see how much more money developers can make by using their toolset.

SearchMan – $25/app/month

search_man_logoThis powerful ASO helps track search rankings, analyze keywords, compete for rankings, and optimize their apps. Unlike most ASO tools, SearchMan charges the developer per application. This is important to app developers who are not very well-known yet and only have one or two apps out on the app store.


AppCodes – $14.95/month

appcodesOne of the cheapest ASO tools, Appcodes is geared towards indie developers. While Appcodes may not offer all the funcationality of some of the other ASO tools out there, it is inexpensive for what it does. In case a developer is hesitant about what it can do, Appcodes offers a demo account to show off its abilities.

Sensor Tower/AppStoreRankings – $59-$299/month

sensor_towerMore commonly known as Sensor Tower, the company claims that over 25,000 companies use it. Its review analysis gives you a detailed breakdown of the customers and can identify what your audience’s concerns are with your app. This analysis is important to any developer that wants to get that exclusive 5 star rating.

AppRankCorner – FREE / $ 19.95 – 299.95 / Month

App Rank CornerAppRankCorner  specially designed for app developers and indie app developers in mind. The web app helps you to track your apps in all categories and countries, keep in touch with your keywords ranking, optimize them all. The service also features elaborate keywords suggestions. When developer connect their iTunes Connect account, they can visualize all their apps downloads and revenue in one tool!


Android App Marketing – Lesson 16 – Keep Top in Category Ranking


Congratulations your app has made it to the top in it’s category. Now you just need to make sure that it stays there. App search optimization (ASO) is what helped you get to the top and now you need to keep your users happy and interested so you don’t fall out of the top.

In order to stay on top you need to be on top of the ever changing app world. Your updates should not only improve your app but it should make your app better than your competitors. If you are a business app that provides information for small businesses, and apps, then you should not just post information for your users but you should explore similar apps and make sure your information is just as up-to-date as theirs.

If you have to money to, and you haven’t already; get your app on TV. A televised commercial off your app will drive more people to download it. This is the age of technology and you should take advantage of every opportunity there is. Using all of the android app marketing you have learned you will be able to fight to stay on top, you will also have an advantage over anyone who does not know all of these android app marketing techniques.

Connect with other apps. If you can partner with other apps in your niche you can gain users from them, and they can gain users from you. This can be very powerful if the apps work well together. Reaching out to other develops can help you stay on top, and they could even help bring you to the top

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Android App Marketing – Lesson 15 – App Updating and Price drops


An update for your app is never a bad thing. An update is to improve your app whether the improvement it big or small. You should not keep an update a secret to your users. That means that there is more android app marketing for you to look forward to. Just like you would market your app before it is in stores, you should market your upcoming update the same way. Using means of social media you can announce an update and some of the new things that to be expected in it. The only type of update you shouldn’t announce is a bug fix.

You should announce the update a week or two before it will be released depending on the size of the update. Make sure that people are aware that there is going to be an update and that they are aware of some or all of the upcoming changes. If you got people excited for your app before the release then you will be able to get people excited about the upcoming update.

A price drop can happen for good and bad reasons with an app. A good reason would be lowering the price as a special event for a short amount of time then returning it to it’s original price. This could be a good idea around holidays such as Christmas because people will have more money to spend on apps. A bad reason is no one is buying your app so you have to drop your price in order to hope people will be more interested. Your app is only worth so much, you can still have a paid app you just need to find the marginal cost of it.

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Android App Marketing – Lesson 14 – User Acquisition and User Retention


The one thing every app developer wishes to see is good app retention. Android app marketing is to get you the downloads but now you need people to use your app and often. Different types of apps have a different defining good or bad retention scale. An app that is a game is likely to be used more often than an app for finding a TV show’s Showtime. This makes it difficult to correctly judge how effective your user retention actually is.

In order to check your user retention look at a line graph. Your personal retention will show where your high and low points are. Your average retention as of six months should be higher than your first month. If people are not using your app as often as they should then it’s time to head to the drawing board. Why is your retention low? It could be low because an update hasn’t happened for a while, or maybe it was an update that lowered your retention.

User Acquisition is more directly between you are your users. While you can just wait and hope that your users rate and review your app, some of them need more of a push to do so. Making an in-app popup that asks people to rate your app can help people to actually review and rate your app. Sometimes though, that is not always enough. User acquisition is all about gaining customers and so sometimes an incentive can be given to users. For example a game app may give away fee crystals to anyone that reviews the app, where crystals are usually gotten by leveling up or buying them.

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Android App Marketing – Lesson 13 – Word of mouth or user recommendations


Both of these topics are very similar and will sometimes be used to mean the same thing. All it is? Good, free, high return marketing. Very self explanatory word-of-mouth is android app marketing that someone hears from someone else. For example John Doe gets your app, likes it, and tell Jane Doe to get it. This is free marketing for you and there is a good chance Jane Doe will at least try your app. People will believe people they know over an ad that they see.

Why is this such a high return form of marketing? If a friend tells you that you should check out an app, chances are they are going to ask you later on if you downloaded it yet. This can also be a deciding factor if you are a paid app. If Jane Doe see’s app X and it costs money, and Jane Doe knows that her friend John Doe has that app Jane Doe is likely to ask John Doe if the app is worth it.

It does not matter what your app is known for in order to make word-of-mouth marketing effective. The app Flappy Bird (recently removed from the app store and play store) was known for being a frustrating game that people only complained about. Well, people downloaded the game just to see how frustrating it was. Then those people complained, and more downloaded it.

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