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Google Play Rating

If you are searching for different experiences with Google Play Ratings, then I suggest giving a look at various aspects. The several features and instructions that you come across fit the user’s requirements rather well and are pretty quality.

There are some common issues that actually plague online reviews, specifically in regards to app ratings. One such problem arises from the reviewer’s location. It is seen that often times bugs found in an app can be wholly localized, occurring only in particular countries or regions. As it presently stands, the sum of negative reviews from a country that is almost experiencing issues like bugs and absolute crashes can bring down an app’s overall rating. This could impact a user’s decision to install, even if they naturally reside in a location where this issue is not similarly occurring.

No sooner than this year, Google will immensely segregate reviews by region to combat this issue. This will offer users with a more perfect insight on how well an app or game is received in their location, as well as performance issues they could expect. In addition, this change could assist culturally relevant apps to improve ratings in the regions they are exactly intended for.

Also Changes by Device Form Factor

It is said that another common problem in ratings that many users are popular with is performance based on device kind. Some apps might be immensely optimized for particular devices, such as high-end phones, but actually suffer from lag or even inoperability on budget devices or a few kinds of tablets. A low rating that calls out performance issues could naturally impact a user’s decision to install, thereby even if they would have a seamless experience on their own device.

While the exact date has yet to be announced, Google stated that next year they would expand review filtering to encompass device form factors. The users will instantly have a good idea of how well an app will work on their device without having to pore through reviews or download and view them.

This is particularly impactful as the number of several devices continues to increase. Similarly, unlike Apple devices, the Android operating system wholly supports a multitude of device manufacturers.

With thousands of unique devices with a wide range of hardware specifications, all permitting apps from the Google Play Store, being able to view which apps will function on a specific device will be beneficial data points.

Latest for Developers

Google will also be offering tools for developers to track their KPIs in regards to these changes. The acumen developers will be able to access more granular data in their popular Google Play Console dashboard than was previously available. Moreover, on the Rating tab under Performance over Time it would now be possible to independently select the plot’s time period, from the last 28 days up through the complete or whole life of the app.

More importantly, the rating data can now be aggregated daily, weekly, or every 28 days. The developers will have the wide option to download CSVs of rating data. Thereby applying the new selection options to these CSVs would offer deeper insight into how fluctuations in rating might reflect campaigns and updates, and make it simpler to offer customer support for negative reviews.

It is seen that Google has also assured developers that they will offer ample time to minimize the negative impacts of these upcoming changes. Beginning 10 weeks prior to each deployment of the new kind of rating system improvements, Google will adeptly and automatically analyze the expected impact on an app’s rating. Moreover, any developer who could expect a shift of 0.2 stars or more will be given notice so they could address any issues before they arise. The developers can get ahead of the game now by viewing ratings by device and country in the Google Play Console.

It is enumerated that Google has announced upcoming changes to the Google Play Store rating system. These possible changes strongly aim to improve the accuracy of app ratings depending on a user’s location and device kind. So starting in this month of 2021, the users will see ratings and reviews particular to their country or territory.

Also thereby sometime next year, these reviews would be segregated even further into device form factors. Also along with user-facing changes, the acumen developers will have new tools available in the Google Play Console, which will offer more insight into what factors are primarily impacting their app’s rating.

Expected Changes                            

  • Beginning in November, Google will alter the system behind Play Store ratings for apps and games.
  • The ratings will be localized, causing some apps to have different ratings for people in different areas of the world.
  • By next year, ratings will become even more specific by taking device form factors into account.

Precisely the Apps and games on the Google Play Store have aggregated review scores. In simple words, Google adds up all the scores from users around the world and averages them out to develop a final score. It is reflected by the star rating you see with all the apps and all relevant games on Google Play.

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