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App developers

App developers are professionals in their own right. They perform the special task of translating requirements of software in order to come up with practicable programming codes used in maintaining and developing programs commonly used in mobile devices.

They have the ability and skills that enable them to write apps for specific operating systems such as Windows, Android and Apple. App creators are to be found in different sectors including private, public and organization sectors where they write, design, build, test and implement apps that they create.

App creators do not work in isolation. They are usually part of a team that can also include a software engineer and a system analyst. These are the professionals who provide necessary specifications that an app creator uses to write a required app. Like in other professions, app creators face several challenges. Indeed, freelance app creators face enormous issues that they need to cross before they are able to create functional apps. The following are just five of such issues although there are many of them.

Originality of Idea
The need to come up with an original idea that is unique is often the biggest issue that app creators need to cross before they can even begin working on a project (creating an app). It is important that an app creator comes up with a unique idea instead of simply modifying an already existing app. A professional app creator must work on a project with the assumption that there is no other similar app and he/she has to address both the problem to be solved and solution the app will provide from scratch.

Feature vs. Product (app)
Creating a balance between features and value of an app is the other problem that a professional app creator must cross at the beginning of a project. It is important for an app creator to create a balance between an app and its features. This is because targeted users may look more into an app’s functionality than its features. Although features are also important, features available with any app should complement its functionality.

Need for Great Portfolio
The apps market is no doubt very competitive. Indeed, fresh app creators do have a rough time penetrating the market because buyers in most cases prefer to buy apps from businesses with great app portfolio than from a business that only offers one or two apps. Although an app creator has no other option but to start off with only one app, effective marketing and sustained creation of other apps usually makes it easy to find favor with buyers. Indeed, creating several apps diversifies an app creator’s revenue stream.

Growth vs. Sustainability
It is one thing to create an app that drives growth but it is a very different thing creating an app that drives sustained growth. There is really no need to create an app that attracts huge downloads only for downloads to diminish within a short period. App creators need to create apps with the necessary viral mechanics that make it possible for the apps to remain relevant for a reasonable time.

Launch Day
When to launch is usually very critical and requires careful planning and consideration. An app creator needs to treat his/her app launch day as a wedding day. Just in the same way that the launch day is important, the few days before the actual launch day is equally important. Like with any wedding, a creator needs to prepare well in advance by creating awareness about the upcoming app before unveiling it on the big day in order to create a buzz about it.

Although the apps market is very competitive, the need for superior apps will always remain as both buyers and consumers look for functional and efficient apps. The fact that use of mobile devices is becoming part of everyday life makes it necessary for app creators to dwell more on creating cross-platform apps instead of single-platform apps.


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