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Ways to Improve Your App Ranking

App Ranking

It has become a necessity whether business people use a mobile app as a revenue channel or a mobile app developer, you require seeing your app be ranked high on the store that you actually launch the app on. You have quite a few factors that adeptly impact the ranking of your app. Today we have brought a comprehensive list of ways in which you can immensely ameliorate the ranking of your app in the app stores that matter. Below are some of the ways to improve your App Ranking.

Apt Title for Your App

The app title can be utilized intelligently to communicate to every visitor the core function of your app. The app title must have a strong bearing on the appearance of your app in any kind of search results. It becomes particularly crucial of the name of your app is not really a known word and requires a certain amount of description for people to wholly understand what the app is really for.

It is wholly imperative that the right keywords are used in order to describe the intent of the app so that the zeal app users are aware of exactly what they are actually downloading. One thing that actually might work in your favour is that one must keep everything under 50 characters.

Better App Description

The app description that you write for your app forms a good part of the App Store Optimization (ASO) process. The app description can largely serve as a golden opportunity and medium to make a highly positive impression on the app store’s search algorithm. Thereby while writing the app description, it is of crucial aspect to come up with an engaging description, but it is vital that you use the crisp quality description that wholly covers each of the keywords that your users are properly to correlate with your mobile app.

It is a crucial factor to use keywords and does not mean that you actually stuff in keywords just for the sake of it. They are vital that the keywords you use seamlessly in the native description of your app should become a part of it. One important thing to remember while developing your app description is that you should not repeat words since Google Play has a relevant content policy that particularly disallows this.

Appropriate Screenshots

One has to create a great visual impression which is one of the top ways to attract a massive number of people to your app and largely convince them to download it. You can go through your app and select the app screens that are visually the top ones while assisting you to understand how they primarily look. Apart from selecting the app screens that look great, you can also develop a few custom screens that would adeptly showcase your best features through an engaging visual medium. When the selected screenshots are not just appealing but also enumerate the app in a good way, it certainly would activate the interest of app users eventually leading to more of them downloading the app on their respective devices.

App Icons

Primarily the icon for your app is effectively the face of your app. If it is this icon that the app user is going to view first, and once they have adeptly downloaded it, it is this icon that could be the identity of the app for them. The icon of your app requires standing out, while still looking attractive on their mobile screen. It must be representative of you, without having to rely on too much relevant text with it.

Also, make sure that you keep the clutter away and have short crisp text for it. You also can do to carry out a quick look test. This could be done by placing your app icon among a number of other app icons to wholly understand how it actually looks alongside others. Not only is it crucial for the icon of your app to look quality, it should also pass this look test so that it not only belongs on the app user’s screen but immensely stands out without getting lost in the large crowd of the apps on the respective device.

Demo Video App Preview

This is persuasive to the iOS app as Apple allows you and even suggests you add a short video of about 15 to 30 seconds as a good part of your app listing. It also makes use of it to showcase the multiple feature functionalities within your app. You could even test the video with some engaging poster frames or lucrative thumbnail images to figure out which ones are instantly driving more and more passionate users to click and watch the video. Even on Google Play too you could add a video to the app listing. Also, it might work well when the app is a paid app, since developing a video does entail a specific expense that you could like to recover through your app.

Reviews & Ratings from Users

The reviews and the ratings from users really ameliorate the overall ranking of your mobile app on the popular app store. You can get everyone to write a positive review, but expect some kind of writing which is healthy and positive app reviews, since this is the real deal, the quality place where you could get some good genuine feedback to assist you to ameliorate your app and increase the overall app experience for the users.

Another key thing here is to greatly acknowledge and answer each and every negative review you could receive on the app store. It might be somewhat impossible to actively respond to each one of them, but when you primarily reply to the negative reviews, you illustrate that you care about a good user relationship. Additionally, the people visiting your app would get the high impression that you pay attention to the difficulties encountered by the app users and assist them out while taking in their active suggestions.

Go For App Indexing

It is of prime most importance that obtains your app indexed with Google. Google App Indexing is the actual system that allows any app listing appears on a search results page. Moreover, the user primarily clicks on the listing before reaching inside the app. This professionally works for both the fame Android and iOS mobile apps.

When a user eagerly searches for a specific app that they haven’t yet installed, they are then taken to a mobile webpage wholly dedicated to the mobile app. If your app is not indexed, you can stand to miss out on the searches that could illustrate your app as a listing. Even the direct impact of indexing might not be instantly visible on the overall ranking of your app. It is also proven to bring in organic incoming traffic that does assist in achieving your mobile app ranked higher.

Using Apt Keywords Only

Primarily the use of App keyword Research is crucial and goes a long way in the discoverability of your app and wholly determining whether your app would adeptly feature in searches. Moreover stuffing your app title or app description with a lot of keywords is not enough though, nor is it actually wise to do so.

Also imagine if you were the one searching for an app that would be beneficial for social networking and install an app that utilizes just the right keywords, allowing you to believe that the app is best suitable for you. So it is vital that you use keywords in the app title and description in a wise manner. Altogether you have come across some of the ways to improve your App Ranking.

Best Ways to Increase App Store Ratings

In recent study it shows that the majority 60%of people have been found to check the ratings and reviews before they actually download a new app. It makes them important aspect of your app store page and key to grabbing the attention of your target audience. There are Best Ways to Increase App Store Ratings. You can find them with below lists.

Selecting the right time

Identifying the right time to ask for a user review is vital to being successful. Offering them a chance to warm up and get to know the beneficial features of using your app first. Primarily you want to prompt your users after they have had a positive experience. For instance, after they have unlocked a higher level on a racing game or had a perfect match on a dating app. The moments when you know the user is actively engaging with the app, are much likely to result in leaving you a positive review.

Actively Segment your users

It is best to segment your users based on their app usage and engagement. For instance, users who have visited your app over 20 times in a period of 3 days are certainly gaining value from the app and are likely to want to provide you a high rating. This primarily helps avoid sending the prompt to inactive or first time users. A personalised review prompt could immensely boost conversions by 28%.

Do not nag

One should not keep nagging them every time they use your app to leave you a review. It would only put them off and could result in them leaving you a bad review, or even worse, deleting your app for good.

Better to ask them a question

Ask your user if they are enjoying the app. If users say yes, gently ask them if they like to give you a rating on the app store. If they say no, ask them to give you direct feedback via email. This actually means only you and your team receive these detailsand have avoided a negative review on the app store for everyone to view.

Respond to reviews immediately

It is always noted that leaving a response to each individual user review is a good way to show that you sincerely care about and are listening to all your feedback. If it is good or bad, responding to a bad review in particular is vital to show that you are proactive and keen to improve your app solving whatever issue.

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Android App Promotion Services

Android App Promotion Services

It is always noted that all quality Android app promotion services can be quite good particularly when it is expressed through help of best app marketing companies. Not only helps the users overwhelmed with joy but also make the whole App Store optimization worth implemented.

Why should you use Mobile App Marketing Agency?

Having the low average rating and negative reviews, could have bad effect on your app. The global users do not like to install such apps, no matter how good it is. Without proper android app marketing it would decrease your daily installs amount, same as the daily revenue.

App Optimization and App Marketing

As you might have heard before many times that there are several app marketing agency and app marketing services. Without a good App Store Optimization and best professional app marketing company your app would never become familiar.

As users would not find it in the search and will not install if the graphics are done poorly. Keyword installs is presently the number one tool in terms of efficiency of getting tons of economic organic installs and increasing your income. This process is qualitatively done by good app marketing company and android app promotion services.

Why Is App Optimization and Android App Promotion Services so Important?

ASO app store optimization is the vital piece of today’s business generation. The users will never be able to achieve good results and bring your strategy to success without the help of Mobile Application Marketing Companies.

It is enumerated that global users should keep in mind that they have to compete with billions of existing apps. For this reason, Mobile Apps Marketing, App PR Company, App PR Service, app marketing companies can appear to be your only chance to gain recognition and stand out from your main competitors. Moreover the latest reports show that customers mainly use app store search to find new applications.

Android App Marketing – Lesson 2 : App Store Optimization


Google Play Store Optimization (GPSO) or App store optimization is all about getting your app in right category, for right keywords and to the top of category. The top includes under top apps for all apps, top apps for the category that your app falls under, and the top search result when someone searches for a word within your keyword area. Knowing a little about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help give you an idea about how to use  ASO (app store optimization). Android app marketing falls right into place with ASO because the better your optimization the more people that will see your app.

In order to use ASO properly there are a few things to consider. The first one comes before you even launch your app. The keywords you use to help people find your app are very important for ASO. Due to having a limited amount of keywords, do not use words that are in your apps title. Someone searching your title will still be able to find your app even if the title is not in the keywords.

When your app is already launched you will have less power over android app marketing when it comes to ASO. While keywords will help people find your app and can increase downloads, what puts an app on top is the review and download ratio. When someone downloads the app and they rate it they get to choose to rate your game 1 out of 5 (5 being the best). The better the download and good review ratio is the higher on the app store ranking your app will appear.

A new app has a good chance of making the top apps even if it is for a short period of time. This is because a lot of people will download the app right away if it was advertised correctly. As long as the app gets good reviews it will shoot right up on the top apps. As downloads slow down for the app it will drop ranks.

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App Store Optimization (ASO) – Dos and Don'ts


What is the most difficult step in building a mobile application? It is not developing the application, but rather getting the app found by search engines. Nowadays many users are interested in different kinds of apps which they can get over their iPhone, ipad, Android phones etc. We have hundreds of thousands of iOS applications, and the real challenge for developers is how to have their apps rank higher than the hundreds competitor apps in search results. This explains why App Store Optimization (ASO) is important to mobile application marketing. It is represents a form of SEO used by developers to generate leads or extra downloads in app stores.

App Store Optimization can be divided into three distinct parts: finding the most appropriate keywords, ranking highly for those keywords, and converting visitors into users. When describing your app in an app store, there is need to strategically position the keywords in the description. For example if your app is called ‘musica’, you might want to include that keyword in the title of your description and then subtly in the body. Experts might place the keyword in the beginning of the title and then three or four times in the body relative to the size. This way, once customers visit the app store and search ‘musica’, your app will be among the first on the results page. This is a white hat app store optimization technique that has had positive results for many app marketers.

But one thing you must try and avoid is the keyword stuffing, a black hat technique that is very common with many app stores. As the word suggests, keyword stuffing is the excessive use of keywords in any content so as to achieve high search engine rankings. This may earn you more downloads in the short term but it is what app store optimization experts call marketing suicide. When you stuff keywords there are myriad things that could happen; the app store might ban you and the possible customers might get confused instead of informed.

It is important to remember that ASO is not just limited to keyword techniques only; it also involves using all the Meta data you can find in the app stores, from icons, update texts, screenshots, description and many others.

In a nutshell, white hat techniques are considered genuine, whereas in black hat ASO may involve falsifying downloads or rankings by employing techniques that make the app stores to believe that an app is more dominant than it’s worth. This explains why companies like Apple continue to fight against black hat ASO. For instance, sometimes in early 2012, the company issued a press statement carried by The New York Times warning app developers against using what it called third-party services to gain more visibility and top placement from app stores. It threatened to ban such app makers from the store for life.

But is it possible to achieve good results from black hat practices without engaging in any immoral actions or completely jeopardizing the long-term business objective? A matter for great debate. What is clear is that engaging in some black hat ASO strategies could earn your app a ban from app stores and exclude you from traffic referrals on the net. On the other hand, some tactics are amazingly very effective, such as content automation, link manipulation, domain and sub-domain duplicate content creation and so many more.

It can thus be summed up that black hat ASO is a technique that increases rankings in apps stores by employing means that violate the prescribed terms of service. It is actually used to distinguish the bad guys from the good guys who blend the white hats.

Are you trying to build a long-lasting business? If your answer is yes, you should probably avoid black hat ASO. Rather, you should look for alternative means of improving your rankings. Instead of automating things that will trick users, search engines, or both, why not leverage on software to automate processes that are both Google-approved and that will help you to rank higher on apps stores?

There are many different agencies that will offer you great search engine rankings for a price but it can be difficult to know who to trust. White Hat ASO techniques that are implemented well can bring worthwhile search engine results for a sustained period of time. Black Hat ASO on the other hand do not stick to the rules and over time, may even have the app black listed due to their use of unfair techniques. If an agency offers these services that it can severely harm your app.