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How to Craft an Effective App Store Listing


Crafting an app is much different from making it popular in the App Store. Many of the developer don’t know how to get success by listing the app effectively. Writing sales copy is the most difficult part but if you can deal it in the following parts, things can be sorted out well.

Title and Description

Keyword optimization though required in the app name, should not be dealt with aggressively. It is important to create a robust app and then use the name of the app in the title of the content of description.

Keyword optimization to some extent is important when your app is based on a certain thing, like camera or music player. However, it is more important to concentrate on the description. The app store will display only the first part of it, and keeping it short and crisp would definitely help. Apart from description the image of the app is the most attractive part for the users. Make sure to choose the best five images that describe your app.

It is important to make the first paragraph as compact as possible with key features of the app, rather than the new things in the latest version.

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The following are the part that you require taking into consideration while drafting app store listing


You are allowed to use only 3 links, link to your website that contains the product, support for app and license agreement. Make sure to utilize them well. Each of these are important and the support system has to be efficient enough to deal with the problems faced by the user.


Visual appeal of the app matters a lot to people and thus, this marketing element should be fabulously design. Make it as lucrative as possible.

New Features

While writing what is new in your app, focus on the main and attractive features that really make a difference.


You have to be very sure about pricing your app. If the price is too low, or the app is given out free without any paid and lucrative update, then developing it to the next level would not be possible. Very high priced apps are generally ignored by potential buyers.


Make sure to provide screenshot of the app because you cannot use video. The screenshots should be such that the customers get a good idea on what to expect from the app. You can use more than one screenshot and can edit them to show the function of buttons.


You also require including the app rating in the listing. If you app is high quality and bug free, you will get good ratings. The potential buyers get influenced by the rating and reviews. Though you can manipulate the rating by creating fake account and providing fake rating, it is better to look back into the details and omit the possibility of negative review. That way you can actually provide something good to the buyers and they would rate you high, naturally.

The order of the rating and review received requires to be organized well. It has a great influence on the customers and if you want the users to pay for your app, it is important to determine the order of the reviews. The negative review should never feature first on the list of reviews. It is always better to avoid any wrong path. You can get good reviews and rating if you provide after sales services to the customers. You need to have more reviews than a low priced or free app, if you are charging higher price for the app. Make sure that your rating is good enough because otherwise, your customers will not pay you for the same.

It goes without saying that rating has some impact on the buying nature of customers, though no one is sure how much. When people were asked if they consider the rating of the app as a determining factor in actual purchase, 48% said it is very important, 43% said it is a little important and just 9% said that it is not that important.
It is important to consider each of your customers well because they will have a great impact on your publicity. You can use blogs, articles and word of mouth publicity for spreading awareness about your app and in that case rating won’t matter. Test your app to make it error and bug free and then launch it successfully. If your app is free from error and it delivers a great game or utility to the user then nothing can stop it in the long run.

New App Marketing Strategies

app_marketingWith applications becoming a standard tool used by many businesses these days, managers everywhere are looking to identify key ways that they can get the word out about them. Using an app marketing strategy is one of the most critical ways of getting people interested in these products. But some businesses may not know how the should make themselves stand out in a crowded app marketplace. This is why many of them will want to try out app store optimization as well. They can combine these app promotion techniques to create a truly impressive method of drawing in new consumers.

It may first be important for people to check out how they can create a social media profile that will showcase this kind of app technology. Many people are starting to increasingly rely on social media to inform them about new changes in the tech marketplace. There are a few different features that people can expect to get from these different applications as well. But when businesses have set up an all new application, they want to get the word out as soon as possible. This kind of social media profile will be one of the most effective ways that these companies can do that.

There are many other app promotion strategies as well, which businesses may want to consider. If they are needing to draw in consumer attention, they may want to consider offering the app free as part of a promotional deal. It will be important to make sure that this will work financially with what the business has to offer. The company could also use a temporary price reduction as part of their app marketing strategy. But it will be up to owners to determine whether they can get the full support that they need to utilize this kind of app marketing strategy. It could very well be one of the biggest elements to the app store optimization process.

Finally, it will be important for developers to showcase some of the more interesting aspects of the application as people go forward. There are a few different elements at stake when people decide to get an app out to market. If a company has spent some time and effort getting the application developed, they likely want to make sure it is a success. They should consider using a comprehensive strategy that will ensure that the app will be well received when it enters the market.