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What’s the future for Google?

It is certain that the future of Google Company mostly lies solidly with artificial intelligence. In addition the Google will be the operating system of the world. They have already power phones, browsers and home automation. It will be expanding further into the internet of things. But still many people are anxious to know about what’s the future for Google?

More importantly the Google will evolve to personalize search results even more than it is presently doing. Also personal data would be the new Metadata. In addition mobile use and the significant importance of mobile friendliness for Google would continue to greatly spike, specifically in developing countries.

Also the voice search will be greatly used, perfected, and integrated. Moreover the video and user-generated content will wholly dominate written copy. More importantly Google would rapidly figure out ways to evaluate the kind of content that websites are publishing out and qualitatively factoring that into their search algorithms.

Google on ambient computing is a term that encompasses several concepts. With this core, they are the best combination of hardware, software, user experience, and machine/human interaction and learning, all of quality things ending to the acumen idea of using a computer or internet-enabled device, without necessarily consciously utilizing it.

It is noted that Google hasn’t made any big ecommerce or commerce purchases in general but you can really expect that to change. Google will try to dominate the hardware industry. Primarily they are collecting more data and that permits them to develop the most amount of money from advertising since all of their devices drive people to their search engine that is totally filled with ads.

Meeting your business goals through project management

The first important step in meeting your business goals through project management is to identity what things in your project are really crucial to you and the rest people involved. The theory of goals management illustrates that everything in projects requirement to have a priority, that is to be prioritized.

One should talk to their project sponsor to identify what things are critical to achieve. It must be amazing if the project was delivered on time, under budget and according to specifications. The above three goals are common and can be applied to most projects. With the best decision making techniques you and your sponsor might get success and would completely meet total expectations.

It is also highly require determining critical things and turning them into project goals. You can apply best technique of project goals management, called SMART respectively as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

This SMART technique permits you to set specific, measurable, attainable and realistic goals which could be achieved in a timely manner. Moreover your goals must be short and simple covering all your expectations.

With the project goals ahead of you one must need to have a detailed action plan to qualitatively achieve the goals. Developing an action plan for achieving project goals means identifying all the tasks that would assist to achieve your three goals. Also from your action plan there must be defined as the “high-priority” tasks for the project. It is necessary to assign your best resources to these high-priority tasks and guarantee the resources have everything they require to achieve the prioritized tasks.

It is also advised that one need to sincerely focus on the high-priority tasks in your plan while your team will actively focus on the rest tasks. Moreover one must track daily progress of the prioritized tasks. In situations when one cannot track all the tasks associated with your project goals, then wisely actively delegate your duties to your assistants who could assist in tracking the progress. So keeping your project on track would bring many successes.

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How you can stay ahead of your competitor?

If people wish to dominate strongly the market and win, one of the most crucial things to do is to immensely define your distinctive business proposition. Also make sure that you give your customers valid reasons to come to you rather than your focused competitors.  In order to become successful business leader you require making sure that your core processes and strategy must set apart from the rest.

You can use these below ideas to build your competitive advantage.

Better to know the competition

You can find out who your competitors are, what they are providing, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. This would certainly identify the areas you require to compete in, and offer you a platform for differentiating yourself.

Get to know your customers

It is generally noted that customer expectations could change dramatically. So find out what matters to your customers now – is it lower price, more flexible or premium service, the new novel products?

You can differentiate

It’s important to give your customers valid reasons to come to you rather than a rival. You can also develop a unique selling point (USP) that taps into what customers want. It must be vivid and no-one should have to ask what makes you different.

Actively step up your marketing

It is necessary to make more effort to convey people who you are, what you sell and why they should buy from you.

Ask for expert advice from a different perspective

Expert advice will see your business from a different angle and open minded business leader should have network outside the company from which to ask quality advice.

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Common mistakes that are usually made with time management

It is easy to lose track of time despite having a well planned time management schedule. These situations are everyday and occur in everyone’s lifetime. Even though we try our best to organize time and stay on top of the calendar to complete our tasks, it gets challenging to keep things under control. There are mistakes we make that drastically affect our productivity. Some of those are, as mentioned below.


It is crucial to identify your top priority. Many people do not do this, and that leads to failure in time management. In some cases identifying which task requires your attention the most since they all need attention at the same time. These tasks are time eaters. It is only up to you to sort out the job based on the duration it would take to complete and the priority it requires.

Ineffective scheduling:

Every person has his/her own productivity time. When some are active the most during the morning, others tend to be more productive as the sun sets. You should find your most productive time and focus all the necessary tasks during that time of the day.


This part of a person’s behaviour is the worst of the lot. It undermines your concentration by going around in circles and putting off things you can do today to tomorrow. It creates a massive black hole in your time.


Most people think that multitasking is an effective way to time management. However, multitasking only works if you need to get on top of the workload. But doing a lot of things at the same time keeps you away from concentrating on all your tasks equally and prioritize in a sequence.

How time management affects a programmer

Time management is an important aspect of everybody’s life. Either be it personal or professional, time management is an essential tool to have. It is common in every aspect to have time management skill that speaks success.

For a developer, time management is an essential part of his work. It is one of the most important skills a programmer has to develop. Developing is one of the challenging careers one can opt for that requires a lot of attention. Then there is also the ever-changing factor that a programmer has to comply with the customer’s satisfaction, which takes a lot of time. It is also difficult to incorporate time management into a team of developers and programmers. But, time management is an important skill that is looked for in every employee, especially a programmer who has the task of delivering a project on time. Hence, it is up to the individual or the team to collaborate and set goals for their project. This can be done in a step by step process. A sample of time management progress is as follows,

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Testing
  • Execution

Each of these processes lists the various stages which one has to complete before submitting the finished product to the client.

When a person has a list of tasks to do on that particular day, it is common to know that he/she would naturally become frustrated by the pile of work they have to get into. Instead, take a few minutes to organize your work and sort them into pieces where you finish them one by one in the said time.

Time management is an essential part of every programmer’s work life. It helps them keep the work on track.