Successful Application Development: A ROAD MAP TO CLASH OF CLANS


Mobile Application Development was once an underrated branch of the information Technology Industry. As the years pass and the technological advancements happen intensely, Application Development is now its own industry since it was a hit and demanded need for a bigger manpower. Some schools around the world even created a whole bachelor program for Mobile Application Developing to encourage young people to take this track as it assures better opportunity in the future.

As it becomes more and more whole, developing applications answers to the daily need of mobile assistance among people. There are top applications that have been a success because of it being an answer to user satisfaction. Here are some of the most successful applications today.

Clash of Clans

Supercell, the Developers of this game, was formed in 2010 with all the founders’ goal is to create great games that people will enjoy playing for years. From there they started to incorporate less bureaucracy in their small team of passionate people. And because of this organizational environment, they started creating timeless and classic games that will stand the test of time, which resulted to the success of establishing a company.

It is very important for a company to have each employee on the same level of passion, so every deliverable from every one is made on its maximum potential. And an unbiased organizational system will encourage more creativity and productivity out of the employees.

Clash of Clans gets almost 27, 000 downloads per day and has over $400,00 daily revenue, which is pretty big for a game application; and is still a top hit today. This game has taken over the world with its user-friendly controls and easy-to-understand mechanics.

As Clash of Clans gains success and became widely known, Supercell develops variation of this game, which is the Clash Royale. Clash Royale gained as much popularity and success of the Clash of Clans because of its sense of familiarity.

Hay Day and Boom Beach are also developed by Supercell, which makes them own 3 of the highest grossing mobile games of all time, which makes supercell a very promising application development company. Supercell has only two things commonly incorporated in all their successful games, and these are the whole appeal of the game and its quality in terms of control and user interface.

If you are interested in making successful game application development, playing and knowing Clash of Clans and its Developer, Supercell, will be a great start. Application Development takes a lot of research, conceptualization, marketing, designing and teamwork. It will not be easy, especially at first, but as you create concepts from the heart with people with the same passion as you have, everything will eventually fall on its place.

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Game App development has been on the rise over the recent years. This being a creative world, the success of any game developer depends on the reception of the game from players. Some people get hundreds of dollars overnight, due to the overwhelming reception. With the App Store market ever yearning for more games, it would be easy to make it through game development. You would wonder where the idea to create a game and make it function, originates from. Of course, there must be some motivation to the designing and modes of the game. For instance, the developer of My Singing Monsters attributes his motivation from life happenings. With an idea in place, the systematic flow of the games comes in and the actual graphical creation.

The graphics determine the quality and smooth-play of the games. How Game Developers Earn Game App Development is one of the ventures that can you good money over a lifetime. Even when games are Free to download, the adverts and upgrades are sources of money. For instance, if your game gets popular, adverts on your site will have more viewers. With a good record of activity from your game, you can earn great contracts and this is the main trick for many game developers. Some end up having a number of adverts on the screen and for each click, the developer earns some money. Most developers attribute their success to making the first game that acts as a revelation for the rest of the games.


Game Development Statistics the recent advancements in technology have increased the accessibility of devices largely. Unlike in the past, developers are investing in games that are compatible with Android and iOS devices. The App stores supporting these devices enable the popularity of the game on a global scale. Over the last decade, Game App development has risen to over $91 billion across the globe. The highest statistical upsurge came in the last five years, with over 40% on new users. What Is the Future of Game Development According to most of the recent developers, the future holds the extra ordinary. By 2020, game development prospects stand at $120 billion, which means that the future holds more and more of these games. With the basics already laid out, a combination of new talent and technology will definitely create an upsurge in this industry.

The games should be having major improvements due to the technology aspects and this means more earnings for Game App developments. In addition, old games might get newer upgrades, in an effort to bring in the modern and future aspects.



If you are a creative person and have app development knowledge you can make money with developing apps to use with iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms. No matter what app it is that you would like to develop, it needs to be perfectly done so that it is useful to the users and is friendly to use. Here are a few tips to help you in your app development journey.

Be ready to learn

Though a degree in computer Science, IT or other related fields is not important, you have to be ready to learn the app development process. You may enrol for a course where you will learn the basics. These include basic programming languages, database management and analytical skills. Once you have mastered the skills you will be able to develop mobile applications. Start with simple ones before you can advance.

Create an app that you are passionate about and be unique

If you would like to create an app, consider what you passion is. If you love playing games then a game app is a good choice to try out. Remember to be unique and bring forth an app that adds value to the users.

To determine the app to come up with, think of a problem that is affecting you and the people around you. Determine who your target audience is, understand their problem and offer a viable solution to their issues. Think of the present and the future and give long-lasting solutions using your app.

Simplify the design

A complicated app will put off many users. When designing the app, make the app so simple that even small kids can use it. Test the app with different users to ensure that it is easy to use and does what it is intended to. Other than the idea behind the app, a simple design is the other attribute that will make new users keep the app installed in their phones.



App creators are professionals in their own right. They perform the special task of translating requirements of software in order to come up with practicable programming codes used in maintaining and developing programs commonly used in mobile devices.

They have the ability and skills that enable them to write apps for specific operating systems such as Windows, Android and Apple. App creators are to be found in different sectors including private, public and organization sectors where they write, design, build, test and implement apps that they create.

App creators do not work in isolation. They are usually part of a team that can also include a software engineer and a system analyst. These are the professionals who provide necessary specifications that an app creator uses to write a required app. Like in other professions, app creators face several challenges. Indeed, freelance app creators face enormous issues that they need to cross before they are able to create functional apps. The following are just five of such issues although there are many of them.

Originality of Idea
The need to come up with an original idea that is unique is often the biggest issue that app creators need to cross before they can even begin working on a project (creating an app). It is important that an app creator comes up with a unique idea instead of simply modifying an already existing app. A professional app creator must work on a project with the assumption that there is no other similar app and he/she has to address both the problem to be solved and solution the app will provide from scratch.

Feature vs. Product (app)
Creating a balance between features and value of an app is the other problem that a professional app creator must cross at the beginning of a project. It is important for an app creator to create a balance between an app and its features. This is because targeted users may look more into an app’s functionality than its features. Although features are also important, features available with any app should complement its functionality.

Need for Great Portfolio
The apps market is no doubt very competitive. Indeed, fresh app creators do have a rough time penetrating the market because buyers in most cases prefer to buy apps from businesses with great app portfolio than from a business that only offers one or two apps. Although an app creator has no other option but to start off with only one app, effective marketing and sustained creation of other apps usually makes it easy to find favor with buyers. Indeed, creating several apps diversifies an app creator’s revenue stream.

Growth vs. Sustainability
It is one thing to create an app that drives growth but it is a very different thing creating an app that drives sustained growth. There is really no need to create an app that attracts huge downloads only for downloads to diminish within a short period. App creators need to create apps with the necessary viral mechanics that make it possible for the apps to remain relevant for a reasonable time.

Launch Day
When to launch is usually very critical and requires careful planning and consideration. An app creator needs to treat his/her app launch day as a wedding day. Just in the same way that the launch day is important, the few days before the actual launch day is equally important. Like with any wedding, a creator needs to prepare well in advance by creating awareness about the upcoming app before unveiling it on the big day in order to create a buzz about it.

Although the apps market is very competitive, the need for superior apps will always remain as both buyers and consumers look for functional and efficient apps. The fact that use of mobile devices is becoming part of everyday life makes it necessary for app creators to dwell more on creating cross-platform apps instead of single-platform apps.




It is trusted that a media push could leverage the publicity of your app and even drive downloads, such best efforts do not last for a long period. There have been numerous analysis that determined long-term effect of promotional campaigns. The cogent campaigns have attracted millions of viewers for particular period of time and after the promotions stop, these apps could not attain the success for long. Such expedient strategies did not work for the app’s success in the long run.

You might think for going press releases and numerous mailers to several inboxes but these strategies work for a temporary period of time. Relying on outside forces for driving your app to immense success is of no use.

Steps to promote an app for long period of time

  • You could start marketing your app before its launch. This would assist you build a strong foundation for your app marketing efforts.
  • It is better to build up the marketing timeline to a strong crescendo, so that at the beginning of your marketing investment starts soft and conclusively peaks with their successful launch.
  • You could engage potential customers early and get them interested in the app.
  • Seek out prosperous customers so that you get quality feedback and they become well-wishers for the success of your app.

Power of email campaigns

In recent times the email campaigns are not given much prefernce particularly after the proliferation of social sites and tools. You could build your vital email list comprising your familiar social media contacts and leverage Twitter messages, efficacious landing pages, or comparable social media spreading tools so that you could attract everyone’s attention. Email marketing is beneficial and would reflect majority of users who are not tech-savvy but interested enough to be the app’s early adopters.

Blog your way in

It is better to start a blog that is dedicated to the app and it’s popular development. You could also ask for feedback about the app’s important features and even credit them for assisting you out. You could also utilize choices to blog comprising Blogger and WordPress with consistent way. Blogs are utilizied to connect and marvel relationships with early users of the app which would assist you promote the app after successful launch.

Blogging is key in building interest around your app and also for quality search visibility. One could also utilize targeted keywords, write quality content, and use quality links to connect to the online influencers for good reach through search engine rankings. It is also possible to analzye your primary purpose of the app and what the customers require, using keywords from the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Post Your App on Preapps Community

PREAPPS comprise a effective community of users who are keen to utilize new app ideas before they plan to release the app. The global users could sign-up and even be a beta tester to know the latest apps and core concepts. Once you post your app, other users would approach you to beta test your app. This move would attain you inputs and positive feedback to work. One require to offer information’s such as app name, description, price, domain, release date, screenshots and icons to register your app. You could always update the details any time.

Get sneaky with the assistance of sneak peeks and lucrative teasers

A visual works wonders in the psyche of the public and so “sneak peeks” are efficacious in catching the people. It is better to introduce a sneak peek for your app comprising some interesting screenshots from your app and a brief promo about what the user could anticipate from your app.

An app-specific website could also invite users to the app and give a glimpse into what they could actually expect from the app. Eventually the Sneak peeks could attract hundreds of users and sometimes even thousands, offering a immense list of interested users.

Beta testers would help marketable app for you

It is revealed that beta testers could be your good supporters and even market your app through word-of-mouth. These testers are professional resources for attaining a reach to your targeted global audience. A closed beta attracts numerous users to the app and creates interest in people who are eager enough to know about the familiarity of the app.

In conclusion marketing your app before any successful launch is a acumen idea, but one should be smart enough to use necessary tools and resources that could really create buzz for your app. Social media is a best place to start, but a blog or an email campaign could also work amazing for the visibility of your app.