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Google Play Store Marketing

If app developers like to succeed their app then they have to follow smart app marketing techniques. The developers should have a thorough understanding of the users they wish to target. They must learn and understand what compels them to download an app and what’s key to them.

Most of the valuable details can be extracted from beta users and quantitative surveys. These processes should take place before any code is written since the kind of information must actively guide both your app development and marketing strategy. Your research must assist you discover the quality way to monetize your app, whether through ads or other methods.

Mobile Marketing Statistics that App Developers Need to Know

If you are a business owner and offer products or services to other businesses (B2B) then it’s vital to make sure that your marketing strategies comprise mobile apps, since the estimated revenue that’s generated from them is $77 billion in 2017 alone.

Primarily 68% of businesses have already combined mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. This comprises of all forms of digital marketing, advertising, sales, branding, providing discounts and rewards points and other uses.

Marketing an App

The developer’s message on the Google Play Store must exhibit vivid picture of what your app does and why it’s worth downloading. The global users require knowing what it can do for them and what beneficial features set it apart from other apps. The app developers must build a professional structured marketing plan for optimal results. They should have structured plan which encompasses four steps namely Awareness, Trial, Purchase and Repeat – otherwise called as ATPR model.

The app developers must undertake several marketing process which would certainly create awareness about your app. This is why social media, PR, search engines and many other app marketing methods should be used to expose your app.

You can allow users to experience your app through free or trial versions, as well as through incentives that would attract users to try your app. It can be accomplished through discounts, special offers, and bulk sales. Developing loyalty programs and extensions are other ways to be accomplished. By strictly following the ATPR model and suitable apt marketing plan one could easily get the framework in place to actively stimulate the growth of your app.

Merit of Quality PR

Quality PR is an invaluable piece of the app marketing particularly when it’s coming from credible sources. You can approach to the press, tech writers, and android bloggers for giving positive sound about your apps through reviews. So when people write about your app it highly improves your search rankings in the Play Store.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this above phenomenon’s, it is right time to jump on board and make sure you get rapid success by implementing mobile app marketing strategies today.

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