New App Marketing Techniques

The on-going evolution of mobile apps continues to roll on. The apps move away from being standalone platforms and are professionally integrated into comprehensive mobile strategies.

Mobile’s sensational impact has been recognized, and we have started to evaluate it as key part of the business. The firms with the most successful apps are the ones that are willing to put sincere resources into marketing their apps in order to get that mobile app into the hands of their prosperous customers.

Recent studies show the number of people using mobile surpassed those using desktop. The customers demand and expect a mobile app to be a major touch point between them and their favourite brands. More than 90% of the time spent on mobile devices is devoted to app use alone. However it is noticed that customers expect to shop and interact with brands in a mobile environment rather than other channels.

It is vital to note that app marketing is a whole new ball game and they require a new marketing approach. Some of the unique challenges facing marketers would be targeting problems, understanding downloads versus users, app store & Play store rankings, and much more. To assist you navigate the landscape of mobile app marketing, below given are app marketing strategies which are proven to be effective.

Strongly Focus on KPIs specific to the app’s market

The goals must be specific, measurable, realistic, and so on. You need to direct your focus for the KPIs specific to app marketing. These comprise app store rankings, organic and loyal user acquisition, cost-per-download, and app store optimization. Appoint a dedicated team to focus on the significance and benefit of these KPIs in your marketing plan. Your app marketing goals must coincide with the goals of other marketing strategies. Always better to focus on those KPIs that are unique to app marketing.

Dedicate the resources to your app deserves

Studies enumerate that 80% of consumers wish to receive location-based alerts on their mobile phones. You can go for invest in a geo-fencing and push notification marketing strategies because it’s what passionate consumers want. Your goal should be to maintain your app’s visibility in key marketplaces year-round.

Better to Avoid getting pulled in too many directions

Aligning the goals of all different departments in a company might not be easy, but through on going communications and routine meetings with team members, you would stand a much better chance at hitting all of these different goals and minimizing struggles.

Partner your app marketing team with a mobile marketing expert

If partnering with a mobile marketing technology provider, you might wish to explore with the members of your team or any outside agencies that operate your app marketing campaigns. This would reduce of your budget and good chance at achieving an optimal rank among app stores

Market the experience and not the app

Today’s consumers look for the simplest experiences offered by brands In fact, 86% of consumers are more likely to purchase when they are not overwhelmed with confusing details. The strategy of marketing the experience rather than the app has actually caused customer experience to become a front-running issue of businesses across nearly every industry.

Organically lifting your app to new high page ranks

The paid media buys would certainly give your app a boost in the rankings. The more downloads you get through your media placements, the higher your rank becomes in the app stores and thereby how visible it is to potential organic users. The best strategy to achieve organic lift is a burst campaign. Your goal is to achieve your app’s optimal rank, which is actually reached by finding the best balances between ads spend; app store ranking and organic downloads.

Better to Test for tactfulness, not perfection

Measuring the success of app marketing strategies is different than measuring areas of traditional marketing for a few reasons. The best of today might not be the best tomorrow since there will most likely be a more efficient way to relay information just look at geo-fencing. Better to compare the old with the new and select those that serve your needs the best.

Android App Promotion Services

Android App Promotion Services

It is always noted that all quality Android app promotion services can be quite good particularly when it is expressed through help of best app marketing companies. Not only helps the users overwhelmed with joy but also make the whole App Store optimization worth implemented.

Why should you use Mobile App Marketing Agency?

Having the low average rating and negative reviews, could have bad effect on your app. The global users do not like to install such apps, no matter how good it is. Without proper android app marketing it would decrease your daily installs amount, same as the daily revenue.

App Optimization and App Marketing

As you might have heard before many times that there are several app marketing agency and app marketing services. Without a good App Store Optimization and best professional app marketing company your app would never become familiar.

As users would not find it in the search and will not install if the graphics are done poorly. Keyword installs is presently the number one tool in terms of efficiency of getting tons of economic organic installs and increasing your income. This process is qualitatively done by good app marketing company and android app promotion services.

Why Is App Optimization and Android App Promotion Services so Important?

ASO app store optimization is the vital piece of today’s business generation. The users will never be able to achieve good results and bring your strategy to success without the help of Mobile Application Marketing Companies.

It is enumerated that global users should keep in mind that they have to compete with billions of existing apps. For this reason, Mobile Apps Marketing, App PR Company, App PR Service, app marketing companies can appear to be your only chance to gain recognition and stand out from your main competitors. Moreover the latest reports show that customers mainly use app store search to find new applications.



It is trusted that a media push could leverage the publicity of your app and even drive downloads, such best efforts do not last for a long period. There have been numerous analysis that determined long-term effect of promotional campaigns. The cogent campaigns have attracted millions of viewers for particular period of time and after the promotions stop, these apps could not attain the success for long. Such expedient strategies did not work for the mobile app success in the long run.

You might think for going press releases and numerous mailers to several inboxes but these strategies work for a temporary period of time. Relying on outside forces for driving your app to immense success is of no use.

Steps to promote an app for long period of time

  • You could start marketing your app before its launch. This would assist you build a strong foundation for your app marketing efforts.
  • It is better to build up the marketing timeline to a strong crescendo, so that at the beginning of your marketing investment starts soft and conclusively peaks with their successful launch.
  • You could engage potential customers early and get them interested in the app.
  • Seek out prosperous customers so that you get quality feedback and they become well-wishers for the success of your app.

Power of email campaigns

In recent times the email campaigns are not given much prefernce particularly after the proliferation of social sites and tools. You could build your vital email list comprising your familiar social media contacts and leverage Twitter messages, efficacious landing pages, or comparable social media spreading tools so that you could attract everyone’s attention. Email marketing is beneficial and would reflect majority of users who are not tech-savvy but interested enough to be the app’s early adopters.

Blog your way in

It is better to start a blog that is dedicated to the app and it’s popular development. You could also ask for feedback about the app’s important features and even credit them for assisting you out. You could also utilize choices to blog comprising Blogger and WordPress with consistent way. Blogs are utilizied to connect and marvel relationships with early users of the app which would assist you promote the app after successful launch.

Blogging is key in building interest around your app and also for quality search visibility. One could also utilize targeted keywords, write quality content, and use quality links to connect to the online influencers for good reach through search engine rankings. It is also possible to analzye your primary purpose of the app and what the customers require, using keywords from the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Post Your App on Preapps Community

PREAPPS comprise a effective community of users who are keen to utilize new app ideas before they plan to release the app. The global users could sign-up and even be a beta tester to know the latest apps and core concepts. Once you post your app, other users would approach you to beta test your app. This move would attain you inputs and positive feedback to work. One require to offer information’s such as app name, description, price, domain, release date, screenshots and icons to register your app. You could always update the details any time.

Get sneaky with the assistance of sneak peeks and lucrative teasers

A visual works wonders in the psyche of the public and so “sneak peeks” are efficacious in catching the people. It is better to introduce a sneak peek for your app comprising some interesting screenshots from your app and a brief promo about what the user could anticipate from your app.

An app-specific website could also invite users to the app and give a glimpse into what they could actually expect from the app. Eventually the Sneak peeks could attract hundreds of users and sometimes even thousands, offering a immense list of interested users.

Beta testers would help marketable app for you

It is revealed that beta testers could be your good supporters and even market your app through word-of-mouth. These testers are professional resources for attaining a reach to your targeted global audience. A closed beta attracts numerous users to the app and creates interest in people who are eager enough to know about the familiarity of the app.

In conclusion marketing your app before any successful launch is a acumen idea, but one should be smart enough to use necessary tools and resources that could really create buzz for your app. Social media is a best place to start, but a blog or an email campaign could also work amazing for the visibility of your app.


App marketing

In rapid development of mobile app technology it is necessary to try out Video for App Marketing. There are ofcourse different channels to promote your app with video. The types of video you want to create is going to depend on where you actually plan to use it.

Before beginning to work on your video, you wish to know if you’ll use it on the app stores, for user acquisition or for something else (website, PR, etc.). There are plenty of novel ideas on where to utilize video to promote your app and to give some tips on how to get the best out of every beneficial channel and what type of videos works best on each.

Video Platforms

There are many Video Platforms respectively as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion where one could begin by uploading your video on a relevant video platform. Also make sure that you select a video title that comprises your main keywords and also using respective keywords in the video description. In case if you have a voice over or text in your video, add that somewhere in the qualitative description. It is revealed that the description’s text is searchable on video platforms like YouTube.

Social Media

You could also place video on your app website or your app landing page. It is better to have a proper thumbnail with a play button or the video directly on the page. It is always suggested to pick right thumbnail/preview of your video wisely as it could actually change the number of people watching your video. The better your video and the more individuals watch it, the more chances you have to convert your website visitors into prosperous  app customers. You could also share your video with your community on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. If your adorable followers/fans like your app, they are more likely to share your video than a regular status update.

Bloggers and Journalists

When reaching out to quality bloggers and journalists,  your pitch of video must be best assets. Generally they might not have time to read your press release, but if your pitch is efficaciously good then they most likely have 30 seconds to watch your quality video and decide if they wish to know more. For developing a video it takes sincere effort, but it could be of amazing value when you start pitching your app.


If people have numerous apps targeting the same audience? Then you have good opportunity for cross promotion. It is possible to place in one app an ad launching a video of another of your apps. But care should be taken that video requires to be very short about 15 seconds. You could just have a link in the “More” section of your app.

Awards, Pitches and Contests

You could also try Awards, Pitches and Contests. Generally some of them require a demo or promo video. No need to convey that if your video is best and engaging, you have more chances to win. For other cases you’ll have to perform demo of your app in front of a selected jury. Live demos could go well and quality video, to the accurate point, could convey your message more efficiously. Eventually Video is a powerful way to enumerate what is unique about your app and why people require it.

Get Your App Users To Do App Marketing For You


Creating an app is one thing and getting a market for the app is another uphill task that most app developers have to deal with. You can hire professionals to do the marketing on your job at given price or devise ways to let your app users do the app marketing. One of the major ways to get your users market your app is to make your app go viral.

Essential ingredients to make your app go viral

Once you make your app go viral customers will be able to share over the internet through social media, email or even word of mouth. This is actually the best option for an app developer because you can never go wrong with word of mouth. If you are aiming at marketing your app by making it viral, it is important to incorporate the aspect of virality when building the app right from the start.

In order to be successful in this the app has to pass the following four tests:

  • It must have something valuable enough to share – this could be a photo, an article, a playlist or even great vine. Whenever customers get to share any of these they will have the urge to use the app more often
  • It must be easy for users to share in order to allow friends to join
  • Users must get a reward for sharing the app and get incentives for them to come back.
  • More value must be created as more people use the app.

Key rules when implementing a viral strategy

Make it easy for users

If you want to successfully enable users to market your app, make it an effortless app. It should be so easy to use that once you start using it you get fully absorbed in it. You can achieve this by removing any obstacles and doubts that could cross the user’s mind when using the app. Create one click sign in through sites like Twitter or Facebook. Ensure that you show pictures of friends so that a user can identify with the app to convince them to use it. Device a way to encourage users right on the first screen and show them how to grow their network. Besides, show the top actions so that the users have a clear guideline on what to do. Most importantly, make it easier for users to post the app to various social platforms so that it is easier to reach other users.

Offer a reward

Reward works wonders for anybody and the same applies with app marketing when using viral strategy. You should find ways to motivate users who invite their friends to use your app. Any reward will go a long way in bringing in more users. You should also reward the friends that are invited so that more friends will use your app. The rewards could be in form of extra storage, free themes, discounts, and sample sizes, free upgrade to another level or even a character. In order to make the users start using the app quite early make it appear like a promotion whose time is limited. You can consider rewarding loyal users with real cash just to put your marketing to a higher level.

Control should be in the hands of the user

You should state clearly on what your app shares and whether users have control on whether to share or not. It is very important to be transparent so that users will have confidence in using your app. Ensure that you make it easier for users to have control on what they can share.

Retain users to attract more users

It is evident that the more people use your app the more they will let others know about it especially if they have used it for long. You can retain the users you already have through using notifications that often motivate them to use the app always. The notifications could be tips or even messages on what they can get. The notifications are important but they should not be too much that they become a bother. Always target users who have a lot of connections in order to boost the app marketing.

Therefore it is actually possible to get more users to your app as long as you follow the right channel. At the end of the day you will get more financial benefits from the app you created.